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15th October 2021

New Community Chest Cards (2021)
Community Chest 2021

For the first time in 85 years all 16 Community Chest Cards have changed.

The MONOPOLY game has evolved through history. Tokens have come and gone, properties have been renamed, and with almost every evolution, Hasbro has turned to the public to help decide the outcome.

Until now the Community Chest cards have endured with minimal edits. But all that has changed. After 85 years, Hasbro and the public decided it was time to refresh the Community Chest Cards.

The full set of the new American versions can be seen here with the still used 2008 Chance cards.

29th August 2021

Australian Local Editions 2021

These local editions for Australia have been confirmed as arriving during 2021.

Tamworth Monopoly

Palmerston North Monopoly

Port Macquarie Monopoly

Wollongong Monopoly

Hobart Monopoly

The Borders Monopoly

11th May 2021

Monopoly Lifesize
Monopoly Lifesize

Do Not Pass Go - Life-sized Monopoly game coming to the Expensive West End which lasts 75 minutes.

Players will be led around one of three giant boards (Classic, The Vault, and City; there is also a Junior Board ) by their own personal Monopoly token, with each property square including a room complete with its own challenge to test their physical and mental skills.

It opens on Tottenham Court Road on the 14th August.

11th April 2021

Monopoly Diecast Vehicles
Monopoly Diecast Vehicles

With a new scale Monopoly vehicle coming out this summer I have decided to do a totally separate section for vehicles.

I have started with some other older ones I know about, but we all know about the Johnny Lightning vehicles, so that will eventually be a different section when I get some help for it.

24th July 2020

Neil reaches 2900 sets with charity edition

Neil has now reached 2900 editions and he offered to make the 2900th one, one of the charity versions.

Alegra's Army was made for the charity Little Legs Foundation. 2900 Editions More about this wonderful charity can be found here.

A video of him talking with David, who has over 1500 editions, was made for the charity and you can see it on the World of Monopoly YouTube channel.

Below is an image of David's collection where the video was filmed.

Coming Soon

Star Wars Boba Fett - English

Another Star Wars version.

Out Now!

Avatar - United States of America

A new square box version, but not a Junior version even though from Nickledon.

Out Now!

Costa Coffee - United Kingdom

A new Coca-Cola version, well subsidary!

Out Now!

Doha - Qatar

First community version from Qatar.

Out Now!

Firefighters - Switzerland

Now comes a Firefighters version from Switzerland in three languages.

Out Now!

Hobart - Australia

The first Tasmanian Monopoly.

Out Now!

Villa La Plage - Hong Kong

Promotional version with only 1000 made.

Out Now!

Harrods Deluxe - United Kingdom

A new Harrods version with a Harrods price.

Out Now!

Worcester, MA - United States of America

Advance to Burnside Fountain, Bancroft Tower and Kelley Square – will you owe rent or reap the rewards?

Out Now!

Mega Black - Germany

A totally different Mega version from Germany.

Coming Soon

Bundesliga - Germany

Due end of November 2021.

Coming Soon

Moto GP - United Kingdom

Pre-order here. Arrives 1st December 2021

Out Now!

Tao Ti - Hong Kong

Manufacturer of drinks in Hong Kong

Out Now!

Brooklyn, NY - United States of America

Advance to Fort Greene, Brooklyn Bridge and Prospect Park – will you owe rent or reap the rewards?

Out Now!

Italian Road Trip - Italy

Take a trip around Italy.

Out Now!

Disney Villains Henchmen - United States of America

A new variation of Disney Villains.

Out Now!

Youtooz - United States of America

Youtooz is a Canadian company that produces figurines of popular YouTubers with over 250,000 figures sold.

Out Now!

Courts - Singapore

A major electronics retailer in Singapore.

Out Now!

City of Buffalo, NY - United States of America

Supporting Children's Cancer

Coming Soon

Doha - Qatar

Coming 29th November 2021.

Out Now!

CCCP Soviet Union - Russia

A new version from Russia.

Out Now!

Key West, Florida - United States of America

All sales of this version benefit three local non-profit organisations.

Out Now!

Maidstone - United Kingdom

Another UK regional edition

Out Now!

Comrades Marathon Centenary - South Africa

A special edition for South Africa.

Out Now!

San Antonio, TX - United States of America

The first major "city" version from Top Trumps USA.

Out Now!

Queen - United States of America

Four years later and the USA gets the Queen edition.

Out Now!


A brand new version for Luxembourg limited to 6000 copies.

Out Now!

City of Salford - United Kingdom

The first released United Kingdom regional/city version for the 2021 Christmas period.

Coming Soon

Deutsche Weinstrasse - Germany

German Wine Route. Arriving March 2022.

