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version 2000

versie 2000.


  Number of versions: 4

   Edition: February 3, 2009

United Arab Emirates

is one of the 7 emirates and the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), formed on December 1971. It is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. The city of Dubai is sometimes called "Dubai city" to distinguish it from the emirate.
Dubai has the largest population and is the second largest emirate by area, after Abu Dhabi. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the only two emirates to possess veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country's legislature.

Untill the formation of the UAE on December 2, 1971 Dubai was a protectorate of Great Britain so it will not be surprising to find strong influences of the Waddington design on the inland made Monopoly editions, like in the surrounding Arab countries.


Emirates Monopoly.Edition: Emirates Monopoly, no ref.nr.  
Publisher: Monaka Games (?), Pakistan (?) - ±1994
Dimensions of the box: 27 x 41 x 4 cm
                  of the board: 49 x 49 cm
The game:
The red Arab character stands for "Emirates", the other black characters mean Monopoly.

Although the board is obviously of a Monopoly game, the name is not shown in the centre. In contrast it shows a funny map of Dubai in the mood of vacation. No skyscrapers, no palm islands but only a simple structured port.
Game board with Dubai city map.
Men-with-hat tokens.Since this undated Dubai edition is called an "Emirates Monopoly" it must be dated after 1971, because the United Arab Emirates were formed in December 1971.
The presence of those special plastic tokens of a walking-man-with-hat immediatelly reminds me of all Pakistan made (?) editions I've described so far in the Oman chapter. This is the main reason why I believe this Dubai edition is made by Monaka Games as well.  But there are more matches, like:

The properties on the board are all from London, the typical English game board of Waddington
Very distinctive for the Waddington board is the green engine going backwards on the station spaces.

The property names on the solid game board are mentioned twice, but now 1x in English and 
1x in Arabic.

The property deeds are white and have a white mortgage back as well.

The Chance and Community Chest cards have rectangular corners, although the paper colors differ.

The hollow green houses and red hotels are of plastic.

Innerbox with attributes.Both the lid and the innerbox are of soft cardboard. The innerbox has 2 white cardboard inserts while the middle section is divided into 7 compartments.
The design of the  7 banknotes is an exact copy of the official Waddington notes, on both sides, however the finish is very poor. They  are printed in black on very thin, transparant colored paper (like in various other Arab sets in these area's) in the denominations  1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500.
There is 1 green and 1 blue die, both with white pips.
The Rules are in English and Arabic. 




Edition: Monopoly Dubai Edition - Print & Play!Dubai edition final design-dec.2006.
Inventor: Woke, on his weblog while in Dubai - Dec.3, 2006
Dimensions of the board: ca. 52 x 52 cm
The game:
Since the board has to be printed out by yourself and you have to make all attributes yourself this is a  "Self to make game".
Woke works in the creative field and was also involved in several real estate projects (marketing and advertising) when he was in Dubai. Hence his Dubai Monopoly venture.
Since Dec.3, 2006 Woke's design is on his weblog in Dubai but it was never completed, because he left for Bangalore, India in 2007. 

Dubai-beta board incl. 4 tokens.Woke (wokeupjustnow@gmail.com) first launched a "Beta release" on August 2, 2006, using an American board even showing the copyright rule under the word Monopoly in black characters in the centre of his board.
This is how he introduced this Beta version:
"The Dubai Edition is finally out. As you can see, the beta version is incomplete and requires your inputs and additions. I am confident we can beat the Ras Al Khaimah edition in terms of gameplay.
As SD (Secret Dubai diary Intrigue and adventure in the United Arab Emirates) said, it is quite impossible to classify Dubai in terms of streets, because they are either unheard of, or they are just called Street 100 A, 100 B etc. Besides my familiarity with the places in Dubai is often limited to the mega projects which will get completed in the next 50 years.
I am also trying to put in a little trivia about each location. Hopefully I will learn something new after completing this dubious excercise:

Naif Road
For a while, I thought Naif is actually ‘knife’ which a gentleman living in Dubai for the last 35 years failed to contradict. 
Later I found that it actually means “mess” in Dublish (Nah, not the Dublin one).
As a spurned lover would say, “You made my life a Naif Road” is a perfect way to end a tragical love story.
Hor Al Anz

My ignorance of Arabic and the local places continued, because the taxi drivers mislead me into thinking it was “Hor lands”. 
This time I didn’t ask them the spelling.

