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version 2000

versie 2000


Number of versions: 8

Edition:  March 25, 2006
Upgraded: June 20, 2010

With thanks to Mike McGuire - West Valley City - Utah - USA and Diego Puls - Amsterdam - NL for their assistance.

Map of Colombia.

Up till today Parker Brothers only published their American edition in Spanish in this and other South American countries.  However, there have been a few national game manufacturers issuing Monopoly-like editions over the years. 

One of them is Industrias Ronda Ltda - Bogotá, founded in June 1972 out of a small printing company. From then on their board games and puzzles activities steadily grow, reason why the company moved in1984 to a new works, also situated in Bogotá. In that time the company got licenced by Walt Disney, Parker Brothers and Borrás, the Spanish licensee of Parker Brothers. 
In 1986 the games part of the company changed name into Ronda S.A. and was it manufacturing games for Latin-American countries like Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. 
A 2000 alliance between Ronda and Hasbro confirms the continuation of the cooperation between both companies that started with Parker Bros in 1984.




Tio Rico Mc.Pato - 1997.Edition: Entre al mundo de los negocios con ... Tio Rico Mc.Pato, ref. 05 10 01 
              (In the world of trade with ... Scrooge McDuck
Publisher: Industrias Ronda Ltda. - Bogotá -  ±1975
Dimensions of the box: 27.2 x 41.8 cm
The game:
Richness smiles at you from the cover: Banknotes generously drift away from Uncle Scrooge's briefcase, dollar signs all over and the "objetivo" says: Be rich, very rich, as rich or richer than Rich Uncle ... with properties, houses and castles ... sturdy rents and many pesos in cash.

The solid game board, that plays anticlockwise, has 10 spaces between the corners on the 1st and 3rd side and only 8 on the 2nd and 4th side. Salida is also called the Estación Sta.Fe (Santa Fe Station). You start your trip through the park from here. The park's attractions are successively:

Tierra de la Fantasia - Cielos de Dumbo - Villa de Pinocho - Linea Tierra de la Fantasia - Paso Dominios de Pedro "El Malo" - Lagos de Peter Pan - Pais de las Maravillas - Mina de los 7 Enanitos - hoekpunt Tierra de la Frontera - Desierto Apache - Isla de Tom Sawyer - Poblado Indio - Linea Tierra de la Frontera - Paso Caverna del Arco Iris - Desiertos de la Diligencia - Rutas del tren Santa Fe - Region cabañas - hoekpunt Tierra del Futuro - Altos del Monorriel - Glaciales del Teleferico - Parque de los Astro-Jet - Linea Tierra del Futuro - Paso el Matterhorn - Playa de los botes del Futuro - Puentes de la Autopista - Imperios del Nautilius - hoekpunt Tierra de la Aventura - Muelle Jungla - Valle de los Leones - Cienaga de los Hipopótamos - Linea Tierra de la Aventura - Paso Aduana del Rio - Valle de las Jirafas - Valle de los Elefantes and Aldea Canibal.

The instructions at the corners read for:

  1. Tierra de la Frontera: Tio Rico está pobre! muy pobre el pobrecito ricachón! Necesita $ 200,00 para llegar a sus minas allá en la frontera. Envíaselos. (Uncle Scrooge is broke! completely broke, that filthy rich man! He needs $ 200.00 to reach his gold mines over there at the border.Send them to him.)
  2. Tierra del Futuro: Hugo Paco y Luis quierenir a Marte. Colabórales con $ 150,00 y $ 20,00 más por cada castillo que poseas. Envíaselos a su centro espacial. (Huey, Dewey and Louie want to go to Mars. Help them with $ 150.00 and another $ 20.00 for each castle you possess. Send the money to their space centre.)
  3. Tierra de la Aventura: Tribilin va en busca de Leones, Hipopótamos, Jirafas y Elefantes. El viaje es duro y costoso. Envíale a su aldea allá en la selva $ 180,00. (Goofy is searching for lions, hippopotami, giraffes and elephants. The trip is heavy and expensive. Send him $ 180.00 to his village in the forest.)

There are 3 illustrations on the board's centrefield showing The mines of Uncle Scrooge at the border, Huey, Dewey and Louie's Space Centre and Goofy's village in the forest.

