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Germany - City games

version 2000

versie 2000.



Number of versions: 9

Edition: October 31,  2007

With thanks to Elly Manuel - Amsterdam who put her collection of German City games to my disposal.

First München City game.Edition: Bayerische Ausgabe 1978, Ar.Nr. 601 1012
Publisher: Parker Brothers USA - Rodgau - 1978
Dimensions of the box: 26.3 x 51 cm
The game:
With this 1978 edition Parker Brothers published, most probably not on purpose, its first German City Game.

This is the first time streets of one city are involved, so in this case München! They are from Los onwards:

Bavaria Ring - Theresienhöhe - Südbahnhof - Viktualienmarkt - Isartorplatz - Oberanger - Im Gefängnis - Münchener Freiheit - Ungererstraße - Leopoldstraße - Starnberger Bahnhof - Stachus - Sonnenstraße - Lenbachplatz - Frei Parken - Mauerkircherstraße - Arabellastraße - Prinzregentenplatz - Isartalbahnhof - Theatinerstraße - Promenadeplatz - Brienner Straße - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Odeonplatz - Residenzstraße - Maximilianstraße - Hauptbahnhof - Neuhauserstraße and Kaufingerstraße.

The rim of the box says in pure Bavarian: "Die weiß-blaue Immobilien-Gaudi rund ums Hofbräuhaus", what means something like "The Bavarian fun with real estate around the Brewery square". The instructions are written in old German writing and brings the explanation with more gusto than common rules. So Bavarian for "Parker … mehr als nur ein Spiel" (= "Parker ... more than a game") is "Parker … vui mehr ois nu a Spui!"

Like on the game boards of the standard editions of the seventies the names at the spaces are mentioned twice and the ß-symbol is used in the word Strasse. The blue green board shows the word MONOPOLY in in closed, black characters, without frame parallel to the first side. The solid board's back shows the blue-white square pattern of the German federal state Bavaria's Arm.
The box contains two inserts of solid white plastic, each having 7 holes for the banker.
The bottom of the white innerbox shows Mr. Darrow with a big smile on the picture with the promotion story in regular German. 
The money consists of 7 banknotes with the mention "pat.app.for no. 3796-36". The denominations are resp.: 20 (blue) - 100 (orange) - 200 (light brown) - 400 (red) - 1000 (white) - 2000 (green) and 10.000 (paars).
The back of the light blue Ereigniskarten and the light pink Gemeinschaftskarten show the well-known "engines with Uncle Pennybags"-pattern. The 6 plastic tokens are simple pawns. The green houses and red hotels are also of plastic and have all-sided overhanging roofs without a chimney.

This edition was "printed in France". Compare this edition with the issue of Winning Moves of 1998.

The price of this set amounted to DM 22,- (= € 11,35) in October 1998.


The original American toysmanufacturer:

Winning Moves Deutschland
Lindemannstraße 13
40237 Düsseldorf
Tel. +0049 (0)211/550 275 0


since 1998 publishes CITY GAMES in Germany. The first Winning Moves editions appeared in Great Britain, later on followed by Germany and other countries.
They are all socalled "Authorized Opoly Games", i.a. they are issued under the approval of and in cooperation with Hasbro. Like with the American City Games a part of the profit have to come from the adds of local companies and institutions mentioned on the spaces. The prices of the streets and other properties are always the same as those of the standard edition.

All editions are, like in other countries,  made according to the same pattern, viz.:

The colorfull lid always shows under the Monopoly bar a composition of pictures of landmarks of the city, with in perspective mid-under the first and last spaces at the left and the right of Los

In the lower right corner are always 6 of 10 standard tokens, i.e. car, boat, thimble, canon, wheelbarrow, and rider-on-horse. The other tokens of the set are dog, hat, shoe and iron.

The word Monopoly in the red bar is shadowed in all 5 editions of 1998, however that is no longer the case with the 3 editions of 2000.

The Ereignisfelden of all editions show as a standard the ad of QXL, incl. the Internet adres www.qxl.de.

The back of all game boards is purple.

The Banker's tray is a square tray of red plastic on top of which the double folded game board is placed. One hole contains a small, transparant case, presumably  for the houses and hotels.

A second, slightly higher tray of green plastic has 7 slots to store the banknotes.

The money consists of banknotes of a local well-known bank.

Each set is supplied with a socalled property pouch. According to Winning Moves it is to store the houses and hotels.

All well finished green plastic houses and red plastic hotels have overhanging roofs and an excentrically placed chimney.

The dice are white and have black pips.

Page 16 of the Rules always show pictures of all properties of the edition concerned.

The games are always "Hergestellt in EU". Where exactly?

Issued in 1998:

Issued in 2000:

To be issued in 2001:
















The price of these editions is over that of the standard Monopoly games and amounted to DM 79.- (= € 40.50) in January 2001.


