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Oostenrijkse vlag.

  Number of versions: 5

   Edition: December 20, 2008

Due Börse - German edition.Edition: Die Börse - German, Ref. 16465/100 
Publisher: Parker/Hasbro Inc. - 2001
Dimensions of the box: 6.5 x26.8 x 40.1 cm
The game:
The most significent of this game is its computer that goes with it (however without batteries). The slogan of this Stock Exchange game is: "Buy for as low a price as possible and sell for substantial prices!"
Everything is simplyfied with this computer for the players (every player has his own entrance button). So they can calculate the exchange rate of their shares and store the "Presidencies of their compagnies"

The properties of this game are international and national compagnies that will differ per country. There has been 22
Ereignis cards replaced by 16 Bear cards and Gemeinschaft by 16 Bull cards.
The values of the banknotes (ref.nr.
"100 16465 0000 - Monopoly Stock Broker") are a factor M (million) higher and at Los you will receive € 200M. The denominations of these Monopoly banknotes are resp.: 1M - 5M -10M - 20M - 50M - 100M and 500M. 
The 6 tokens are unfortunately the common metal tokens boat - dog - car - hat - shoe and iron.
The grounds are built with 32 dark blue branches and 12 red main settlements.
Both dice are white with black pips.



Disney Edition-2002.Edition: Disney Edition, Ref.Nr. 19631/100 
Publisher: Parker/Hasbro Inc. - 2002
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.0 x 6.5 cm
The game: 
In this issue the streets on the game board are replaced by titels of well-known Disney films.

From Los on all spaces are:

Tarzan - Zauberhafte Welt - Toy Story -Steuer an Dagobert Duck - Alladins Fliegender Teppich - Peter Pan - Showtime -: Pocahontas - Schneewittchen - Gefängnis - Dumbo - Zauberstab - Die Schöne und das Biest - Arielle, die Meerjungfrau - Käpt'n Hooks Piratenschiff - Cap und Capper - Zauberhafte Welt - Bernard & Bianca - Das Dschungelbuch - Frei Parken - Steamboat Willie - Showtime - Dornröschen - Susi und Strolch - Cinderellas Kutsche - Mulan - Alice im Wunderland - Elfenstaub - Cinderella - Gehen Sie In Das Gefängnis - Bambi - Aladdin - Zauberhafte Welt - Pinocchio - Cruella De Vils Auto - Showtime - König der Löwen - Steuer an Prinz John and 101 Dalmatiner

The Ereignis cards became Zauberhafte Welt cards, while the Gemeinschaftskarten are here Show Time cards.
The money consists of colored notes with the amount to the left and the right and Uncle Scrooge inbetween as Mr.Monopoly.
The 8 tokens are Disney characters as they appear in the stories: Peter Pan - Snow White - Pinocchio - Lady and the Tramp - Dombo - Alice - Tarzan and Sleeping Beauty.
The set goes with 32 green "White Rabbit Cottages" and 12 red "Sleeping Beauty Castles".

The set is "Manufactured in Ireland".


Star Wars Episode II.Edition: Star Wars - Episode II , Ref. Nr. 47164/100
               "Sammler Edition"
Publisher: Parker/Lucasfilm Ltd./Hasbro - Febr. 2002
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.0 x 6.5 cm
The game:  
This is already a 4th version of Star Wars and the 2nd  after a film: Attack of the Clones.

The text on the bottom of the box reads:

"Rush into the fray to rule over the Galaxy!
In this special edition of Monopoly you take part of the great great war against the Clones yourself. Choose one of the 8 tokens – you decide yourself if you choose for the Dark or Brite side. Follow an intergalactic way over the game board meanwhile collecting as many Republican Credits as possible!
The special "force' die and counters offer an additional challenge  if you have to measure your strength with the other part of the fight for supreme mastery. Do Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda de Jedi je lead to victory? Or will this be the chance the malicious count Dooku and Jango Fett are waiting for so long? The one who knows how to prevent a bankrupcy will finally triumph.
May the Force be with you!"

The Ereignis and Gemeinschafts cards have been replaced by Jedi and Sith cards.
The 8 pewter tokens are: Obi-Wan Kenobi - Anakin Skywalker - Padmé Amidala - Mace Windu - a Clone Trooper of the Brite side - Count Dooku - Jango and a Superfighter droïde of the Dark side
The currency of the Star Wars banknotes is Republican Credit. The houses and hotels have been replaced by Appartments and Towers.
Except for the 2 common dice there is also a Force-die supplied this time. 

This German language edition is of course also available in Germany and Switserland.



Banking with helicopter.Edition: Monopoly Banking - Österreich Ausgabe, Ref.Nr. 060600114156
Publisher: Parker/Hasbro Deutschland - June 2006
Dimensions of the box: 39 x 27 x 6 cm
The game:
This set is from the collection of Roland Klose - D.

Probably there has never been published the so-called
70th anniversary edition published in Austria. The motto for that issue was all over the world "How would Monopoly look like should it have been invented today?". The result of an inquiry hold under a great number of people always resulted in a game board with completely new properties. Many countries called their edition "Here and Now" (USA - UK - CND), "Itt és Most" (HU), "Här & nu" (S), "Heute"(D), except for Holland that made it "Van Dam tot Dom" and France that just translated the motto into "Et si Monopoly était inventé aujoud'hui?"
These 2005 editions all show Mr. Monopoly proudly driving in his red car showing a licence plate "Mr. M70".

Shortly after this first issue the Banking edition was introduced, however still with Mr. Monopoly in his red car showing the licence plate "Mr. M70".

