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version 2000

versie 2000.


Vlag Kroatie

  Number of versions: 6

   Edition: August 26, 2007

Map of Croatia.

After the very roaring period between 1945 till 1991 with many infightings the Croatian government finally declared independence from Yugoslavia on June 25, 1991.  The Croatian Parliament cut all remaining ties with Yugoslavia on October 8, 1991.

As from 1994 the Parker Brothers' Monopoly game is available in Croatia. The streets and stations are those of the capital city Zagreb
Presumably the first Monopoly-like games of inland make were introduced some 10 years earlier, meaning they came but 50 years after the American invention of the game.

From Kreni on the properties are:

Jeretova ulica - Zagrebacka ulica - Zagrebacki Glavni Kolodvor - Decumanus - Duga ulica - Zupanijska ulica - U Zatvoru/U Posjetu - Ulica J.P.Kamova - Elektra - Obala Lazareta - Maksimirska ulica - Rijecki Zeljeznicki Kolodvor - Ulica S. Radica - Istarska ulica - Kapucinska ulica - Besplatno Parkiranje - Zametska ulica - Kalelarga - Trg Puckih Kapetana - Osjecki Glavni Kolodvor - Forum - Trg Kralja Tomislava - Vodovod - Zrinska ulica - Idite u Zarvor - Trg Bana Jelacica - Korzo - Prokurativa - Zeljeznicka Stanica Slavonski Brod - Stradun and Ilica.



MONOPOLLY, inland make.Edition: Monopolly
Publisher: Biserka - Zagreb - ±1985
Dimensions of the board: 25.7 x 25.7 cm
The game:
Although this set was emitted in the age that Croatia was still one of the federal states of Great Yugoslavia (1945-1991), I do consider it as a Croatian game because it was made in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.
The instructions are in 3 languages, viz.: Croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian. However, for the rest the game in only in Croatian.
At the sight of this set immediately a few things on the set do attract attention:

  1. The game is called Monopolly with double L, while the rules say Monopoli.
  2. It looks like the Parker Brothers version as it was manufactured in the sixties in France, i.e. with the game board on the lid in a green and blue square with a red bar passing through. 
    But there is nothing that indicates the game was made in France.
  3. There are no colorbars on the properties; the whole space is colored.
  4. The word Monopoly on the green midfield goes parallel to the 3rd side.

The game board is of soft cardboard and the division is according to the well-known pattern but the colors of the streets differ. 
The properties are streets named after European cities and mountains.

From Start on the properties are:

Apeninski Put - Balkanski Put - Juzna Zeljeznicka Stanica - Atlanska Obala - Kelnska ulica - Briselska ulica - Zatvor (Jail) - Atenska ulica - Elektra - Madridski Bulevar - Pariski Trg - Zapadna Zeljeznicka Stanica - Vecijanska ulica - Milanski Bulevar - Rimski Trg - Parkiraliste besplatno - Trscanska ulica - Cirski Bulevar - Londonski Trg - Sjeverna Zeljeznicka Stanica - Minhenska ulica - Hamburski Bulevar - Vodovod - Berlinski Trg - U Zatvor  - Varsavska ulica - Praski Bulevar - Becki Trg - Istocna Zeljeznicka Stanica - Azurna Obala and Zenevski Trg.

Over Start you collect 20,000 Dinar
The Sansa cards stack is next to the Start corner. The spaces are indicated by the opened blue treasure chest, while the Iznenadenja (Surpise) cards are indicated by the ?.
The banknotes are of plain, white paper with a neutral, colored print of its denomination.
There are 6 plastic pawns as tokens. The green houses and red hotels are of dull plastic and do have overhanging roofs (without chimney).
There is one red and one blue die.

This set was bought in December 1989.



Monopoli, Art.20760-1.Edition: Monopoly, Art. 20760 (1)
Publisher: Biserka - Zagreb - beyond 1991
Dimensions of the board: 26 x 26 cm
The game:
This version is obviously the modern issue of Monopolly after the separation of Croatia from Great Yugoslavia. It is designed by "Signal - TISAK Kastmüller" and so the glossy box is very colorfull, with a picture of the board surrounded by floating attributes, like lamp bulb, house and hotel and 3 tokens.
The Rules, which are printed on the bottom of the box, are now only in Croatian. Another copy of this version also has a German Rules pamflet showing the mention "Copyright 1936, 1946, 1961, 1981 by Parker Brothers Inc. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Alleinhersteller für Österreich: Piatnik Wien. Ges. gesch."
However, I believe it to be very unlikely Piatnik made this Croatian game for Biserka. It is even more likely these German Rules not belonging to this set!

The division of the soft, grey game board is almost identical to that of Monopolly but of a much more modern design. A few exceptions are:

The colorbar of a street is halfway the space. The colors of the streets differ from the earlier issue. 
On the midfield the space for  Iznenadenja shows a ? and in the Sansa space a  money-bag with $-sign.
Thenames of a number of spaces slightly differ. 

