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version 2000

versie 2000.


Number of versions: 1

Edition: November 28, 1998

Publisher: KT (?)
Dimensions of the board: 20.4 x 39.6 cm
The game:
This game is not exactly a luxury issue because the box as well as the board, the instructions, the property cards and banknotes are made of grey recycle carton and paper! However the print is of good quality, reason why the colorfull board is very interesting.

Although the instructions and property cards are only in Burman the game still can be played by any Monopolist because the most essential things are also in English! So the Chance- and Community Chest cards as well as the property spaces on the game board are bilingual, but the property cards are only in Burman. But since the value on the banknotes are as well in the Burman figures as in western writing you soon discover how many Ks have to be payed. You could also use the cards of an American set (Atlantic City) or of a Waddingtons' one (London) because the values of the properties are exactly the same!

Striking is also that the illustration on the green lid and on the game board shows the "engines-picture" of Waddingtons' outset! Although here the coal-engines are replaced by electric one's these also have steam-clouds. The 2 houses inbetween have red roofs. It is not clear why there are another 2 (yellow) locomotives on top of the word MONOPOLY. Again very special is the illustration showing 2 little children playing the Monopoly game. (The neighbouring country Thailand does the same on a number of its games!)
The properties are cities of Burma, at which the most expensive "street" is of course the capital RANGOON (=YANGON). Some other large cities are MANDALAY (in the centre of the country) and MEIKTILA (in the north). In the mid of each side stays, from GO on: YANGON STATION - IRRAWADDY ferry - HINO CAR busstation and MINGALADON AIRPORT.
There is a boy in Jail. The policeman that send him thereto wears a white turban. Is that typical for Burma? On the Free Parking space is a large house (hotel?).
The 4 tokens are hollow plastic chess pawns. The 2 small dice can be thrown with a little red shaking-box.

This set was bought in September 1998.

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