There are property deeds indeed, as narrow (32x94 mm) as the Sorpresa and Loteria cards, but in addition all rents and prices are given again on the game board's space. Both remarkable narrow cards Sorpresa Ballena (Whale surpise) and Loteria Campanita (Campinata Lotery) are on the board next to the Salida starting point. 
All cards stick together on a perforated  a sheet from which they have to be separated before use.
The innerbox is entirely of yellow cardboard. In there are 3 yellow inserts folded in such a way that they make 4 trays for the accessories.
The 6 banknotes are printed double-sided on white paper: the frontside in full-color with funny illustrations of the Disney figures and the backside in 1 color only. The denominations of these Banco Disneylandia notes are (colors are of the backside): 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500. The currency is oros (Gold coin?) and all notes are signed by Rico Mc.Plato in person.
There are but 4 plastic pawns as tokens. The 30 plastic houses are red and the 10 castles yellow.
Both small (side of 12 mm) dice are white with black pips.
The Rules are printed on the bottom of the box.

This set was "Hecho en Colombia" (Made in Colombia). The roguish little lion, Ronda's logo, is in large on the bottom.

The price of this set amounted to COP 19,990 (€ 9.-) December 1998.



International Spanish language edition of 1985.Edition: International Spanish language ed., Ref.8009
              "Juego de Intercambio de Finca Raíz de Parker Brothers" (Game of exchange of properties, originally P.B.)
Publisher: Parker Brothers, Inc. - Beverly - 1985
Dimensions of the box: 25.6 x 51.0 cm
The game:
This set has been issued by Parker Brothers in all North-, Middle- and South American countries where Spanish is spoken, so most probably in Colombia as well.
It concerns the well-known American standard edition in the white box with the streets of Atlantic City, but in the Spanish language. 

From Go (¡Adelante!) on all properties of the International Spanish language edition are:

Avenida Mediterráneo - Arca Comunal (Community Chest) - Avenida Báltica - Impuesto sobre Ingresos (Income Tax) - Ferrocarril Reading - Avenida Oriental - Casualidad (Chance) - Avenida Vermont - Avenida Connecticut - En la .../De visita no más - Plaza San Carlos - Compañía de Electricidad - Avenida de los Estados - Avenida Virginia - Ferrocarril de Pensilvania - Plaza Santiago - Arca Comunal - Avenida Tennessee - Avenida Nueva York - Parada Libre (Free Parking) - Avenida Kentucky - Casualidad - Avenida Indiana - Avenida Illinóis - Ferrocarril B. & O. - Avenida Atlántico - Avenida Ventnor Obras de agua potable (Drinking-water Works) - Jardines Marvin - !Váyase a la Cárcel! (Go to Jail) - Avenida Pacífico - Avenida Carolina del Norte - Arca Comunal - Avenida Pensilvania - Ferrocarril Short Line - Casualidad - Plaza del Parque - Impuesto sobre posesiones de lujo (Luxury Tax) and  Paseo Tablado.

The lid of this "long box" shows the last part of the 4th side and Go. On top is the red bar with Rich Uncle Pennybags in the middle O. The dice show numbers 3 and 5. The bottom of the box is un-printed.
The back of the solid game board is blue. The word Monopoly goes in closed characters in a black frame sloping over the board. The innerbox contains except for a small plastic insert with 7 holes for the banknotes also a filling up piece of blue cardboard on which the "13 frequently asked questions" are printed in Spanish.
The game is entirely in the Spanish language but the money is in dollars. It are the well-known banknotes with the mention "Copyright 1935 by Parker Brothers Inc." in the centre circle. The  Casualidad (Chance) cards are red and the Arca Comunal (Community Chest) cards are yellow, both illustrated with funny pictures of Rich Uncle Pennybags identical to those of the original American issue.
There are 10 metal tokens "made in Hong Kong", viz.: car - hat - thimble - dog - boat - iron - canon - rider-on-horse - shoe and wheelbarrow.
The dark green houses and red hotels with overhanging roofs are made of plastic and do have a centrally placed chimney. Both dice are white with black pips.

This edition was "Fabricado en los EE.UU". (Made in the USA)



Colombia edition ±1985.Edition: Monopoly Edicion Colombia, Ref. 051004
              "Juego de Intercambio de Finca Raíz de Parker Brothers" (Game of exchange of properties, originally P.B.)
Publisher: Industrias Ronda Ltda. - Bogotá -  ±1985
Dimensions: 50.5 x 25.5 cm 
The game:
This edition is owned by David Miller - UK.
The Spanish text in the middle of the lid says: 
"An original way to get to know our country. With this new monopoly edition on a pleasant way presenting the main streets and squares of our Colombian cities."

