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The Beatles Yellow Submarine (UK / USA)

With the recent 2018 UK Yellow Submarine version being released, here is the 2013 USA version as well.

2018 - UK

2013 - USA

Aston Villa FC (UK)

With the new Aston Villa version out soon, it makes four different editions and there is a printing mistake on the 2008 version.





Warhammer 40,000 (USA)

Details available about this new version.

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Injured Jockeys Fund Limited Edition (UK)

A second Horse Racing related edition coming after the Newmarket 350th edition.

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Bluestone National Park Resort (UK)

Celebrating 10 years of this Pembrokeshire Resort.

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Swansea University (UK)

Released in good time for for the University's Centenary in 2020.

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The Rolling Stones (UK/USA)

Winning Moves have now brought The Rolling Stones version to the UK, 8 years after the USAopoly USA version.

2018 Website Page

2010 Website Page

West Ham United (UK)

Two versions for West Ham United.

2015 - Farewell Boleyn


Leicester City FC (UK)

2018 version coming soon, following on from last year's version.

2018 Website Page

2017 Website Page

City of Utica (USA)

It has been a long time since we had a new "City" version for the USA.

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Rugrats (USA)

Back to the 90's!

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Five Nights at Freddy's (USA)

Latest from USAopoly

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2018 version due out this year. Previous versions, 1999 and 2014 also added to the website.

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Cheaters Edition

The latest edition from Hasbro, Cheaters Edition, is now available

U.K., Canada, Hong Kong, Italy and U.S.A. already added. Netherlands included now. Please let me know which other countries has this version and any possible images. Thanks.

Hong Kong


Thirteen Revolution editions available now. Made for the 75th Anniversary and comes with a round board.

Let me know if I have missed any please.


Ten Millionaire editions available now.

Let me know if I have missed any please.

80th Anniversary Edition

80th Editions are now available from the menu for various countries.

Let me know if I have missed any please.

F.C. Spartak Moscow (RU)

Just released. There is a video of Leonid Fedun (owner) playing the game.

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia (UK, FR, IS, RU, AU)

Five versions available





United Kingdom

14th July 2018

Another error found!
2008 Version.

Whilst adding Aston Villa Football Club editions to the website, I noticed that the More Errors still to add! original version (2008) had an error in the description.

More information on the error's page.

7th June 2018

Website now mobile friendly!
Updated Website.

During the past couple of months I have been working on the website to make it mobile friendly.

Now, after testing, I have decided to upload it but due to there being lots of pages to update, not everything is there.

I decided, with consultation, to update as is, as many new versions Mobile Ready are being released and are not being added as soon as possible.

Therefore the old parts will be back as soon as I can, but I can now add new editions quicker.

Of course, any mistakes you see or any new editions you see, please contact me here.

21st May 2018

World Record Broken and Confirmed
World Record Certificate

While I redo the website to a more mobile friendly website, Neil Scallan got confirmation from Guinness that he broke his world record with an amazing 1999 different official Monopoly editions

He has already passed 2000, which he collected on top of 1999 Editions the Sydney Harbour Bridge ready for his next count.

See more at the World Record Page.

EXCLUSIVE! World Record list available here!
World Record Certificate

The current official world record stands at 1999 editions and is still counting.

You can see the list exclusively on the World Record Page here.

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Historical Versions
Albert Veldhuis in 2005.

The comprehensive history of Monopoly (up until approx. 2012) by Albert Veldhuis is still available in its original state and will be totally integrated into World of Monopoly.

Visit his work here.