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CITY edition 2009 .

version 2000

versie 2000


Edition: March 30, 2012
Number of countries: 17

Skyline of CITY.

(dog in kennel - shovel    -   bunch of keys -    paint tin with brush - safety helmet   - moving van)

Already a year after the World edition, the whole world contributed to by voting, it was published Hasbro to come with another novelty now surprising the whole world with a 
complete new design
of the original game of constructing houses and hotels on streets. Although ..... I would not be surprised the three-dimensional game
Hotel from 1996, from MB-games (from Hasbro as well), was the inspiration for the designers of this Monopoly theme edition.
Note: Remarkable to see that in passing Parker's logo totally disappeared from the box of this issue, only the Hasbro logo left. Does this say something for the future?

CITY, Dutch version.Dimensions of the box: 40,0 x 26,8 x 6,6 cm
The game: 
The lid of the box already enthusiasticly shows it to be a three-dimensional happening, where the game board's midfield is used 
to build buildings of the district on. The district of each field with color bar is always in its close proximity. 
Inside the innerbox is a large tray of black plastic for the storage of the 80 3-D buildings to be built in the districts. 
There are:

Residential buildings, grey
8 x 1 block
2x 2 blocks
3x 8 blocks
Industrial buildings, light blue:
8x 1 block
4x 2 blocks
8x 3 blocks
Skyscrapers, green: 5x
Monopolytower, brown, with M-emblem: 1x
Stations, red: 8x
Stadiums, red: 2x
Bonus buildings, red
3x school
3x wind farms
3x water towers
3x park
Hazards, black:
3x power stations (value 3 blocks)
3x sewage works (value 3 blocks)
3x pridon (value 4 blocks)
3x rubish dump (value 2 blocks)

It appears to be nice to play with high buildings and skyscrapers, but it is not likely to be practical because they don't stand very stable. In the otherwise 
carefully edited  Rules booklet is advised to roll the dice in the lid "so that you don't knock any buildings over!". It would have been better to stick the buildings 
magnetically to the board.

In contrast to the classic edition you don't need to collect all streets of one color, but may immediately start to build on one district to a maximum of 8 blocks. That 
can be residential buildings as well as industrial buildings or a combination of both.
Residential buildings are cheaper than industrial buildings, but in case another player builds a hazard (a black building) in your district residential blocks in that 
district become worthless and do not count towards its rent  value. However, you can remove this hazard from your district by paying to the bank.
On the other hand you can prevent opponents to build hazards in your districts by building yourself a red bonus building
Hazards and bonus buildings are for free and do not count for the 8-block building limit per district. By the way, you may only build these bonus buildings and hazards 
when you land on a planning permission space (the former stations).

The designers of this version invented another instrument again to be used with this edition. This time no card reader but a trading unit with an auction button  
and a build button:

The build button is on the side of this trading unit. You must press this button to learn how many blocks or a station you are allowed to buy this turn.
In case you land on a still available district but are not willing to buy it (for the normal price) the property must be auctioned. For that purpose the banker 
pushes the auction button to start the auction. Everyone may then bid during 50 seconds.

When this trading unit has been put on it will give a signal after playing for an hour. In case you like to play for another hour you have to swich the trading unit off 
and on once again.

How are the buildings used and what do they contribute to the rent income per district?

The rent for an unbuilt property is mentioned on the property deeds, but next it is not only built with houses and hotels. The building is calculated 
in blocks, taking into account that a maximum of 8 blocks per district are allowed.
You may choose from residential buildings, industrial buildings, skyscrapers and the only one Monopoly tower, stadiums and stations that may 
be built in each district. 
The You may choose from residential buildings, industrial buildings, skyscrapers and the only one Monopoly tower, stadiums and stations that 
may be built in each districtprices of the first 3 buildings are mentioned on the property deed. Only these buildings are determinative for the 
rental income.
A station is free if the build button allows you. You may build such a station in a district at your choice! A nice chance though to pass for an extra 
time over Go, but also to bypass districts with high rents.
The purchase of a stadium do cost M 2.000.000 (= Monopoly dollars), but each time you passes over Go you receive, next to your regular salary, 
another M 1.000.000.

