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Edition: June 5, 2004

Azerbaijan.The game below was bought as a "Russian" edition because Azerbaijan belonged to the East bloc untill the end of 1991.

However the game was manufactured in the capital city Baku so that is why it is much more interesting to consider it now a Monopoly-like edition from independant Azerbaijan state.

Considering the low standard of living in this country it is doubtful  Parker/Hasbro is marketing its games here.


Manager, made in Azerbaijan.Edition: Manager, ordernr. 1320
Publisher: Tipografija Azerittifaka -  Baku - Azerbaijan - ±1985
Dimensions fo the box: 50.5 x 26 cm
The game:
This edition is property of Jan J.Jansen - Holland. He bought it from a journalist who purchased it 1988 in Baku. However it was also sold in the former USSR.
Lid of the box with 1320.
It is interesting to see the printer Azarittifaka to report  in his Rules he manufactured 5000 copies of this edition.

As usual by the design of these games the properties have been divided into 8 groups of industries mentioned in a light blue line on top the spaces. The board´s midfield shows no text at all, only small lines with white spaces for the cards.

From Ctapt onwards the industries and spaces are resp.:

Light industry: Victory Works - Volunteer Works - 20.000 3% profit -  Bolshevik Works - Surpise-
Sporty - Concert complex: SKK Jubilee - SKK called W.I. Lenin - Message - Stadium called 
                                                   S.M. Kirov
- Exchange  

Road- and watertransport:
Trolley bus, Tram
- Metro - 20.000 gift - BMP - Surpise  
Theaters and cinema´s:
Cinema Kolizej - Cinema Leningrad - Surpise - Theater called 
                                              S.M. Kirov
- Rest

Restaurants and bars:
Restaurant Universal - 2.0000 penalty - Restaurant North - Restaurant
lis - Surpise
Intourist hotels: Hotel Leningrad - Message - Hotel Astoria - Hotel At The Baltic Sea - Broker Trade Sales companies: Jubilee Store - 20.000 profit - T-F DLT - Saleshall Store - Surpise 
Heavy industry:
United Kirov Works - Message - United Lomo - United  Electricity

Everything shown on the property deeds is also on the concerning board space. The card sizes varies  (ca.65x44 mm), most probably meaning they were cut out of sheets by hand. The Surprise cards (in the center of each side where the stations usually are) are represented by an octagonal star, the Message cards by a outlined bird.
The 7 banknotes are one-sided color printed on white paper. The denominations in roebles are  resp: 100 - 500 -1000 - 2000 - 5000 - 10000 and 50000. The houses are blue discs (diam.15 mm); the hotels are red discs. The 6 tokens are colored pawns.
Both white dice attract attention because the are larger than usual (13x13x13 mm) and their pips are drilled, uncolored holes.

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