The 4 tokens suggested are: Hybrid Moda (Dubai mascot Modesh) - Ray Banu (typical Emirati woman) - Lost Labourer and Whining Expat.

On Dec.3, 2006 Woke wrote:
"After fiddling with the 'light' beta version of the Monopoly Dubai Edition game, I have decided to have a go at a full working version. This time I have created a completely vector pdf of the board for a start - so that it can be printed on any size and in good quality. 
I am working on the pdf's of the currency and the property cards I hope to finish one day - though it won't be the conventional cards, but a more light hearted version."

Silicon Oasis under constr. -2008.
The properties are from GO onwards: 

Deira - Community Chest - Al Ghusais - Pass by the Burj aj Arab - Etisalat - Satwa - Chance - Karama - Bur Dubai - In Al Wathba Prison - Dubai Festival City - Dewa - International City - Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai Municipality - Dubai Investment Park - Community Chest - Dubai Media & Internet City - Knowledge City - Free Parking - Emirates Hills - Chance - The Gardens - Palm Deira - Dubai Ports World - Dubai Marina - Dubai World Central - Road Transport Authority - Palm Jumeirah - Go to Al Wathba Prison - Business Bay - Burj Dubai - Community Chest - Dubailand - Emirates Airlines - Chance - Palm Jebel Ali + Dubai Waterfront - Illegal Parking and The World Islands.

Currency is DHS = Emirates Dirham



RAK Monopoly board. Edition: Monopoly Ras Al Khaimah
Inventor: Al Sinjab, on his weblog - August 1, 2006
Dimensions of the boad: ca. 52 x 52 cm
The game:
Al Sinjab, born in Bulgaria grew up in the United Arab Emirates. Having seen Woke's Dubai edition on Internet he decided to develop a Ras Al Khaimah edition, however without the intention to materialize the set. So actually this is nothing more than an illustrated idea, but it shows people come to think of making Monopoly games from the place where they live.
This is how he introduced his invention on his blog on August 1, 2006:

"Dubai is getting it's own Monopoly board. Not to be outdone, I made one for Ras Al Khaimah. Unfortunately, road names were introduced after I left, so I don't know what any of them are. Instead, I've used some of RAK's greatest landmarks
Here it is:

From Yella! onwards the properties on the board are:

Gentleman Saloon - Malesh - Happy House Massage - Nakheel Taxis - Immigration - The Punjab - Inshallah - The National
- In Jail - Saqr Park - Etisalat - Digdaga Ostriche Farm - Camel Race Track - Julan Taxis - The Taij Mahal - Malesh - The Grand - Al Nakheel Hotel - image of palms - Yosufs - Inshallah - Al Ruwais - Nesnas - Khozam Taxis - Prince Cafe Shisha - Lebanon Spring Bakery - Etisalat - Al Sahari - Go to Jail - Ras Khamah Hotel - Bin Majid Hotel - Malesh - Hilton Hotel - Mamourah Taxis - Inshallah - Al Hambra Hotel - Dubai Shopping Fest and Ras Al Khaimah Space Port.

RAK Chance card 2.RAK Chance card 1.                         Inshallah Cards (Chance)
- Catch a marlin and sell it at fishmarket. Receive 200 dhs.
                         - Wastafarian hits your car. Pay 1,000 dhs.
                         - Taxi driver thinks you're a prostitute and doubles the price. Pay 10 dhs.
                         - Camel wins race. Receive 10,000 dhs.
                         - Find 100 dhs. on the beach. Wahoo!