These above described versions haven't been published in all countries. In a number of European countries, amongst which Austria, only this 3rd version, issued since 2006, has been published. And so there is no relation anymore with Mr. Monopoly's 70th anniversary. But typical for this 3rd version is Mr. Monopoly is now travelling in ...... a red helicopter.

Typical for this edition is the card reader. Credit cards replace the banknotes (which can be ordered should you like to have them as yet).
The credit cards shown on the box however, are misleading. They suggest to be chipcards, which is not true. There is but some rise in the card of each player that is recognized by the card reader. All winnings and spendings are booked per player in the card reader unit.

Not only have all properties been updated, the amounts have been made "contemporary" as well. So you will not collect € 200 over Los, but € 2 million instead so a factor 10,000 more. However everything is of course correspondingly more expensive: The purchase price for a station became f.e. € 2 million. 

For all corresponding editions applies in addition:

The blue green houses are ellipse shaped and 6 mm in height, have no pointed roof and are stackable.

The red hotels have the same shape but are 31 mm in length. Since they are hollow they are very light and because of that not very practical. Neighter it is clear what the purpose of the stackability of these hotels can be.

The 6 metal tokens are: a skateboard - skeeler - racing car - a mobile - money bag and airplane.

Besides some countries has an additional token characteristic for the country.  However, this Austrian edition hasn't one.

The banker's tray, a dark blue plastic insert in the innerbox, has a.o. a storage space for the card reader and a number of slots to put the banker's property cards in. The double folded game board fits in the centre part between 2 raised sections of the tray.

The mortgage side of the property deeds is grey. On the grey backside of the Ereignis and Gemeinschafts cards is resp. a red question mark and a modern black chest, filled up with (yellow) gold rods. 

The streets and monuments in this edition are all from cities all over Austria and are from Los in order: 

Loisium - Langenlois
- Klangtum - St.Pölten - Bahnhof Linz - Minimundus - Klagenfurt - Congress Center - Villach - Casino - Velden - Im Gefängnis - Saltzwelten - Hallstatt - ORF Zentrum - Wien  - Design Center - Linz - Lentos Kunstmuseum - Linz - Flughafen Graz - Insel in der Mur - Graz - Rogner Bad - Blumau - Kunsthaus - Graz - Frei Parken - Hangar 7 - Salzburg - Museum der Moderne - Salzburg - Sportwelt Amade - Salzburg - Bahnhof Innsbruck - Europabrücke - Innsbruck - Bergisel Schanze - Innsbruck  - ARS Electronica Center/Linz - Kristallwelten - Wattens - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Millennium Tower - Wien - T-Mobile Gebäude - Wien - Museumsquartier - Wien - Flughafen Wien - Römersteinbruch - St.Margarethen and Festspielhaus - Bregenz.

A sticker on the lid, inside the shrink-foil, is of the "Raiffeisen-Meine Bank", apparently the sponsor of this issue. An entry for a real Visa card goes with the set.

The price of this set amounted to € 45.50 on ebay January 2007.



Perry Rhodan 2008.Edition: Monopoly Perry Rhodan
Publisher: Parker/Hasbro - Österr.Spielemuseum - 2008
Dimensions of the paper board: 49.5 x 49.5 cm
The game:

Perry Rhodan
is the name of a science fiction series, taking place in the Universe, published since 1961 in Germany, as well as the name of the main character. There is an enormous fan club in all German speaking countries around this figure, well organized in the Perry Rhodan Fanzentrale with clubs in many cities, not only in Germany, but in Switserland and Austria as well.

In honor of this science fiction world Dagmar and Ferdinand de Cassan of the Austrian Spielmuseum developped an official Parker/Hasbro Monopoly game, manufactured in a unique circulation of 5000 copies. Dagmar and Ferdinand also organized an inland Monopoly Tournament, where standard Monopoly editions were used and all participants got a copy of this Perry Rhodan edition.
This edition was also offered to the visitors to the Spielemuseum boot at the Games-Fair at Essen-D in October 2008.

To be able to play this edition you need to have a standard edition for its tokens, the money and the houses and hotels.
The property deeds, Ereigniskarten (illustrated with an alien race character: the Haluter) and Gemeinschaftskarten (illustrated with the gold SOL spaceship) have to be cut from 6 solid unperforated A-4 sheets. There is no box nor cover supplied with these sheets and the paper game board.

All properties are from Los onwards:

Topsider: Aqua - Topsid
Terranischer Bahnhof im Weltraum
: Beynerth - Durham - Drorah
Im Gefängnis
Arkoniden: Urengoll - Olymp (terranische Versorgungswelt) - Iprasa - Arkon I
Bahnhof Ektapa
: Gom - Tolimon - Aralon
Frei parken
Mehandor: Exsar - Goszuls Planet - Archetz
Bahnhof Quinto-Center
: Zülüt - Apas - Tahun (terranische Medizinwelt) - Gatas
Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis
Terraner: Venus - Mars - Terra
Bahnhof der Friedensfahrer
: Rofus - Ferrol.

The instructions on the cards have of course been adapted to this game, like in:

Fliege zurück zum Planeten Aqua. (Fly back to Aqua planet.)

Die galaktische Zentralbank auf Maverick irrt zu deinen Gunsten. Ziehe € 200 ein. (The galictic Central Bank of Maverick made an error in your favor. Collect € 200.)

Gehe in das Gefängnis! Transmittiere dich direkt dorthin. Fliege nicht über Los. Ziehe nicht € 200 ein.
(Go to Jail. Transmit yourself direct that way. Do not fly over Go. Do not collect € 200.)


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