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Costa Rica

version 2000

versie 2000.


Vlag Costa Rica.

Number of versions: 2

Edition: December 26,  2006

Map of Costa Rica.

As far as I know Parker Brothers only issues the Spanish version of Atlantic City in Costa Rica. 
The inland made game I can show here is most probably more often issued. The properties of this edition are all Costa Rican cities as can be seen from the map alongside.





Inland made Gran Banco.Edition: Gran Banco, model # 99
Publisher: Fotorama de Centroamerica S.A. - 1950?
Dimensions of the box: 49 x 25 x 3.5 cm
The game:
This set is owned by Steve Amato - N.Y.C.

Since there is no date to be found on the set I guess from its design and presentation it to be from about 1950.

The properties are 22 cities of Costa Rica. Their spaces on the game board are illustrated with some picture, probably typical for the city concerned.

The properties are from Salida onwards:

Talamanca - Sorpresa (surpise) - Isla Del Coco - Impuesto de utilidades (Utility Tax) - Aerovias del Pacifico - Cañas - Loteria (lottery) - Nicoya - Liberia - Carcel (Jail), Siquirres - Compañia de luz - Turrialba - Limón - Aerovias Cariari - Esparta - Sorpresa - Golfito - Puntarenas - Parqueo Libre (Free Parking) - San Antonio De Belen - Loteria - Sta. Barbara -Heredia -AVE -San Ramon - Grecia - Servicios de agua -Alajuela - A-la-carcel (to jail) - Orosi - Tres Rios - Sorpresa - Cartago - LACSA - Loteria - Escazu - Impuestos de aduana (Customs Tax) and San Jose.

Note that: 

The colors of the property bars are the same as of the Parker editions.
Your salary over Salida is  ¢ 200 and the property prices begin with  ¢ 60 and increase little by little up to  ¢ 400.
The Sorpresa cards are next to the Jail and the Loteria cards next to the "Go to Jail" corner.
All 4 properties in the middle of the sides are airports rather than railway stations.
The Jail show 11 bars but no rascal to see.
The "Go to Jail" corner shows a pointing finger rather than a policeman.

The board is of thin cardboard. The back side shows a black and grey square pattern.
The Rules are printed on the back of the box, because of which they are always with the set and cannot get lost. There are 16 Sorpresa and 16 Loteria cards. 
The only 4 tokens are small discs in red, green, blue and black.
The money is of very thin white paper printed in color. The 6 denominations are: 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500 ¢ (Colón).
The houses, having roof edges, stand for carretas (carts) - caballos (horses) and toros (bulls), while the hotels, without roof edges, stand for haciendas

 This edition is "Impreso en Costa Rica, por FOTORAMA CENTROAMERICA S.A." (made in Costa Rica)



International Spanish Monopoly edition of 1985.Edition: International Spanish edition, ref.8009
Publisher: Parker Brothers, Inc. - Beverly - 1985
Dimensions of the box: 49 x 49 cm
The game:
This set is being issued by Parker Brothers in all North-, Middle- and South American countries where Spanish is spoken, so in Costa Rica as well.
It concerns the well-known American standard edition in the white box with the streets of Atlantic City, but now in Spanish. 

From GO (!Adelante!) on the properties are:

Avenida Mediterráneo - Avenida Báltica - Ferrocarril Reading - Avenida Oriental - Avenida Vermont - Avenida Connecticut - De visita no mas - Plaza San Carlos - Compañía de Electricidad - Avenida de los Estados - Avenida Virginia - Ferrocarril de Pensilvania - Plaza Santiago - Avenida Tennessee - Avenida Nueva York - Parada libre - Avenida Kentucky - Avenida Indiana - Avenida Illinóis - Ferrocarril B. & O. - Avenida Atlántico - Avenida Ventnor Obras de agua potable - Jardines Marvin - !Vayase a la Cárcel! - Avenida Pacífico - Avenida Carolina del Norte - Avenida Pensilvania - Ferrocarril Short Line - Plaza del Parque and  Paseo Tablado.

The back of the solid gameboard is blue. The word Monopoly goes in closed characters in a black frame with Uncle Pennybags from the middle O in diagonal over the board. The innerbox contains except for a small plastic insert with 7 holes for the banknotes also a filling up piece of blue cardboard on which the "13 frequently asked questions" are printed in Spanish.
The game is entirely in Spanish but the money is in dollars. It are the well-known banknotes with the mention "Copyright 1935 by Parker Brothers Inc." in the centre circle. The  Casualidad (Chance) cards are red and the Arca Comunal (Community Chest) cards are yellow, both illustrated with funny pictures of Rich Uncle Pennybags identical to those of the original American issue.
There are 10 metal tokens "made in Hong Kong", viz.: car - hat - thimble - dog - ship - iron - canon - rider-on-horse - shoe and wheelbarrow.
The dark green houses and red hotels with overhanging roofs are made of plastic and do have a centrally placed chimney. 
Both dice are white with black pips.

The price amounted to Pes 3747.50 in 1993.

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