Community Chest kaartje 2.                                                                                  Malesh Cards (Community chest)
Community Chest kaartje 1.                         - Buy shishas in old RAK and resell them during summer vacation. Receive 500 dhs.
                         - Dhow trip of Musandam. Pay 200 dhs.
                         - Take tourists for a hike up Jebel Kiwi. Receive 300 dhs.
                         - Spend the day at Saqr Park. Pay 50 dhs.
                         - Spend the night dancing at the filipino disco. Pay 50 dhs.
                         - Ramadan. Receive 100 dhs.
                         - Too much fun at 5 dh tequila night. Go directly to jail.
                         - Human rights activist make you pay your labourers; pay 1,000 dhs for each hotel, 500 for each house."



Dubai edition, 2007.Edition: Monopoly Dubai - Städte-Edition - Quickfunds, in German language, Art.-Nr. 41313
               (Monopoly Dubai - City Edition)
Publisher: Hasbro/Winning Moves/Quickfunds - Köln - Germany - 2007
Dimensions of the box: 27.0 x 40.2 x 5.0 cm
The Game:
(This edition must be one of the first issues having the special mention "Städte-Edition", however in the centre of the game board only.)
The German company Quickfunds is an international investment company, selling and hiring out appartments in Dubai. This Dubai Monopoly edition is a sales promtion item and probably not distributed in Dubai.

The back side of the box tells following story:

"Dubai hat Musik, Dubai hat Leidenschaft, das Emirat verbindet Menschen, es ist der Ort wo Globalisierung tatsächlich stattfindet und Visionen Wirklichkeit werden. (Alexander Gumy)
Um das Ausmaß und Tempo der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung in Dubai zu veranschaulichen, ist ein kurzer Blick auf die jüngere Geschichte notwendig. Über Hundert Jahre lang war Dubai weltberümt für seine Perlenindustrie und seinen Goldhandel, die eine Grundlage für viele Vermögen ihm frühen Dubai gewährleisten konnten. Die indischen Goldpreise lagen höher als der Preis auf dem freien Markt, und viele der heute bedeutenden Händler verdanken ihren Erfolg den Emiratis. Die ursprünglichen Goldsouks kann man noch heute besichtingen, und Gold wird derzeit dank der weltweiten Nachfrage immer noch in Dubai gehandelt. Dubai exportiert inzwischen mehr Gold als irgendein anderes Land der Welt. Doch wie so oft in Dubai führt das Ende einer Ära zur Geburt einer neuen.

Dubais Fortschritte in den letzten Jahren fanden Hand in Hand mit der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung der neuen Freihandelszonen statt und wurden hauptsächlich durch die zukunftsorientierte Perspektive der herschenden Familie inspiriert. Die dynamischen Projekte wurden eingeleitet, mit dem Ziel, aus den Menschen der Region eine sachkundige und informierte Gesellschaft zu schaffen und die Wirtschaft des Landes in eine vom Öl unabhängige Ökonomie zu transformieren."

"Dubai has music, Dubai has passion, the Emirate joins people, it is the place where globalization indeed takes place and visions get realized. (Alexander Gumy)
To illustrate the size and speed of the economic development in Dubai a short view on the recent history will be necessary. More than 100 years Dubai was world famous for its pearl industry and its gold trade, that could guarantee a foundation for fortune in the early days of Dubai. The Indian goldprices were higher than the price on the free market and many of todays traders owe their success to the Emiratis. The original goldsouks can still be visited today and gold is still dealt in in Dubai thanks to the worldwide demand. Meanwhile Dubai is exporting more gold than any other country in the world. However, as often in Dubai the end of an era leads to the birth of a new one.