Part of the lid of the Köln edition.Edition: Köln, Art.-Nr. 40019
Publisher: Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH/Hasbro -1998
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.1 x 5.3 cm
The game:
The story on the bottom of the box says:

"Köln has to offer a lot: except for the Dom, Eau de cologne, Kölsch and carnaval international companies, traditional breweries and modern malls form the flair of this largest town in the most densely populated federal state Nordrhein-Westfalen.
This Monopoly edition however, also show the media and cultural city Köln with its large broadcasting stations, its philharmony and museums around the Kölner Dom, its futuristic Kölnarena or its with young and old as much beloved Kölner Zoo.
Discover the attractions of Köln without effort with your Monopoly Städte-Edition."

The properties are from Los onwards:

Am Hof - Neuratherweg - Flughafen Köln-Bonn - Bonner Wall - Cluballee - Riehler Strasse - Im Gefängnis - Hohe Strasse - Neumarkt - Schildergasse - Deutzer Bahnhof - Mauritius Kirchstrasse - Severinstrasse - Martinstrasse - Frei Parken - Hohenzollernring - Amsterdamer Strasse - Im Mediapark - Rheinhafen - Aachener Strasse - Bischofsgartenstrasse - Roncalliplatz - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Hohenstaufenring - Grosse Neugasse - Willy-Brandt-Platz - Hauptbahnhof - Henry-Ford-Strasse and Glockengasse.

It wouldn't surprise you that the spaces of the last two streets show resp. Ford and 4711 eau-de-Cologne! 

The money consists of Monopoly banknotes, issued by the Kölner Bank.


Part of the München edition - 1998.Edition: München, Art.-Nr. 4002 6
Publisher: Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH/Hasbro -1998
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.1 x 5.3 cm
The game:
The story on the bottom of the box says:

"Octoberfestival and  "Christkindlmarkt", "Opernfestspiele" en "Biennale", parades, Centre of Research, Economic metropolis with worldwide connections and "Lillionsvillage". All this and a lot more stands for Munich. 
When tables and chairs can be put outside with fair weather and high-spirit is so obviously present Munich becomes a Dream town. The image of a southern city is carried by Greek columns, Italian baroque façades and French stucco - and a cheerful ground cord characterizes people's live in this city full of art, culture and joy of living.
Discover the many attractions of Munich with this Monopoly edition."

The properties are from Los onwards:

Hofbräuallee - Zirkus-Krone-Strasse - Flughafen/Flughafen München - Sendlingertor-Platz - Karlsplatz Stachus - Tierparkstrasse - Im Gefängnis - Marienplatz - Sendlingerstrasse - Maffeistrasse - Ostbahnhof - Neumarkter Strasse - Plankenhofstrasse - Rosenheimer Strasse - Frei Parken - Rundfunkplatz - Am Moosfeld - Franz- Joseph-Strasse - U S Bahnhof - Barer Strasse - Tal - Museumsinsel - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Stahlgruberring - Georg-Brauchle-Ring - Säbener Strasse - Hauptbahnhof - Am Tucherpark and Maximilianstrasse.

The only one street that is in the "Bayerische Ausgabe" of 1978 as well is Maximilianstraße, however it is a green street in that edition. Also the fourth station is the same Hauptbahnhof in both editions.

The money consists of Monopoly banknotes, issued by the Kreissparkasse München.


Part of the lid of the Leipzig edition.Edition: Leipzig, Art.-Nr. 4003 3
Publisher: Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH/Hasbro -1998
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.1 x 5.3 cm
The game:
The story on the bottom of the box says:

"Leipzig - the economic and cultural metropolis of Sachsen - has a lot to offer: The new Messe (= Trade Fair) with its architecture that shows the way impressively confirms its centuries old tradition of exhibitions city and from the battles monument  is a splendid view over the - by a walk enclosed -  pedestrian friendly city centre with its many sights. So the Mädler Passage is considered for centuries to be the cities most important stroll mile. On the newly designed Augustusplatz is the Leipzig opera and the Gewandhaus orchestra. It was the Nikolaikirche where in 1998 the first impulses for the peaceful change to a united Germany came from and Johan Sebastian Bach ever composed at the Thomaskirche, the birthplace of the famous Thomaner-choir, works like Thomaskantor who went round the whole world.
Discover the many attractions of Leipzig with this Monopoly edition."

The properties are from Los onwards:

Reichsstrasse - Pfaffendorfer Strasse - Flughafen - Am Naschmarkt - Karl-Heine-Strasse - Am Sportpark - Im Gefängnis - Hainstrasse - Bergweg - Dieskaustrasse - Bayerischer Bahnhof - Thomas-Kirchhof - Richard-Wagner-Strasse - Spinnerei-Strasse - Frei Parken - Peterssteinweg - Messe-Allee - Kantstrasse - Yachthafen - Hillerstrasse - Magazingasse - Augustusplatz - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Nonnenstrasse - Wintergartenstrasse - Nikolaistrasse - Hauptbahnhof - Markt and Mädler Passage.

