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Computer programs

version 2000

versie 2000.


Number of versions: 20

Edition: April 22, 2010

It started in the home-computer era - in the seventies and eighties - that freaks made more or less sophisticated Monopoly programs for for example Atari, Commodore, Sinclair, MSX and P2000.
Nowadays of course only the games for PC and Internet are interesting. Except of those programs developed by Parker Brothers/Hasbro Interactive there are of other manufacturers as well.


Cardridge for Nintendo NES.Edition: MONOPOLY voor NINTENDO NES,
              ref. 4028/NES-6B-USA

Issued by: Parker Brothers - 1991
Packing: Cartridge in a small box
This is a cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The back side of the box of this American game (made in Japan) says:

"There's visual entertainment with the animated Rich Uncle Pennybags and Community Chest and Chance Cards, and the speedy sports car and other tokens that zoom around the board. Now listen for voice-enhancements such as the "jailer" who kicks Rich Uncle Pennybags out of Jail, and the digitized sound of the train whistles on the Railroad spaces.
Like a real estate big shot, you let computer "accounting" keep track of your cash, assets, properties, houses and hotels. You can play with real, live real estate moguls or take on the computer opponents (1-8 players), who might be beginners - or savvy big-time traders."

The game is no longer available since 1996.


First edition for Windows.Edition: MONOPOLY DELUXE "For Windows"
Issued by: Parker Brothers/Virgin Games, Inc. - 1992
Packing: box 20.5 x 23.0 x 5.7 cm
The nice packing contains both 3½" and 5¼" disks. The carefully edited instructions of this American game (so Atlantic City) do not only describe the game with illustrations but give the "Official Rules" as well.
There is really no computer game as nice as this one:

The board is very detailed and the 8 tokens make noice while going over the board: the horse neighs, the barrow's wheel crunches, the dog yaps a.s.o.. As they change direction they are seen from another side as well. All players can, should you wish so, be run by the computer. On pressing the dice key Uncle Pennybags jumps out of the logo and throws the dice. Of course you hear them rolling over the board.

The animations again and again see to surprise like:

Arriving on GO Uncle Pennybags comes to put the $ 200 in his pouch

and when you are to go to jail Uncle Pennybags is thrown into a prison car.

A real auctioneer sell streets by auction.

This program is sold out since January 1996.


First edition suitableto play on Internet .Edition: CD-ROM MONOPOLY , ref. #44036
              ("Play worldwide over the Internet")
Issued by: Parker Brothers/Westwood/Virgin Interactive
                  Entertainment Inc.  - 1995
Packing: box 23.2 x 26.3 x 4.4 cm
After the 2D computer game disappeared, the 3D "anniversary edition" (60 years) was issued on a CD-ROM in 1995.
Again with this version the board is very detailed, but now the centrefield is used to show the 3D picture of the detail the happening takes place. Furthermore this space is used for status and dialog windows.
At the start of the game a possibility is given to name your "friends on Internet", supposed you are the host. Before starting the game a number of preferences can be choosen under "options". In the first instance it is fun to see everything flutter three dimentional over the board, but this slows down the action. So experience learn that you soon will exclude all these options. But the disadvantage in that case is that the tokens do not make noice anymore and just that was the attraction of the 2D version.

The price amounted to Hfl 129.- (= € 58,54) in December 1995


Edition: Psion MONOPOLY, ref. HP147
Issued by: Widget Software Ltd. B 121 London Rd.- Knebworth, Herts SG3 6EX - U.K. - 1996?
Packing: disk in a box ? 
This disk is ment for the Psion notebooks series 3a/3c.

Playable by up to 6 people. Each player can be either human or computer generated.

The game includes sound effects including cash registers, and sirens for going to jail!

Various views including wealth, sold and unsold properties and board overview.

Games can be saved for completion later.

The game can be played on English or US boards with street names and cards in the selected language.

See for illustrations: http://www.widget.co.uk/show.php3?prodnumber=291&browser=0

The price amounted to £29.95 (= € 57,14) in 1997.


Edition: CD MONOPOLY PlayStation, ref. 5023117.435065
Issued by: Sony Computer Entertainments Inc./Hasbro Interactive Inc.  - 1997
Packing: CD in cover
This game is to be played on the Sony PlayStation. There is a choice from 3 languages: English, German and French.
The game is very similar to the PC version , consequently it's very good in its 3D graphics as well.

We wonder what the meaning will be of the remark on the back side of the cover "Bankrup up to 3 of your friends with the "?

The price of this CD amounted to Hfl 129.50 (= € 58,76) in March 1998.