Because there is no room anymore on the midfield of the board, the only stack of cards (only Chance cards) must be placed somewhere alongside the game 
board. There are a few cards with well-known instructions, but the most are typical for this game, like:

Toxic waste. Pay M 1M for each sewage works on districts that you own. If you don't have any sewage works, go to jail
Graffiti disaster. Pay M 50k per district you own to have graffiti removed..
Steal. Steal a district and all its buildings from a player of your choice. Cannot be part of a completed colour-set.

There is one special card in this game, Rent Dodge!, you only get on landing on the Free Parking corner. You have, however, to use it before an other player 
lands on that corner, because in that case you have to give the card that player.

The 7 banknotes are in a stack with codenr. 100017900000. They are the modern banknotes with ridiculous and particularly superfluous high values that for 
that purpose are being presented shortenedly with 1k for 1000 Monopoly dollars. What could have been the deeper thoughts of the designers?
The bills are printed in black on colored paper. The denominations are: 10k (white) - 50k - 100k - 200k - 500k - 1M and 5M.

There is a "Reminder Card" for each of the 6 players. That apparently means the Rules are that complicated that such a help is needed! With the description 
above you can decide yourself if you agree. 

The price of this game was at the introduction in Europe €49.95 and $34.99 in the USA.



Some editions from over the whole world, in order of number of country:


America + Singapore:
American CITY edion also sold in Singapore.     Name of the version: CITY -
    The edition with the number mentioned is called the 
    American version on Internet, what seems to be very 
     acceptable because all American editions still show 
     the blue Parker logo.
     On the other hand country number 284 point at Singapore, 
     while America itself has country number 000. 
     Remark the American edition says "Ages 8+",
     whereas the Britsh box shows: "Age 8+".
The districts in this version are the same as of the UK version, viz:

See the: ageS.Summergate - Chance - Stoneside - Industry Tax - Planning Permission build rubbish dump or parkWestlands
Chance - Bayview DockBrightside - In Jail/Just visiting - Old Town -Auction - Harbour Heights Central Quay
Planning Permission build School or Prison
- Shine village - Chance - East BankTreetop Park - Free Parking - 
- Chance - The Warf - Middleton - Planning Permission build Sewage Works or Water Tower
New Town
- Silver Harbour - Chance - Central City - Go to Jail - Royal Court - The Marina - Auction - Riverside
Planning Permission build Power Station or Wind Farm
- Chance - Fortune Valley - Industry Tax - Diamond Hills.

+ Austria + SwiGerman CITY edition standard.tserland (property of Roland Klose-D):

       Name of the version: CITY -
Ref.Nr. 070901790100
       The districts in this version are from Los onwards:

       Kargenfeld - Ereignisfeld - Öderberge - Gewerbesteuer - Bau-Genemigung Park/
- Nebelau -          Ereignisfeld - Dämmerungs-Park - Sonnweiler - Im 
       Gefängnis/Nur zu Besuch - Wächters-Hausen - Auktion - Gerberheim - Marktkai
       Bau-Genemigung Schule/Gefängnis
- Neuer Hafen - Ereignisfeld - Friedensufer -
        Altstadt - Frei Parken - Ulmenbusch - Ereignisfeld - Uferpark - Platanen-Viertel
       Bau-Genemigung Wasserturm/Klärwerk
- Dichterhügel - Museumsdamm
       Ereignisfeld - Künstlerstadt - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis - Schlossbergen
- Auktion - Gräfenpark - Bau-Genemigung Windpark/Kraftwerk
                                                                                      Ereignisfeld - Villenviertel - Gewerbesteuer - Diamanten-Höhe

                                                                                      Diese Versionen auf deutsch: (property of Roland Klose-D):


Germany + Austria + Switserland (property of Roland Klose-D):

                                                                                     German CITY edition in a tin.Name of the version: CITY -  Ref.Nr.00232100

               The districts in this version in a tin are of course the same as those of the earlier set. 
               The sizes of the tin, in an apartment building shape, are: 32.3 x 27.0 x 9.0 cm.
               The tin is in a cardboard "jacket".