Coming Soon

La Chaux-de-Fonds - Belgium

Arriving Autumn 2022.

Coming Soon

Hill Country, TX - United States of America

Coming Spring 2022.

Coming Soon

The Hamptons, NY - United States of America

Coming Summer 2022.

Coming Soon

Palm Springs, CA - United States of America

Coming Spring 2022.

Coming Soon

Cotswolds - United Kingdom

Coming Easter 2022.

Coming Soon

La Que Se Avecina 15th Anniversary - Spain

Due end of November 2021 in time for the Christmas market, though the anniversary is in April 2022.

Coming Soon

Plopsa - Belgium

An edition for another theme park. Coming June 2022.

Coming Soon

Wagga Wagga - Australia

Coming later this year to Australia.

Coming Soon

Cyclisme - Belgium

Coming June 2022

Coming Soon

Regensburg - Germany

An updated version coming Easter 2022 to Germany.

Coming Soon

North Sydney Innovation - Australia

Coming later 2021 and with your help with what goes on the board. Visit my Facebook page for more information

Coming Soon

Hasselt Limited Edition - Belgium

Coming November 2021 to Belgium and limited to 100 copies.

Coming Soon

Hasselt - Belgium

Coming November 2021 to Belgium.

Coming Soon

Sint-Niklaas - Belgium

Coming December 2021 to Belgium and also a special limited run of just 91.

Coming Soon

Leuven Limited Edition - Belgium

Coming November 2021 to Belgium and limited to 100 copies.

Coming Soon

Leuven - Belgium

Coming November 2021 to Belgium.

Coming Soon

Discotheken - Belgium

The first edition announced for 2022. Arriving Spring 2022.

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2021 - Disney Villains Henchmen (USA)

2021 - Youtooz (USA)

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2021 - World Football Stars (UK)

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October 2021

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2021 - Berghem (NL)

2022 - Duren (DE)

2021 - Key West (USA)

2021 - Maidstone (UK)

2021 - Comrades Marathon Centenary (SA)

2021 - Star Wars: The Mandalorian (USA)

2021 - San Antonio, TX (USA)

2021 - Queen (USA)

2021 - Baltyk (POL)

2021 - Katowice (POL)

2021 - Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (USA)

2021 - Luxembourg

2021 - City of Salford (UK)

2021 - Munsang College (HK)

2021 - DHL (HK)

2021 - Ulferts (HK)

2021 - O'Moon Little Twin Stars (CHI)

2022 - Deutsche Weinstrasse (DE)

2021 - All Electric (NL)

2021 - Crooked Cash (POL)

2022 - La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)

2021 - Grzybobranie (POL)

2021 - Serenissima (IT)

2021 - Manhattan Beach, CA (USA)

2017 - Perth (AUS)

2016 - Perth (AUS)

2021 - Jaws (AUS/UK)

2021 - Poundland (UK)

2021 - Crooked Cash (DE)

2021 - Crooked Cash (FRA)

2021 - Crooked Cash (AUS)

2021 - Crooked Cash (NL)

2021 - Cash Decoder (UK)

2017 - Star Wars The Force Awakens (NL)

2017 - Star Wars Han Solo (DE)

2007 - Spider-Man (NL)

2020 - Lunar New Year (Eng)

2020 - PropNex (SGN)

2019 - Speed (LUI)

2019 - Speed (LAT)

2019 - Speed (RUS)

2019 - Speed (FIN)

2021 - Marvel Eternals (USA)

2021 - Fortnight (Eng)

Number of Official Editions Available on here

Everytime I add a new official edition (that you can play as a game of Monopoly) to the main website, I will add it to this table so that we start to realise how many official editions there are upcoming or available.

Note: Only versions where you can play a "proper" game of Monopoly, not items like jigsaws, etc.

Note: Those official ones on Albert's old website have not been added but will be added when moved across.

Section Number
Africa 11
Asia 3
Australasia 85
Europe 327
North America 200
South America 6
0 - 9 4
A - D 278
E - H 226
I - M 151
N - Q 81
R - U 280
V - Z 48
Sport 241
Junior 3
Total 1944

Historical Versions
Albert Veldhuis in 2005.

The comprehensive history of Monopoly (up until approx. 2012) by Albert Veldhuis is still available in its original state and will be totally integrated into World of Monopoly.

Visit his work here.

World Record Certificate

The current official world record stands at 2249 editions and is still counting.

You can see the list exclusively on the World Record Page here.

You Can Help!
You can help.

World of Monopoly is continuely growing trying to make it the most comprehensive list of Monopoly games ever produced.

Help to expand!I need help to accomplish this with photographs and informations about each version.

Click here to see how you can help please.

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