Edition: Psion Monopoly for series 5, without ref.nr.
Issued by: Widget Software Ltd. - 121 London Rd.- Knebworth, Herts SG3 6EX - U.K. - 1997
Packing: disks in a box 
This game, or better said: these games are suitable to be played on the PC. It is a collection of 5 games, viz. London (England) – Atlantic City (USA) – Paris (France) – those "Various Cities" of The Netherlands and the "General Streets" of Germany.

This game was bought in Switserland in March 1998 at Zfr. 69.- (= € 51,65).


Star Wars 1997.Edition: CD-ROM Edition Monopoly STAR WARS,
               ref. 49101/245         
Issued by: Hasbro Interactive, Inc./Lucasfilm Ltd. - 1997
Packing: box 18.7 x 23.8 x 4.1 cm
Like the "standard" Monopoly game in CD-Rom version being nice to see because of its 3D animations and sound effects so this Star Wars Monopoly is rather a different experience compared to the board game.
(See also chapter "Related games")
Also this version of the game is released in honour of the 20 years anniversary of Star Wars.
There is option of the languages English, Dutch, Swedish and Spanish.

The price amounted to Hfl. 109.- (= € 49,46) in March 1998.

In the America a "Special Edition" has been issued as with the board game versions.


Edition: CD-ROM Monopoly - Dutch editie, ref. 14962/104
Issued by: Hasbro Interactive Inc. - 1997
Packing: CD cover in a box, dim. abt. 18.7 x 23.8 x 4.1 cm
The execution of this game corresponds very much the American version (ref.#4406) of 1995 with those 3D animations. Although the board is of the Dutch game it is a rather inaccurate transformation from the American game into the Dutch one, because of the fact that rather a number of animations are in English.

The price amounted to Hfl 99.- (= € 45,35) in December 1997.

WC Soccer France 98.

Edition: CD-ROM Monopoly WC Soccer France 98, ref. 49103.201
Issued by: Hasbro Interactive Inc. - 1998
Packing: CD cover in a box, dim.: 18.7 x 23.8 x 4.1 cm
The back of this nice looking box tells in English, Dutch and Swedish this is a Monopoly game with soccer players, or is it a Soccer game with Monopoly instructions?

Of course again this computer game is a digital translation of the boardgame that was issued a few months earlier.

The price amounted to Hfl 99.95 (= € 45,35) in May 1998.



Junior on CD-1999.Edition: CD-ROM Junior Monopoly - Dutch, ref. 93539.104.CAR
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive, Inc./Minds Eye - 1999
Packing: CD cover in a box, dim.: 4.5 x 18.9 x 24.4 cm
The back side of the box says:
"Play now the junior version of the most popular game in the world on CD-ROM. Join Mr. Monopoly with his niece Sandy and nephew Andy to the amusement park full of thrill-filled attractions."
The most funny thing of this edition is, however, that there are several attractions and activities shown around the game board. Eight of these attractions have mini games at their disposal that can be played during the game. Sandy and Andy play a part in some of them.

There are 3 games with only 1 play level:

  1. Roller Coaster

  2. Ferris Wheel

  3. Roundabout

The 5 games with 3 play levels are:

  1. Haunted House

  2. Water Slide

  3. Helicopter

  4. Midged Golf

  5. Dodgem Cars

The price of this set amounted to Hfl 59,95 (= € 27,21) in January 2000.


CD-Rom Monopoly in Ned. en Frans 1999.Edition: CD-ROM Monopoly - Dutch edition, ref. MONO2PCNLA
Publisher: Infogrames Interactive, Inc./Hasbro Int. Inc. - 1999
Packing: CD cover, dim.: 19.0 x 13.6 x 1.3 cm
This edition of the computer game offers a great number of possibilities. One can play:

  1. the traditional game board.

  2. a self designed game board.

  3. a game board of an other country.

The play screen shows 5 basic areas: 

  1. the game board. This shows the whole board and the space where each player has landed. The board can be turned by moving the mouse.

  2. the play buttons bar. Depending on the situation of the game and acts to make different buttons are presented. 

  3. the dice tray. This shows which player is on turn and the dice are thrown here.

  4. the players nameplates. By klicking on a nameplate all relevant  information about this player will be given.

  5. the bank's properties button. Except for the bank's this place also shows how many houses and and hotels are still available from the bank.

The price of this set amounted to Hfl 25,- (= € 11,35) in September 2001.


Monopoly Tycoon - 2001.Edition: CD-ROM Monopoly TYCOON, 
              Dutch/French edition, ref. MONTYCPCFNL/F

Publisher: Infogrames Interactive, Inc./Hasbro Int. Inc./
                  RollerCoaster Tycoon - 2001
Packing: CD cover, dim.: 19.0 x 13.6 x 1.3 cm
This bilingual issue of the very advanced business game offers unpresedented possibilities. In a magnificent realistic realtime 3D-city with hundreds of inhabitants both business investments can be planned and buildings built or pulled down:

Of course with realtime simulation.