The green map of the country shows the 8 cities concerned. And in order to know which properties are of which cities the dots marking the cities have the color of the concerning property bars, so 

From Salida onwards all spaces are:

Popoyan: Avenida José Hilario López - Arca Comunal - Avenida Don Bosco - Impuesto sobre Ingresos 
                     Terminal de Transporte Cali
(bus with beige stripe)
Cucuta: Avenida los Libertadores - Casualidad - Avenida 0 (Cero) -El Melecón
                    En la ... /De visita no mas
Manizales: Avenida Santander - Empresa de Energia Electrica - Parque Caldas - Avenida Centenario
Terminal de Transporte Pereira (bus with red stripe)
: Avenida Roosevelt - Arca Comunal - Plaza Caicedo - Avenida Colombia
Estacionamento Gratis
Cartagena: Avenida Pedro de Heredia - Casualidad - Cartagena Colonial - Avenida San Martin
                    Terminal de Transporte Medellín (
bus with green stripe)
 San Andres
Johnny Cay - San Luis - Empresa de Acueducto - Avenida Colon
¡Váyase A La Cárcel!
Medellín: Parque de Berrio - Avenida la Playa - Arca Comunal - Avenida Nutibara
Terminal de Transporte Bogata (bus with blue stripe)
Bogotá: Casualidad - Carrera 15 - Impuesto sobre posesiones de lujo - Avenida Chile
The board is a single folded cardboard board. The back is plain yellow with no tape over the joint. The Parker red Monopoly bar is on the board but relatively small and not in the middle. 
Although the whole game radiates a certain cooperation between Ronda (the maker) and Parker Brothers (the Parking for two cars.licencee) this edition has a lot of deviations from the Parker design, such as:

the Casualidad (Chance) and Arca Comunal (Community Chest)

the Jail corner only shows the scoundrel's hands.

two red cars on the Free Parking corner instead of one.

a policeman of total different design in the ¡Váyase A La Cárcel! corner.

the design of the lamp as well as the tap differs from the Parker one.

special kind of mini-bus on the "station properties" instead of the black Parker locomotive.

different shaped and colored question mark on the Chance spaces.

different kind of treasure chest on the Community Chest spaces.

The innerbox contains except for a small cardboard insert with 7 holes for the banknotes also a filling up piece of blue cardboard on which the "13 frequently asked questions". 
The currency of
the money is Peso, indicated by the $-sign. The 7 banknotes consist of black printed colored paper and the denominations are: 1 - 5 -10 - 20 - 50 -100 and 500.  
The Casualidad cards are red and the Arca Comunal cards yellow. All these cards are illustrated with amusing incidents with Rich Uncle Pennybags.
The houses and hotels are made of hollow plastic. The tokens are 6 simple plastic pawns on a large base.
Both plastic dice are red with white pips.

This editon was "hecho en Colombia" (made in Colombia).


Real Columbian Turista.Edition: Turista Mundial, Ref.Nr. 5102
Publisher: Parker Brothers/Hasbro/Ronda S.A.- Santa Fé - ± 1990
Dimensions of the box: 47 x 24 x 3 cm
The game:
This is probably the first Turista edition issued in Colombia, or at least the first one authorized by Parker Brothers/Hasbro. Turista is a Mexican game originally, which is clearly proven by the Mexican flag and statue in the Salida start space. The properties on the game board are, counter-clockwise divided over 4 continents, resp. showing the flags of the countries:

  1. America: Argentine - Brasil - Colombia - Puerto Rico - United States - Canada 
  2. Africa: Marocco - Saudi Arabia - Egypt - Ethiopia - Cameroon - South Africa 
  3. Asia: South Korea - Israel  - Soviet Union - China - India - Japan 
  4. Europe: Sweden - Germany - Italy - Spain  - France - England 

The sizes of the very thin plastic coated game board are 45.5 x 45.5 cm. It's midfield shows the above mentioned countries on the world map in the same colors. Instead of stations there are 4 (not exsisting) airlines called American Airline - African Airline - Asian Airline and European Airline. The 3 corners after Salida moving counter-clockwise are: Migración/Vaya a la O.N.U. - Loteria Internaciónal - O.N.U.