The money consists of Monopoly banknotes, however it is not sponsored in this edition.


Part of the lid of the Hamburg edition.Edition: Hamburg, Art.-Nr. 4004 0
Publisher: Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH/Hasbro -1998
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.1 x 5.3 cm
The game:
The story on the bottom of the box says:

"The Free and Hanze-town Hamburg is one of the eldest city republics of Europe. This modern metropolis on the Elbe with its centuries old international tradeconnections has a lot more to offer than harbors and trade, merchants and offices. Hamburg, the green city on the water probably has the best quatity of live of Germany. Nowehere in the world parks, avenues, lakes and waterways are to be seen in such an abundance embedded between buildings of red briks, white villa's of businesspeople and large middle class houses in Jugendstil. Just as famous are Hamburg's glass covered shopping malls and department stores as its vital culture, its theatres, museums and galeries and of course its entertaining nightlife without closing time. 
Discover with this Monopoly edition Hamburg's many faces."

The properties are from Los onwards:

Tiergartenstrasse - Rathausstrasse - Flughafen Hamburg/Hamburg Airport - Am Volksparkstadion - Fontenay - Hagenbeckallee - Im Gefängnis - Grosse Bleichen - St.Annenufer - Grosse Elbstrasse - Bahnhof Dammtor - Rothenbaumchaussee - Van-der-Smissen-Strasse - Milchstrasse - Frei Parken - Speersort - Neuer Wall - Billstrasse - Hamburger Hafen - Gänsemarkt - Ballindamm - Alsterarkaden - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Stadhausbrücke  - Rathausmarkt - Neue Rabenstrasse - Hauptbahnhof - Unnastrasse and World's first Monopoly restaurant. Elbchaussee.

The green space Stadhausbrücke shows an add  of the  -restaurant. This restautant indeed started in this street in June 1998 under the leadership of Inhaberin Christiane Körfer. However is did not exsist long, because it was closed already within a year. 
The various tables had names of the German Monopoly game board and were in a matching ambience. So there was a real beach-chair with the Badstrasse table and was the Westbahnhof table in an ambience of an antique train compartment!

The money consists of Monopoly banknotes, issued by Marcards, Stein & Co..


Part of the lid of the Düsseldorf edition.Edition: Düsseldorf, Art.-Nr. 40071
Publisher: Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH/Hasbro - 1998
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.1 x 5.3 cm
The game:
The story on the bottom of the box says:

"Düsseldorf - capital city of the federal state as well as financial an economic centre of Europe's most populated area - is a modern metropolis with a more than 700 years tradition. Contrasts present the image of the city and its inhabitants. Between the cheerfulness of a Rhinelander and the charm of a cosmopolitic city the full richness of sights and interesting attractions opens: From the picturesque old city centre, "the world's longest bar", till the fashion-boulevard Königsallee with its elegant malls, from the small galeries and antique shops in the Karlstadt till the well-established art collection Nordrhein-Westfalen, from ThyssenKrupp, Mannesmann and Henkel till the European headquaters of Japanese culture and economy.
Discover Düsseldorf's many faces with this Monopoly edition."

The properties are from Los onwards:

Schneider-Wibbel-Gasse - Apollo-Platz - Flughafen Düsseldorf International - Flinger Broich - Brehmstrasse - Rather Strasse - Im Gefängnis - Stockumer Kirchstrasse - Schadowstrasse - Friedrichstrasse - Untere Rheinwerft - Kettwiger Strasse - Ludwig-Erhard-Allee - Graf-Adolf-Plats - Frei Parken - Oststrasse - Neuer Zollhof - Stromstrasse - U-Bahnhof Heinrich-Heine-Allee -  Grabbeplatz - Gustaf-Gründgens-platz - Kay-und-Lore-Lorentz-platz - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - August-Thyssen-Strasse - Kappeler Strasse - Marktplatz - Hauptbahnhof - An der Kaiserburg and Königsallee.

The money consists of Monopoly banknotes, however it is not sponsored in this edition.


Part of the lid of the  Frankfurt edition.Edition: Frankfurt, Art.-Nr. 4005 7
Publisher: Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH/Hasbro - 2000
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.1 x 5.3 cm
The game:
The story on the bottom of the box says:

"Frankfurt am Main is one the most important financial cities of the world. However, a stroll through the old and city centre will show an other face to the visitor, who knows Frankfurt till now as a metropolis of banks and trade fairs. He will see a 1200 years old city with squares paved with cobble-stones, midieval churches and skilfully restored half-timbered houses. Those who are looking for cheerfulness and relaxation will feel good in the Ebbelwei-Viertel Alt Sachsenhausen. Much more could be enumerated and recommended to do somewhat justice to Frankfurt. Through the extensive parks and the exotic palm gardens via the world-famous Zoo till the inviting shopping and strolling streets - it is a varied palette between skyline and Ebbelwei.
Do move in this Monopoly game over the streets of this financial metropolis: Frankfurt am Main."