44 unique businesses can be adapted to your own desires: 
from a simple bakery till a mobile telephone business chain.

Hundreds of inhabitants each with its own profile and needs.

See for more information and playing on Internet the magnificent 5 languages site:


Casino Monopoly for Macintosh.Edition: CD-ROM Monopoly Casino for Macintosh
              "Vegas thrills with a Monopoly twist"
Publisher: Infogrames Macsoft/Hasbro Int. Inc. - 2001
Packing CD cover in a box, dim.: 4.0 x  20.0 x 24.3 cm
With this game for Macintosh computers, as usual in Casinos up to 48 games can be played with over 290 variations:

Monopoly slots: 19 games - 133 variations

Poker: 12 games - 60 variations

Blackjack: 5 variations

Pai Gow Poker: 5 variations

Roulette: 2 games - 10 variations

Money Wheel: 4 variations

Keno: 4 variations

Video Poker: 10 games - 70 variations

Craps:5 variations

See for more information: http://www.macdirectory.com/reviews/monoploycas/

A PC version was issued in 2002, see: http://us.infogrames.com/games/monopoly_casino/

The price of this game amounted to Hlf 99,95 (= € 45,37) in January 2001.

Shareware or Public domain software:

Of those not by Parker Brothers issued computer games this Chinese Monopoly is really the nicest. After a rather hard access procedure (follow carefully the instructions) it starts raining dollars and the Fat Rich Man logo appears. At this point is an option for 3 horizons, viz.:
                        * Taiwan
                        * Taipei
                     * Hong Kong
Next you are to select the players. This are not the usual tokens but real persons. You may choose from nice girls and rascals.
Much of this game is still obscure because the medium of communication is Chinese and there is no translation given. So every now and than you may choose from Yes and No. However …. the game is really great in its graphics. And should you have to go to the hospital the ambulance goes over whole of the island.

MONOPOLY, developed by A.P.Smit, release December 1989.
This is a Dutch game. It was released on 3½" disk by Flevoland Educatieve Software - Ermelo and on 5¼" disk by Hillsoft - Vriezenveen.
The design is not graphic and therefore not very interesting.

THE ELECTRONIC MONOPOLY (v.2.00) and TEGL MONOPOLY (v.2.10) are 2 designs of the same game, developed by Richard Tom – Canada, respectively of September 1989 and July 1990.
The maker succeeded in designing the game a bit more graphic.

LEISURE GENIUS presents MONOPOLY, developedby Jon Baldachin, release 1984.
Of course also this game is very poor in graphics. However the nice thing is the perspectively placed game board. Under it is room to show the fields on order.

MONOPOLY (v 6.7 en 6.8), developed by Don Phillip Gibson, release 1980 and '87.
The game board is poor and covers but a small part of the screen. The game is loudly dominated by the sound of the ugly dice!

WINOPOLY (v 2.02), developed by Christian Jung - St.Ingbert- Oberwürzbach - B.R.D., release of the test version October 1994.
This "introduction release" of the German game has to be played with MS Windows.
It is a very nice game that resembles Monopoly very much but differs essentially as well. Instead of streets there is talk of enterprises and institutions, including emplyees and equipment. This graphically very nice game can be played by 4 persons if need be 3 by computer. The tokens are caricature heads on uplighted fields who move over the game board.
Funny thing is that at any moment the richest player is stated.


Free of charge Monopoly game -2005.Edition: Monopoly for Windows
Maker: Leo R.  - NL - Oct. 2005
Available on:http: //home.telfort.nl/sp591024/parkeerbonnen/monopolyen.html
This free of charge Monopoly game for Windows (version 4.2) gives the opportunity to play the Atlantic City version or the London one. Exchange with the other players, build a few houses and land on Free Parking so every now and than and get the money from the jackpot. ...or just not, because you can decide yourself which "house rules" have to be applied.

The game has the following possibilities:

Decide on the number of players (2 to 6) and which players are played by the computer.
Trade: one of the most complicated aspects of Monopoly, but probably an acceptable way of adapting it to computer play has 
been found.
House rules: you can decide whether there is a jackpot, if interest is to be paid on mortgages, whether you get double salary when landing on Go, and much more
Save games and continue playing later.
All sorts of features to help you keep track of everything that is going on in the complicated game of Monopoly: the properties are displayed on the game board, you can view the statistics at any time, the game speed can be adjusted (either very slow or very quick) and a lot more.
Sounds: you can hear the whole game come to life...


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