               There have been 2 buildings added to this edition: A Casino and a Zoo, both Casino.in
               blue green.

               Although the packing shows a date July.2009 this edition however, was not available 
               in Germany until January 2010.
               Like with the Hungarian issue of the CITY edition the designers have dropped 
a stitch, what apparently was not recognized before the game went into production: 
               In the Jail-corner ought to be shown "Nur zu Besuch" but it says "Zu nur zu Besuch".

France + Belgium

French CITY edition.       Name of the version: CITY - Ref.Nr. 030901790101

       The districts in this version are from Départ onwards:

       Quartier Sud - Chance - Cité Administrative - Taxe Industrielle - Permis de 
       Construire/Authorisation de construire une décharge ou un parc
- Rive 
- Chance - Quartier Latin - Cité Universitaire - En prison/Simple 
       visite - Plein Ouest - Enchčres - Quartier de la Gare - Les Docks - Permis 
       de Construire/Authorisation de construire une école ou une prison
- Les 
- Chance - Quartier de l'Hopital - Parc Floral - Parc gratuite - Quartier 
- Chance - Rive droite - Quartier des Affaires - Permis de Construire/  
       Authorisation de construire une usine de traitements des eaux usées ou 
       un château d'eau
- Vieille ville - Hôtel de Ville - Chance - Centre Ville - Allez 
       en prison - Haute-Ville - Grand Est - Enchčres - Vieux portPermis de 
                                                                                       Construire/Authorisation de construire une centrale électrique ou un 
                                                                                       champ d'éoliennes
- Chance - La Marina - Taxe Industrielle - Bellevue.


United Kingdom + Australia + New Zealand:

UK edition of CITY.
        Name of the version: CITY -
Ref.Nr. 010901790102
See the GB-ref.nr. 102.A few differences between the UK and American version are: 

        *  the American set bears the blue Parker logo and is made in America.
        *  the UK edition is manufactured by Hasbro in Waterford - Ireland.
        * The American edition showes "Ages 8+", the British box: "Age 8+".

        The districts in this version are from Go onwards:

        CITY UK "Age 8+".Summergate - Chance - Stoneside - Industry Tax - Planning Permission build 
        rubbish dump or park
West - Chance - Bayview Dock - Brightside - In Jail/
        Just visiting - OldTown - Auction - Harbour Heights Central QuayPlanning 
        Permission build
School or Prison - Shine village - Chance - East Bank
        Treetop P
ark - Free Parking - Seaview - Chance - The Warf - Middleton - Planning 
         Permission build Sewage Works or Water Tower
- New Town -Silver Harbour
                                                                      Chance - Central City - Go to Jail - Royal Court - The Marina - Auction - Riverside
                                                                      Planning Permission build Power Station or Wind Farm
- Chance - Fortune 
- Industry Tax - Diamond Hills.



CITY Italia.        Name of the version: CITY - Ref.Nr. 110901790103

        The districts in this version are from Via! onwards:

         Summergate - Imprevisti -
Stoneside - Tassa sulle attivitŕ produttive - Costruisci 
         un centro per la raccolta dei rifiuttio un

         Bayview Dock
- Longside - Prigione/Transito - Old town - Asta - Harbour Hills
         Central Quai
- Costruisci una scuola o una prigione - Sun village - Imprevisti
         East Bank
Madison Park - Parcheggio gratuito - Seaview - Imprevisti - Sea Port
Costruisci un depuratore
o un acquedotto - New Town
         Silver Harbour
 - Imprevisti - Central City - In prigione! - Greenwich village
                                                                                                                    Marina street
- Asta - Riverside - Costruisci una centrale nucleare o una eolica
                                                                                                                    ImprevistiFortune Valley - Tassa sulle attivitŕ produttive - Diamond Hills.