The upper left corner of the blue lid (exactly the same as of the Mexican version, except for the Hasbro logo) shows a small red Monopoly bar whereas the lower right corner shows the Parker Brothers logo. The pawns shown on the flags do not exactly correspond to those belonging to the game. These are aggravation pawns. The Rules are printed on the inside of the lid. Along with the rules is also a chart of statistical information about the continents and many of the countries in around the globe. The information includes land mass in km², population, languages, capitals, and currency. The game was obviously made before 2002 because the European currencies are the old ones.
The game comes with white inserts completely covering the playing equipment. When turned upside down insert is folded into two compartments with perforations all along the common edge of the compartments. It is apparently intended to use as an inner box to hold the playing equipment. It can also be used as a banker's tray. However it only has the two big compartments (no money compartments).
The cards are called Carta and Telegrama.
There are but 5 denominations of Turista money (however with the Monopoly design, i.e. with the illustrations of a locomotive and house) consisting of one sided color-printed white paper . They are: 10.000 - 20.000 - 50.000 - 100.000 and 500.000.
The buildings are the green plastic casas (houses) and red hoteles, both with chimney.
Both dice are white with black pips.     

This set was "Fabrique en Colombia".



Colombian Metropolio.Edition: Metropolio
              ¡Hagase rico monopolizando la ciudad!
              (Become rich by monopolizing the city!)
Publisher: hola! Colina - Medellín - ±1997
Dimensions of the box: 29.6 x 42.7 cm
The game:
The full-color lid shows the game board with tokensand cards, while the Rules are printed on the bottom of the box. (This in contrast to the Parker Brothers/Hasbro issues, where the picture of the board is always on the bottom of the box).

This issue, made by an inland manufacturer, also have a game board made of heavy cardboard that is folded the playside outwards. The Salida corner has the arrow pointing to the right, meaning the game has to be played anticlockwise. The 1st and 3rd side have 11 spaces between the corners whereas the others have but 9. Never before I saw the color bars printed at the bottom of the (empty) spaces and the matching illustrations both printed under as well as on top of the space. The fact you receive $ 20.000 over Salida and the first streets cost $ 6,000 clearly show the designer has looked at Parker/Hasbro Monopoly. Besides the stations situated in the middle of each side cannot be a coincidence.

From Salida onwards all spaces are successively:

Cinema - Museo - Teatro - ImpuestosPague $ 20.000 - Estación de Servicio Sur - Zoologico - Circo - Trafic light red - Parque de Diversiones - Estación de Television - Cárcel - Pizzeria - Trafic light green - Bar Discoteca - Restaurante - Estación de Servicio Oriente - Plaza de Mercado - Supermercado - Trafic light red - Centro Comercial - Loteria - Club Campestre - Trafic light green - Hosteria - Hotel - Impuestos Pague $ 7.500 - Estación de Servicio Norte - Jardin Infantil - Colegio - Trafic light red - Universidad - Fraude/vayase directamente a la Cárcel - Centro de Urgencias - Clinica de Fracturas - Trafic light green - Hospital - Estación de Servicio Occidente - Industria Textil - Industria de Plasticos - Trafic light red and Industria Automotriz.

Consequently the 8 groups of properties are: Culture - Amusement - Restaurants - Food companies - Accommodation - Education - Medical Care and Industries.

The centrefield of the blue board does not show the name of the game. It only has 2 spaces for the trafic lights red and green cards and some pictures of a strange little-man-with-banknotes (certainly no Rich Uncle) are distributed over the board. Strangely enough this silly looking little man is carried off by a policeman at the Fraude corner.
The innerbox has an insert of black plastic into which the name hola! collina is formed in large characters. It further contains 11 holes for the banknotes and accessories. The property cards show the "streetname" in the color bar at the bottom, while the top of the card show the corresponding picture. The mortgage-side of these cards is white.
Of course the back of "Trafic lights green" is green and that of the red consequently is red. A few texts of these cards read:

Usted ha cancelado más de la cuenta en el Hotel. Reclame $2.400 en la recepción. (You've paid to much for the Hotel. Reclaim $2,400 from the reception.)
Usted encontró en el vestíbulo del Teatro un collar de diamantes. El administrador le recompensará con $700 por su honradez al devolverlo. (You've found a diamond necklace in the Teatro entrance-hall. The accountant pays you $700 because you were so honest to bring it back.)
Jugando fútbol su hijo quebró una lámpara del Club Campestre. La administración le cobra $2.000 para su arreglo. (Playing football your child breaks a lamp of the Country Club. The administration charges you for $2,000 repair.)
Girar cheques sin fondos es un mal negocio. Pague $3.000 de multa al Centro de Urgencias por el servicio de ambulancia, que utilizó la semana pasada. (Insufficient funds checks is bad business. Pay the Centro de Urgencias (First Aid) a fine of $3,000  for its ambulance service you've made use of last week.)

