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30th November 2017

More sport editions added
Sports Editions.

Lots of Sports editions have been added to the website now. There are certainly a lot more to come though.

I am waiting for Yoco Games and Winning Moves Australia to send me images and information about their releases to add to the site.

16th October 2017

Monopoly History - USA
Old Tokens.

USA Monopoly History is back up on the website. The bulk is there now Keep Checking but some later editions still need to be added as well as Mega editions.

You can find (USA) Monopoly History under North America in the menu.

15th September 2017

World Record Recount
Mr. Neil Scallan.

The recount of Neil Scallan's collection has now gone to Guinness for confirmation of the update to his world record. Gone for confirmation Done in conjunction with and Yoco Games, the new complete list will be exclusively available on here.

Current list here

Monopoly Museum
In Charleroi, Belgium.

At the origin of MondiLudia, one finds a man passionate by the universe of the board game.

Didier Colart is not unknown since he designed the Monopoly of Charleroi, the Trivial Pursuit of the Belgian Beers, the Who - Is Red Devils, ... and more recently the Cluedo de Charleroi.

Didier Colart has set up an exhibition exploring the history of the game from its origins, from ancient Egypt to the present day. From room to room, the exhibition takes visitors first to the discovery of old Belgian and French games made available by the CAJA. Only open until Mid January 2018 Then there are the numerous variations of the Trivial Pursuit and Cluedo games, with two private collections.

Didier Colart, with the help of his English counterpart Neil Scallan, Guinness Book of World Records world record holder with the largest collection of Monopoly (he has 1999 different!), Ther are over 700 boxes with diverse themes of the best-selling game in the world which include cities, brands, sports, media

They come from all years, in all languages, and for all tastes!

Through this exhibition, Didier Colart will not fail to pass on a little bit of his enthusiasm and his passion for the board games to everyone who visits.

More information

Website Updates

AMG edition from Mercedes-Benz showrooms.

Website Page

Brighton & Hove (UK)
All three versions added.

Website Page

Royal Tunbridge Wells (UK)
Just released.

Website Page

Winchester (UK)
Just released.

Website Page

Fallout (Worldwide)
Lots of versions and languages.

Website Page

University of New South Wales Business School (AUS)
An Australian educational edition.

Website Page

Miniatur Wunderland (DE)
World's Largest Model Railway.

Website Page

Purchase here

Website Updates

Pummeleinhorn (DE)
German Cartoon Edition.

Website Page

Durban (RSA)
Second South African Edition.

Website Page

Hull (UK)
2004 edition added.

Website Page

Wellington (NZ)
The second New Zealand local version.

Website Page

Stirling (UK)
Just released.

Website Page

Taunton (UK)
Just released.

Website Page

Christmas (UK)
2015, 2016 and 2017.

Website Page

You Can Help!
You can help.

World of Monopoly is continuely growing trying to make it the most comprehensive lisg of Monopoly games ever produced.

Help to expand!I need help to accomplish this with photographs and informations about each version.

Click here to see how you can help please.

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Historical Versions
Albert Veldhuis in 2005.

The comprehensive history of Monopoly (up until approx. 2012) by Albert Veldhuis is still available in its original state and will be totally integrated into World of Monopoly.

Visit his work here.

World Record