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Germany - Self-made games

version 2000

versie 2000.



  Number of versions: 3

  Edition: November 28,  2009

GDR handmade eidtion.Edition: Handmade Monopoly of non exsisting city
Makers: Unknown  Oberheldrungen (GDR) inhabitants - ±1980?
Owner: Rudolf Rühle - D.
The game:
Rudolf was able to buy this incomplete game from a seller of second hand articles in the eastern part of Berlin, without Heldrungen between Göttingen and Leipzig. dice, tokens and rules. Only much in Eastern Germany produced play-money.

This result of home industry was made before the unification of E. and W. Germany in 1990.

It is a pity the makers are unknown,
because I'd liked to ask them why they had choosen for this mixture of property names. It must be said they must have had good knowledge of the official capitalist version from the other side of the Iron Curtain.

From Los onwards the properties are:

Poststraße - Gemeinschaftsfeld - Turmstraße - Einkommenssteur - Palasthotel - Oberbach - Ereignisfeld
Unterbach - Am alten Hafen - Nur zu Besuch - Waldstraße - Elektrizitätswerk - Heldrungerstraße - Eifelturm - Feldstraße - Hotel Neptun - Münchnerstraße - Gemeinschaftsfeld - Pariserstraße - Humboldt Universität - Berlinerstraße - Frei Parken - Dorfplatz - Ereignisfeld - Rathauspassagen - Opernstraße - Hotel Metropol - Goethestraße - Wasserwerk - Lutherstraße - Müntzerstraße - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Am Helderbach - Schiefer Turm von Pisa - Wallstraße - Gemeinschaftsfeld - Mühlgasse - Hotel Stadt Berlin - Fernsehturm - Karl-Marx-Allee - Zusatzsteuer and Unter den Linden.Play money from different courses.

Remark that the "station spaces" in the middle of each side are now hotels in Berlin.

Handwritten Gemeinschafts- and Ereignis cards.The board consits of 4 sheets (each 210 x 241 mm) of thin white paper and is hand painted and written. The same symbol (a question mark) is used for both the Ereignisfelder (Chance spaces) as the Gemeinschaftsfelder (Community Chest spaces).  Most of the color bars are the same as on the Parker gameboards, but situated differently.
The "Go to prison" corner shows 2 arrows pointing to opposite directions, meaning that you can go either way to prison but in both cases you will not receive 4000.- Mark. 
The sizes of the handmade property deeds vary slightly between 55/60 x 105/109 mm.
The sizes of Ereignis cards are 57/61 x 70/71 mm while for some unclear reason those of the Gemeinschafts cards are somewhat larger: 69/70 x 76/78 mm. Both cards have the usual texts and  a few times newly invented ones. The picture of the unequal Gemeinschafts cards, yellow underlined, and Ereignis cards, red underlined, show they are written by 2 different persons!
The money consists of an undifined mixture of  grey pasteboard game coins in the denominations of:1 - 5 - 10 and 20 (gold colored) and paper bills from at least 3 different sources.
The tokens and dice of this set were absent.



I found that in the museum "Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" in Bonn-D also 2 handmade editions from the former DDR are present. 
Of the first mentioned, the one with the stacks Gemeinschaftskarte and Ereigniskarte, the German magazine Spielbox, Heft 5/95 from November/December 1995 shows a very good picture on page 6.
Unfortunately I got no response to my question to the museum for information about and good pictures of these editions, so I can only point you to the exsistance of these games and further recommend you to personally examine them in Bonn, Willy-Brandt-Allee 14.


Self-made game from the GDR, abt.1970.Edition: Handmade Monopoly, copied from the board acc. to P.B. design
Maker: Unknown - 1960/1985
Owner: Haus der Geschichte - Bonn - D
Dimensions of the board: 49.6 x 49.8 cm
The game:
The period in which the HDG states this game was made has been probably concluded from the fact that this game board has been copied from a Parker Bros. edition from this period, where:

the word Monopoly is in closed, black characters in the middle of the board.
on the stations the black locomotive from Parker Brothers is applied.
the blue treasure chest from Parker Brothers is applied on the Gemeinschafts-spaces.
the golden ring-with-diamond from Parker Brothers is applied on the Zusatssteur- space.

From the earlier mentioned nice picture  further can be seen that:

the board is made of sollid paper.
all texts are typed, afterwards cut out and glued on the game board!
the property deeds, Ereignis- and Gemeinschafts cards are also typed on a typewriter.
for the houses and hotels narrow white and square, red Lego pieces are used.
there are banknotes with 9 different denominations; 4 of them are play notes who were just for sale, but 5 are handwritten, colored pieces of cardboard.


Self-made edition from the GDR.Edition: Monopoly
Maker: Unknown - 1960/1985?
Owner: Haus der Geschichte - Bonn - D
Dimensions of the board: 29.6 x 21.1 cm
The game:
I can tell nothing more than you can see for yourself. 
It is therefore possible that this set has been made before the former one.
It is a pitty that I'm not able to tell you where the properties in this edition are from.





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