The Metropolio banknotes (48x94 mm) are printed both sides with a.o. the same portrait of a head of state (?), its value in Pesos and 2x the mention "Este billete tiene ningun valor comercial" (This note has no commercial value). The denominations of the 7 notes are: 100 - 500 - 1.000 - 2.000 - 5.000 - 10.000 and 50.000. The cuurency is Peso, indicated by the $-sign.
Instead of houses here is talk of Inversiones (investments), small round stackable caps. The red caps are called Servicio de Lujo (Luxury service). The tokens are 6 hollow plastic pawns. 
Both dice are cream with black pips.

This set was "Made in Colombia".

The price of this set amounted to COP 19,990 (= € 9.-) December 1998.



International Spanish language edition of 1999.Edition: International Spanish language edition, ref.08009
             "Juego de Compraventa de Inmuebles, de Parker Brothers"   (Property trading game, of Parker Brothers)
Publisher: Parker Brothers/Hasbro Inc. - Pawtucket - 1999
Dimensions of the box: 26.9 x 40.2 cm
The game:
The lid of this new "standard box" (shorter than the 1985 issue) also shows the last part of the 4th side and Go. On top is the red bar with Rich Uncle Pennybags in the middle O. The dice now show the numbers 3 and 6 but the race car is still on the Paseo Tablado.
The bottom of the box is still un-printed, unlike the similar European editions showing a "laughing family" around a table playing Monopoly.

In this new box is one narrow, white plastic tray with but 5 slots for the banknotes and all other equipment. The remainder of the innerbox is filled up with a light green cardboard insert showing again the "13 most frequently asked questions".The board is folded in four and consequently it lies about in the box.  The red Monopoly bar is sloping across the board. On the game board are the nice looking Casualidad and Arca Comunal cards. 
As addinional (11th) token the "moneybag" has been added, the winning token from the ±1998 Monopoly new token campaign.
The green plastic houses and red hotels have a chimney in the middle of the roof. 
Both dice are white with black pips.

This edition also is "Fabricado en los EE.UU" (Made in USA).



Tio Rico long box from ±2010.Edition: Entre al mundo de los negocios con ... Tio Rico Mc.Pato - long box,  ref. 0510 01 
              (In the world of trade with ... Scrooge McDuck
Publisher: Ronda S.A. - Bogotá -  ±2010
Dimensions of the box: 27.5 x 40 cm
The game:
It was Diego Puls who pointed this set out to me. It is shown in Ronda's catalogue of 2010, reason why it must be made in this year as well. 
Remember that this game has to be played anticlockwise!

A comparison of this picture with the version from ±1975 tells us the following:

This edition must be from after 1986, the year in which the company changed name from Industrias Ronda Ltda into 
Ronda S.A.. The Ronda logo with the lion's head is now in the lower left corner of the lid, while it was close to 
Mc.Pato's right hand in the earlier edition.
The images on the lid have been made somewhat more contrastfull and moreover the train carriages have new colors.
The playfield of this edition is blue, whereas that of the earlier one is yellow.
The separations between the property spaces on the board have been made somewhat clearer.
The 4 color circles of the center field are here in the corners of the blue field of the game board.
Some of the images on the board have been "modernized".
The spaces on the board for the Sorpresa Ballena- and Loteria Campanita cards are no longer next to eachother.


Tio Rico, vierkante doos uit 2010.Edition: Monopolio  Tio Rico Mc.Pato - square box, ref. 05 10 02 
              (In the world of trade with ... Scrooge McDuck
Publisher: Ronda S.A. - Bogotá -  ±2010
Dimensions of the box: 25.5 x 25.5 cm
The game:
The only difference between this edition and the long box version is the square box in which the game board has to be put. 
So the solid board has to be folded twice.






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