                                                                                                                    Diese Version auf deutsch: www.monopoly-wiki.de

+ Belgium:

The Dutch game board with buildings.        Name of the version: CITY - Ref.Nr. 040901790104

        The districts in this version are from Start onwards:

          Zomerwijk - Kans - Bergwal - Industriebelasting - Bouwvergunning Bouw een vuilnisbelt 
         of een park
Westeroever - Kans - Bloemenveld - Museumhoek - In de gevangenis/
         Slechts op bezoek - Oude stad - Veiling - Stationswijk - Scheepswerf - Bouwvergunning 
         Bouw een school of een gevangenis
- Havenkwartier - Kans - Oosteroever
- Vrij parkeren - Stadspoort - Kans - Rivierwal - Middenburg
         Bouwvergunning Bouw een rioolzuivering of een watertoren
- Nieuwe stad - Zilverkade  
         - Kans - Stadsmarkt - Naar de gevangenis - Keizersbuurt - Waterkant - Veiling - De 
- Bouwvergunning Bouw een energiecentrale of een windmolenpark - Kans - 
- Industriebelasting - Diamantheuvel.

Sweden (property of  Roland Klose-D):

Swedish version of CITY.
          Name of the version: CITY - Ref.Nr. 070901790106

          The districts in this version are from onwards:

          Solhaga - Chans - Stenkajen - Industri-skatt - Byggnadslov bygg soptipp eller park -
Västergĺrd - Chans - Hamnvik - Solsidan - I fängelse/Bara pĺ besök - Gamla stan
          Auktion - Hamngĺrds-höjd Centralkajen - Byggnadslov bygg sskola eller
- Chans - Östra stranden - Kronparken - Fri parkering - Havsutsikten
           Chans - Lastkajen - Medelby - Byggnadslov bygg reningsverk eller vattentorn
           Nua stan
- Silverhamnen - Chans - Central stan - Gĺ i fängelse - Hovet - Marinan
           Auktion - Alvbrinken - Byggnadslov bygg värme- eller vindkraftverk - Chans - 
- Industri-skatt - Diamant-höjderna.
iese Version auf deutsch: www.monopoly-wiki.de

(property of Roland Klose-D)

CITY edition, Greek version.          Name of the version: CITY - Ref.Nr. 040901790110   

          The districts in this version are from Afetiria onwards:  

          Kalokairopoli - Apofasi - Tsimentoupoli - Foros Ergostatiou - Adei Chtisimatos Skoupidotopo/Parko
          Dytikes Perioches
- Apofasi - Limani thea akti - Foteini Plevra - Filaki/Mono gia episkeps - Palia poli
          Paeistiriasmos - ParaThalassia Proastia - Kentriki Prokymaia- Adeia Chtisimatos Scholeiou/Filakis
Lampero Chorio - Apofasi- Anatolikiakti - Dentrofyto Parko - Eleutheri stathmeusi - Thea Thalassa
          Apofasi - I Apovathra - Endochora - Adeia Chtisimatos Enkataseis Katharismou Vothrolymaton/
          Deeameni nerou
- Neapoli - Asimeniaakti - Apofasi - Kentriki poli - Pigaine Sti Fylaki - Ethniko Dikastirio
I Marina - Paeistiriasmos - Ochthi Potamou - Adeia Chtisimatos Stathmo Energeias/Aioliko Parko
          Apofasi - Koilada Tychis - Foros Ergostasiou - Diamantenioi lofoi.
iese Version auf deutsch: www.monopoly-wiki.de


Turkey (property of Roland Klose-D)

Turkish version of CITY.          Name of the version: CITY - Ref.Nr. 070901790131