The properties are from Los onwards:

"Konstablerwache - Kaiserstrasse - Flughafen - Eschborner Landstrasse - Klappergasse - Schweizer Strasse - Im Gefängnis - Ratsweg - Am Erlenbruch - Waldstadion - Osthafen - Theodor-Heuss-Allee - Palmengartenstrasse - Senckenberganlage - Frei Parken - Alfred-Brehm-Platz - Güterstrasse - Börsenstrasse -  U-Bhf. Hauptwache - Opernplatz - Willy-Brandt-Platz - Schaumainkai - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Grosser Hirschgraben - Am Kaiserplatz - Fressgass - Hauptbahnhof - Zeil and Römerberg.

The money consists of Monopoly banknotes, issued by the Sparda Bank.


Part of the lid of the Berlin edition.Edition: Berlin, Art.-Nr. 4009 5
Publisher: Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH/Hasbro - 2000
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.1 x 5.3 cm
The game:
The story on the bottom of the box says:

"In finally undivided Berlin, Germany's very young capital, the bear walks: Culture, Tradition and Social customs of former East and West Berlin touches and enriches eachother.
In hardly any other town such a exciting, mostly politically colored mixture of architecture can be seen: Beautiful buildings of the Emperor-Wilhelm-era, marvellous Jugendstil villa's or post modern buildings stay opposite solid buildings in stalinistic style or rather melancholic emergency houses. In addition is the new pragmatism shaped as office complexes of steel and glass. In the courtyards of by Heinrich Zille legendary rented barracks scene-culture has been familiar a long time.  Of course you should ever walk under the Brandenburger Tor, visit the renovated Reichstag-building and stroll around a bit on the spot where once was The Wall. However, Berlin offers so much more - do make a voyage of discovery with this Monopoly edition."

The properties are from Los onwards:

Lützowplatz - Potsdamer Strasse - Flughafen Schönefeld - Sonnenallee - Kollwitzplatz - Prenzlauer Allee - Im Gefängnis - Spandauer Damm - Kantstrasse - Bismarkstrasse - Bahnhof Zoo - Strasse des 17. Juni - Budapester Strasse - Tauentzienstrasse - Frei Parken - Oranienburger Strasse - Hackescher Markt - Alexanderplatz - Flughafen Tempelhof - Olympische Strasse - An den Treptowers - Messedamm - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Gendarmenmarkt - Friedrichstrasse - Potzdamer Platz - Flughafen Tegel - Kurfürstendamm and Unter den Linden.

Do you know that Kurfürstendamm, being the most expensive but one street in this edition, is the very most expensive street in the Euro edition of 1991?

The money consists of Monopoly banknotes, issued by the Berliner Volksbank.


Part of the lid of the Stuttgart edition.Edition: Stuttgart, Art.-Nr. 4010 1
Publisher: Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH/Hasbro - 2000
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.1 x 5.3 cm
The game:
The story on the bottom of the box says:

"Situated in the hart of "Schwabenland" Stuttgart offers an excellent quality of life: typical Württemberger wines with character of the vicinity, healing mineral sources, a well filled culture calender full of spectacular performances and exhibitions in first class places and above all a qualitative and quantitative remarkable offer of jobs in the city as well as in the area. 
Companies in Stuttgart, like Daimler-Chrysler and Porsche, do enjoy world reputation for decades. Computer and software companies are following the same direction.
History and modern time meet eachother in a special way in Stuttgart: visible in its multifarious architecture, generally known from names like Old and New Castle, Old and New Stategallery and to be experienced in its many museums as well as in the Erlebnis-Centre Stuttgart with its two musical theatres.
Discover the various faces of the idyllic situated city on the Neckar with this Monopoly game."

The properties are from Los onwards:

Marktplatz - Heilbronner Strasse - Flughafen - Kriegsbergstrasse - Theodor-Heuss-Strasse - Schwieberdinger Strasse - Im Gefängnis - Silberburgstrasse - Blumenstrasse - Calwer Strasse - Zahnradbahnhof - Konrad-Adenhauer-Strasse - Oberer Schlossgarten - Weinsteige - Frei Parken - Killesberg - Leuschnerstrasse - Neckartalstrasse - Neckarhafen - Villa Berg - Mercedesstrasse - Cannstatter Wasen - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Willy-Brandt Strasse - Schillerplatz - Charlottenplatz - Hauptbahnhof - Schlossplatz and Königstrasse.

The money consists of Monopoly banknotes, issued by the Deutsche Bank.


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