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version 2000

versie 2000.


Bulgarian flag.

Number of versions: 1

Edition:  April 2, 2004

Up till mid 2003 Parker Brothers/Hasbro haven't published their official Monopoly editions in this country.
However, the interest for monopoly-like games exsist, what is proven by the only one and nameless edition I'm able to describe hereunder.

Exceptional Bulgarian issue.Edition: Nameless Monopoly-like Game  
Publisher: Unknown inland manufacture - before1945
Dimensions of the box: ▒ 25 x 25 cm 
The game:
Steve Amato - New York is the proud owner of this very special edition.
So far this is the first monopoly-like game I've ever seen without any name. Since there are no Rules in this set it is only from the names of the properties on the game board to follow this to be a Bulgarian issue. There are some letters used in this game that are no longer used in the Bulgarian alphabet. The Bulgarian alphabet was changed in 1945. So, one would assume that this game must have been made before 1945.
Although this set looks very likely to be a self-made edition I have the feeling this to be a hand made commercial edition produced in a relative small quantity. 
It is obvious the publishers have scrupulous looked at the official Parker issues, what is proven by the fact that the board's classification corresponds completely. Only the design differs, like:

No scoundrel behind the Jail's bars.

A strang sign on the Free Parking corner.

Only a black arrow on the Go-to-Jail corner, precisely the same one as on Go.

Very simple locomotives on the Station spaces.

The colors of the property-groups.

The prices of the properties are 20 times the prices of the American version: Boardwalk $400 <> Car Osvoboditel Boulevard 8000 Leva.

The property names on the game board are mentioned twice in order they can  be read from all sides. This was also the case in the earlier days of most of the  European editions. The game board with white back is made up of 4 squares of solid cardboard ugly made together fits in a wooden box. There are 16 light purple kind of Chance cards and  17 yellow kind 
of  Community Chest
cards. See the pictures alongside. (Who can give me the translation of the instructions given on these cards?)
Bulgarian cards.
The money consists of neutral banknotes in 8 denominations: 10 - 20 - 100
- 400 - 1,000 - 2,000 and 10,000 Leva. Over Start a player receives 
4000 Leva. The dark green houses and red hotels are made of dull wood
One of the dice in this set is black and the other one white, but there is doubt 
there are the original ones.

The properties are streets of the capital Sofija and are from Start on: 

Csar  Simeon Street - Saint Botev Boulevard  - Poduini Gara - Macedonia BoulevardSolunska Street - Alabin Street - Jail - Maria Luisa Street - Electric Company - Exarch Joseph Street - Serdika Street - Sofia Gara - K. Stoilev Boulevard - Dunav Street - Moskovska Street - Free Parking ? -  September 6th Street - Patriarh Eftimij Street - Csar Shishman Street - Simeonovo Gara - Pirotska Street - Dragoman Boulevard - Water Works - Clemintina Street - Graf Ignatiev Street - Slavyanska Street - Ferdinand Boulevard - Perlovets Gara - S.G. Rakovski Street and Csar Osvoboditel Boulevard.

The wooden box serves as a banker's tray since in has 8 spaces for 8 banknotes.


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