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version 2000

versie 2000.


Number of versions: 1

Edition: September 15, 1999

There are most probably no Parker Brothers Monopoly games with streets from Bangladesh cities, because this former English colony remained gravitated towards England for a long period and therefore used also Waddingtons games with streets of London.


Edition: The Original MONOPOLY
Publisher: Darby - 1998?
Dimensions of the box: 25.8 x 50.7 cm
The game:
It is not surprising that people in poor countries easily copy games and the quality is not that high neither. But I have hardly met a more serious and especially careless plagiarism of this game!

Shouldn't I have been in possession of the inland Standard 
edition (red box, without ref.nr.) of 
the neighbour country India I would have thought this game to 
be issued by 'United' toys as well, 
because the whole bottom side of the box (the black/white 
picture as well as the text with on 
top the logo of 'United' toys) is copied!
Th lid indeed shows the red - white - red bars so characteristic for the Waddingtons editions, 
but for the rest it's a sloppy hotchpotch of presentations from different periodes and different 
  1. The «-mark after the word MONOPOLY is visably "wiped out" with a felt-tip.
  2. On top of MONOPOLY it says The Original, an additon that is only used, as far as known, by the Greec/Egyptian publisher Nilco!
  3. It isn't Rich Uncle Pennybags who comes out the middle O but a jumping horse, the manufacturer's logo.
  4. The picture of a gameboard shown on the lid only appeared on the sets made in America and France in the sixties.
  5. The "collection of attributes" deviates considerably from the offical one because it shows but one house (instead of 2), there is but 1 token (a handdrawn blue car) instead of a car and a dog and the property deeds show the prices in Rs (=Rupies), whereas they are in pounds in the game itself.
  6. Original of the manufacturer is the added blue ellipse with the text "A recreational Game".
The thin banknotes with "engines-pattern-with-Uncle Pennybags" on the back are a bad copy of the earlier mentioned Indian edition as well, because the colors slightly differ. However, they must be a copy of that set because even here negligently they copied the remark "Copyright Parker Brothers" under the number in the circle!
The white property deeds with red back are exactly the same (dim. 65 x 77 mm) as those of the Indian set.
The numbered Chance- and Comminity Chest cards are indeed also yellow and dark pink, but printed on grey carton instead of through and through.

Not copied or characteristic for this set are:

The gameboard is printed a too large a soft carton with dark red back.
The tokens are 6 rather angular, identical, plastic cars in different colors.
There is 1 dark red and 1 yellow die with black pips.
The high, plastic houses are green and the hotels dark red. They do have overhanging roofs.
The insert of the innerbox is folded in such a way that there are 7 holes in the middle to be used as "bankers tray".

An extreme poor but interesting set for a collector!

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