From Start onwards all properties are:

Apeninski Put - Balkanski Put - Juzna Stanica - Atlanska Obala - Kelnska ulica - Briselska ulica - Zatvor - Atenska ulica - Elektra - Madridska avenija - Pariski Trg - Zapadna Stanica - Vecijanska ulica - Milanski avenija - Rimski Trg - Parkiraliste besplatno - Trscanska ulica - Cirska avenija - Londonski Trg - Sjeverna Stanica - Minhenska ulica - Hamburska avenija - Vodovod - Berlinski Trg - U Zatvor  - Varsavska ulica - Praska avenija - Becki Trg - Istocna Stanica - Azurna Obala and Zenevski Trg.

In the innerbox is a "bankers tray" of transparent plastic with 9 holes for the attributes.
Strangely enough the property deeds (55x65 mm) are still printed on the same old, solid paper with grey back as before.
Vreemd genoeg zijn de eigendomsbewijzen (55x65 mm) nog op hetzelfde oude, stevige papier met grijze rug gedrukt als voorheen. 
The money consist again of (more modern) banknotes (45x86 mm) with only 4 denominations, viz.: blue = 100, green = 1000, brown = 10,000 and red = 50,000 Kuna. Depending on the number of players each player receives more or less initial capital.
The hollow, plastic houses and hotels, but the 6 tokens (pawns) as well are so identical to those of the old game that it seems, however, there still was a large stock of them.
Both dice are black and have white pips.

This set was purchased in July 1993.



New design under old Art.Nr.20760.Edition: Monopoly, Art. 20760 (2)
Publisherr: Biserka d.d. - Zagreb - ±1994
Dimensions of the box: 26 x 26 cm
The game:
Very remarkable and unexpected. This version of Art.20760 has a entirely new city map with streets of the capital city Zagreb. It seems  that Parker Brothers have started in the early nineties laying contacts in Croatia, considering Biserka began to publish under the same article number a much more on the Parker Brothers design resembling game board.
It was also designed by another company because on the rim of the lid stands "Podion Design Studio - Tisak Cicero". 

From Start onwards all spaces are:
Zagrebacka ulica - Sansa - Varazdinska ulica - Porez 20000 - Juzna Stanica - Istarska ulica - Iznenadenje - Karlovacka ulica - Petrinjska ulica - Prolaz/Zatvor - Senjska ulica - Elektra - Rijecka ulica - Osjecka ulica - Zapadna Stanica - Zadarska ulica - Sansa - Splitska ulica - Sibenska ulica - Parkiraliste besplatno - Slavonska avenija - Iznenadenje - Dubrovacka avenija - Avenija Grada Vukovara - Sjeverna Stanica - Trg Hrvatskih Velikana - Trg Subica Zrinskog - Vodovod - Trg Stjepana Radica - U zatvor - Trg Kralja Petra Kresimira IV - Trg Kralja Zvonimira - Sansa - Trg Marka Marulica - Istocna Stanica - Iznenadenje - Trg Marina Drzica - Porez na Luksus 10000 and Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica.          

In the innerbox is a banker's tray of transparent plastic again, having 9 holes for the attributes. The bottom is unwritten. This time the Rules have been printed on the inside of the lid.

Other features of this issue are:

The word Monopoly on the soft board's midfield is not in red, but in a mahogany color, parallel to side 1 of the game board.
The names on the spaces are always mentioned twice.
While in the Parker Bros. design the blue case is in the Community Chest space, this case is in the Sansa spaces in this edition.
The locomotives on the stations are certainly not the stylised models of Parker Bros., but are also not entirely identical to that from the previous game.
The rascal in the prison is a strange male behind 3 tralies, which is drawing his hair.
The lamp on the Elektra space is an old fashioned bulb.
On the Free Parking corner is a large P-sign.
On Vodovod (water works) is a modern, regulable tap.
On the "Go to Jail" corner is a silhouette of a policeman.
On the "Porez na Luksuz" space is a gold ring with diamont, resembling rather well the Parker Bros. version.
The money now also consist of but 4, one sided printed banknotes (45x85 mm) slightly better resembling those of Parker Bros..
The property deeds are unchanged those with the grey back from the previous issue.
The Iznenadenja- and Sansa cards (45x78 mm) have been slightly embellished.
The 6 tokens are those plastic pawns again.
The equally long, but less high houses are, like the hotels hollow and made of plastic. They both have overhanging roofs.
Both dice are black and have white pips.

This edition was bought in August 1998 in Split-Croatia at a price of Kn 125,- (€ 19,-) .



Croatian edition of ref.0695Edition: Standard, ref. 0695HR0794
Publisher: Parker/Tonka Corp./MAGMA p.o. - Zagreb - 1994
Dimensions of the board: 26 x 51 cm
The game:
This is an original Parker Bros. set "Proizvedeno u Republici Irskoj" (made in Ireland), so with on the cover the 4th side of the Croatian game board in perspective with "all sorts of attributes" stacked on top. The dice show a 3 and 6.
The bottom of the box shows a color picture of "the laughing family" playing on a game board of unkown origine.