The districts in this version are from Başlangiç onwards:
          Şli - Mecidiyeköy - Inşaat Izni/Çöplük Veya park inşa et. - Anadolu Hisari
- Üsküdar -  Kodes/ziyaretçi - Ortaköy - Açik Artirma - Beşiktaş
- In
şaat Izni/Okul Veya Hapishane inşa et.  - Ataköy - Yeşilköy -
şehirÜcretsiz otopark - Ataşehir - Bostanci Sahil Yolu - Bağdat 
- In
şaat Izni/Pis Su Arima Tesisi Veya Su Kulesi inşa et.  - 
-Nişantaşi - Maçka Kodes'e gir - Emirgan - Bebek - Yeniköy
şaat Izni/Elektrik Santrali Veya Rüzgar Santrali inşa et. - Levent and Etiler.

          In contrast to the arbitrary names on the spaces of other countries most of the 
                                                                                           properties in this Turkish version comes from streets and districts from Istanbul.

Hungaria (property of Roland Klose-D):                                                                                    

Hungarian START corner on the CITY board.     Name of the version: CITY - Ref.Nr. 0701790165

     The districts in this version are from Strat onwards:

     Városkapu - Szerencse kártya - Kavicsdű - Iparűzési
adó  - Épitési engedély/építs 
     szeméttelepet vagy parkot!
Nyugatti városrész - Szerencse kártya - Öböl kiköősor  
      - Naposoldal - Börtön/Csak látogatóban - Óváros - Árverčs - Magas kikötősor
     Központi rakpart
- Épitési engedély/építs - Aranyfalu - Szerencse kártya - Keleti 
- Erdősor park - Ingyen parkoló - Keleti városrész - Szerencse kártya - A rakpart -
     Középváros - Épitési engedély/építs - Úváros - Ezüstkikötő - Szerencse kártya -
      Városközpont - Irány a Börtön! - Royal-kert - Parti sétány - Árverčs - Zöld folyópart -
     Épitési engedély/építs - Szerencse kártya - Szerencsevőlgy - Iparűzési
adó -
The designers of this Hungarian game board have dropped a stitch: The fact is the Start corner of the board shows Strat and so this error 
appears wherever the picture of the board is shown, such as on the lid, the bottom of the box and on page 4 of the Rules. It is however, correctly 
written in the text, like on the Szerencse kártya (
the Chance cards) and in the Rules.


South Korea (property of Do-hun Lee-S.Korea): 

 Intro of the Korean CITY edition-2011.                                                                             

  Jail corner of Korean CITY edition.Name of the version: CITY - Ref.Nr.  ???017907??

  This edition is in Korean only. It was not released until 2011.
  Do-hun explains the distrits are all from the capital city Seoul and are from 출발 (
Start) onwards:

하남 (Hanam) - 복불복 (Chance) - 성남 (Seongnam) -산업세 (Industry Tax) - 건축허가 
Planning Permission build rubbish dump or park) - 동작 (Dongjak) - 복불복 (Chance) - 영등포
(Yeongdeungpo) - 금천 (Geumcheon) - 감옥 (Jail) - 구로 (Guro) - ?? (Auction) - ?? (??)
(??) - ?? (Planning Permission build School or Prison) - ?? (??) - 복불복 ( Chance) -?? (??)
(??) - (??) (Free Parking) - ?? (??) - 복불복 ( Chance) - ?? (??) - ?? (??) - ?? (Planning 
  Permission build Sewage Works or Water Tower
) - ??(??) - ??(??) 복불복 ( Chance) - ??(??) -
  - ?? (
Go to Jail) - ?? (??) - ?? (??) - ?? (Auction) - ?? (??) - ?? (Planning Permission build Power 
  Station or Wind Farm
) - 복불복 ( Chance) - ?? (??) - ?? (Industry Tax) - ?? (Seocho).

See for the description in Korean Dohun's site: http://blog.naver.com/monopolygame/20154524529






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