The progress of Dubai during the last years took place hand in hand with the economic development of the new free-trade zones and were mainly inspired by the future-oriented prospects of the reigning family. Those dynamic projects were introduced with the goal to create a professional and informed society from the people in the region and to transform the country's economy into an oil independent economics.")    

Dubai Los/Go corner.The first Winning Moves city games were issued in Great Britain, later followed by many other countries.
They are all socalled "Authorized Opoly Games", i.a. they are issued under the approval of and in cooperation with Hasbro. 
The prices of the streets and other properties are always the same as those of the standard Hasbro editions.

All editions are made according to the same pattern an the features of this edition are:

The colorfull lid shows under the Monopoly bar a composition of pictures of landmarks of the city, with in perspective
 mid-under the first and last spaces at the left and right of Los/Go corner. 

In the lower right corner are 6 of 10 standard tokens shown, i.e. car - boat - thimble - canon - wheelbarrow and 
rider-on-horse. The other tokens of the set are dog - hat - shoe and iron.

Mr. Monopoly (who was Rich Uncle Pennybags until 2000) with his red bow tie is in the middle O of Monopoly in the red bar.

The back of the solid game board is red.

The Banker's tray is a square tray of red plastic on top of which the double folded game board is placed. 

A second, slightly higher tray of green plastic has 7 slots to store the banknotes during the play.

The back side of the Gemeinschaftskarten is blue and show the treasure chest; the Ereigniskarten have a red back with a red question mark. The spaces for these cards are bilingual (German and English) but the instructions on the cards are in German only.

The propery cards are in German only.

The money consists of 7 neutral Monopoly banknotes, packed in a set of "generic money" with ref.nr. 100645350021.
For this edition the currency of the notes is UAE Dhs = Dirham.

The set is supplied with a socalled property pouch. According to Winning Moves it is to store the houses and hotels. 
However, I think the small, transparant case, also going with the set is better suitable to store them.

The well finished, hollow green plastic houses and red plastic hotels have overhanging roofs and a chimney.

The dice are white and have black pips.

The Rules are in a nice 15 pages booklet but again in German only. The back side is grey and shows the Burj Al Arab. 

Dubai Palm Islands.A few of the instruction on the Gemeinschaftskarten and Ereigniskarten say:

Gehe zurück zu den Arabian Ranches = Go back to the Arabian Ranches

Aus Lagerverkaufen erhältst du DHS 50 = From stock sales receive DHS 50

Rücke vor bis zum Burj Al Arab = Advance to Burj Al Arab

Mache einen Ausflug zum Jebel Ali Bahnhof. Wenn du über Los kommst, ziehe DHS 200 ein
                                                                                                                             Go to Jebel Ali station. If you pass Go collect DHS 200

The properties of this Dubai edition are from Los/Go onwards:

Arabia Ranches - Gemeinschaftsfeld/Community Chest - Emirates Hills - Jebel Ali Bahnhof/Station - Multimedia Souk - Ereignisfeld/Chance - Gewürz/Spice Souk - Gold Souk - Im Gefängnis/In Jail - Port Rashid - Dubai Elektrizitätswerk/Electric Company - Emirates Airlines - Dubai Flughafen/Airport - Deira Bahnhof/Station - Finanz Freihandelszone/Financial Freezone - Gemeinschaftsfeld/Community Chest - Media City - Internet City - Frei Parken/Free Parking - Mercato Mall - Ereignisfeld/Chance - Battuta Mall - Mall of Emirates - Sheikh Zayed Road Bahnhof/Station - City of Arabia - Sports City - Meerwasser Entsalzungs Anlage/Seewater Desalinisation Plant - Dubai Land - Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis/Go to Jail - Palm Jebel Ali - Palm Deira - Gemeinschaftsfeld/Community Chest - Palm Jumeirah - Business Bay Bahnhof/Station - Ereignisfeld/Chance - Burj Dubai and Burj Al Arab.


See also the Monopoly editions issued in the surrounding countries, like Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Oman.



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