The solid game board has a red back and a lightgreen playing side.
The innerbox has an insert of red plastic with 12 holes for the attributes.
The banknotes supplied with this set are of "class B", art.nr.1006951002, i.e. with the mention "Monopoly - Monopol - Monopoli", however without "1992 Tonka Corp.". 
The 7 denominations are resp.: 20 - 50 - 100 - 500 - 1,000 - 2,000 en 10,000. Landing on Kreni you receive 4000 Kn.
The Sansa cards are next to Kreni again and the concerning spaces are again recognizable by the ?. The opened blue trunk again indicates "Community Chest" if that is at least what the Croatian Drzavna Blagajna stands for.
There are 10 pewter tokens "Made in China". The plastic hotels are red, the houses green. Only the houses do have a chimney on the roof.

The price of this set amounted to Kn 149.- (€ 22,70) in October 1996.



Croatian edition of ref.14535Edition: Standard, ref. 14535266
Publisher: Parker /Tonka Corp./MAGMA d.d.- 1996
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.3 x 5.3 cm
                  of the board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm
The game:
In the second half of the nineties Parker/Tonka/Hasbro has with great energy introduced this uniform edition on the market, showing the last part of the 4th side of the game board. The white dice show a 3 and 5.

In this "standard" box is of course the red plastic "bankers tray" with holes for the 7 banknotes and property deeds still present with the banker.
The game board is folded in four and fits, when stored, precisely on the bankers tray. The back of the board is as usual red, the playside is blue green. This edition also shows a picture of "the laughing family" at the bottom of the box. However it is an other family.
On the game board are the Sansa cards with nice red back, as usual near the Start corner, while the Drzavna Blagajna cards with their nice blue back are near the Free Parking corner.
The banknotes are of the one side printed new model, i.e. with a black Monopoly banner and Uncle Pennybags in the upper part of the circle and, almost invisible, the remark "1996 Tonka Corporation". The currency is Kn and the denominations are resp.: 20 - 100 - 200 - 400 - 1.000 - 2.000 - 5.000 and 10.000.
The 10 tokens are of light metal and are the well-known: hat - shoe - car - boat - dog - wheelbarrow - rider-on-a-horse - thimble - iron and canon. 
The houses and hotels  are of not transparant plastic and have all an overhanging roof as well as an centrally placed chimney.
Both dice are white with black pips.



Waddingtons' Star Wars EditionEdition: Star Wars, Collector's Edition, ref. 40786102
Publisher: Waddington/Hasbro Inc. - 1997
Dimensions of the board: 26.8 x 40.3 x 5.3 cm
The game:
This version of Star Wars has the same ref. number as the American one, but because it comes from the Irish works it has the new standard length and width dimensions of all Hasbro games, as a result of which it is almost 11 cm shorter. Also striking is the fact that this set does not has Croatian instructions but only (not luxury) English of Waddington.

Although the game is of course the same there are however a number of great diffences in execution between the American and this English version. So are the colors of the fields of Dagobah and Hoth resp. dark purple and light blue on the American board and mahogany and dark blue on the English board. The 8 pewter tokens come from the same manufacturer which appears from stamp in the base "©1996 LFL". Each token is a well-known character from Star Wars. The Rebel Alliance consists of Luke Skywalker, Princes Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and R2-D2. The fighters for the Galactic Empire are Darth Vader, Boba Fett and the Stormtrooper. The vehicles used by the Rebels are light grey X-wing Fighsters and Corellian Freighters and those of the Imperials are the dark grey Tie Fighters and Star Destroyers.

Differences and similarities between the standard Monopoly-set and Star Wars in Parker Brothers (Collector's Limited) edition and Waddingtons (Collector's) edition are:

MONOPLY standard S (Parker Bros) 
Limited Collector's Edition
Star Wars (Waddington) Collector's Edition
- board folded once board folded twice
up to 10 tokens (hat, car etc.) 8 tokens: 5 Rebels, 3 Imperials ditto
streets in cities space-locations; dimensions of the cards with white edges:
67 x 77 mm
space-locations; dimensions of the cards with black edges:
56 x 87 mm
Income Tax and Luxury Tax Docking tax/Bounty ditto
currency = Kuna's currency = Imperial Credits, dim.of the notes = 53 x 100 mm (1996 Hasbro Inc/Lucasfilm Ltd) currency = Imperial Credits, dim. of the notes = 47 x 92 mm (1997 Lucasfilm Ltd/Hasbro Inc)
- 5 brass coins of 1000 credits each ditto
green houses + red hotels 2 sets of space vehicles ditto
Chance and Comm.Chest cards Imperial and Rebel cards; dimensions 45 x 76 mm Imperial en Rebel cards;dimensions. 56 x 87 mm

The price of this set amounted to Kn 400.- (€ 59,-) in June 1998.


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