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version 2000

versie 2000.


Flag of Ecuador. 

Number of versions: 1

Edition: December 19, 2009

Map of Ecuador.




So far I have got no indication Ecuador ever has had any native versions of Monopoly published or Parker/Hasbro have ever sold their standard Spanish Atlantic City editions in this country. 
In any case the edition described below seems to be (one of the) first Monopoly games in this country.

First Ecuadorian Hasbro edition, 2008.Edition: Monopoly Ecuador, ref.nrs. LA01730 (LA01753 / 2000001743126)
              Juego de Compraventa de Inmuebles, de Parker Brothers ®

              Edición de Colección 
Publisher:Hasbro/Parker - 2008
Dimensions of the box: 40.2 x 26.7x 6.7 cm                                 Diese Version auf deutsch: www.monopoly-wiki.de
The game:
This collector's item is from the collection of Steve Amato - N.Y.          

While in many countries the black, or blue, Parker logo tends to disappear these days from the Hasbro editions this first Monopoly edition is yet introduced in this country showing the American blue Parker logo on the colorfull lid. This also means the game has been produced in America. It almost has the sizes of the standard white boxes of the Parker/Hasbro editions from around the year 2000 in Europe and elsewhere, only 1.5 cm higher. However, its content is that of the standard square green boxes with the third die as it is announced by the yellow sticker on the bottom of the box saying "Juega rápido con el Dado Veloz" (Play faster with the Lucky die). The bottom of the box only shows a large picture of the board with Mr. Monopoly on top and the "introduction story" in a green column. There is no reference to the new interactive ways of playing Monopoly by EA.
From what is written on the bottom of the box it appears this edition to be distributed in Mexico and Chileas well!

The properties are from Salida (Go) onwards:
Península De Santa Elena
- Arca Comunal (Community Chest) - Machala - Impuestos Sobre La Renta (Income Tax) - Aeropuerto Cuenca - Santo Domingo - Casualidad (Chance) - Portoviejo - Manta - En la cárcel/De visit nada más - Plaza de la Independencia - Empresa Electrica - Parque la Carolina -Palacio de Carondelet - Aeropuerto Quito - Panecillo - Arca Comunal - Iglesia DeGuapulo - Parque Itchimbía - Parada Libre - Parque de las Iguanas - Casualidad - Parque Histórico Guayaquil - Malecon 2000 - Aeropuerto Guayaquil - Las Penas - Municipio de Guayaquil - Agua Potable (Represa Paute) - Parque CentenarioVáyase a la cárcel! - Cuenca - Ruinas de Inga-Pirca - Arca Comunal - El Chimborazo - Aeropuerto Manta -Casualidad - Islas Galápagos - Impuestos de Lujo (Luxury Tax) and Mitad del Mundo .

The most striking is the 3rd die, the red socalled Lucky die, making the play faster. However, the game can still be played the "old-fashioned" way, without this additional die.
Two standard white dice and one Lucky die. This die shows the figures 1 - 2 and 3, a bus and 2x Mr. Monopoly. The effect of this Lucky die, together with both white dice is:

1, 2 or 3: Add up this with your throw of the white dice.
Bus: You may choose if you want to move on the basis of one or both white dice.
Mr.Monopoly: Proceed the number of pips of the white dice and carry out what has to be done on that space. Further you go to the next unsold property and buy it or let it be auctioned. If there is no more unsold ground you proceed to the next property of an other player and pay the rent.
At double throw of the white dice the Luck die does not count.
When you throw 3 times one, two or three in 1 throw you may go to a space to choice.
If you are sent to the prison, the Lucky die no longer participates.

Wrong property deed shown in the Rules booklet.Other features of this possible prospective "standard edition" are:

In the white strip of the lid is stated it here concerns a Parker invention of a Family game for players over
8 years
old and a number of players from 2 to 8. 

All 4 rims of the lid show the new rectangular Monopoly red bar.

The innerbox contains a greenish cardboard filling piece showing the red Monopoly bar and Ecuador 
banner as well as a black plastic insert with 7 slots for the banknotes.

The property deeds have the sizes of the European ones: 56x88 mm, while the picture in the Rules booklet
suggest they have the sizes of the American cards: 67x77 mm. 
The fact that this wrong card is shown in the Rules booklet may be an indication there must have been an earlier 
Ecuadorian Parker Monopoly
? By the way: the word Mudo on the small card is wrong, it ought to be Mundo.

The Casualidad and Arca Comunal cards are illustrated with various apparitions of Mr. Monopoly with 
his cane. The instructions on these cards are still the same as over the past 74 years.

The Banknotes are printed in black on colored paper in the denominations: 1 (white) - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50
and 500 $ (= US $). The notes are not stacked in order in the bundle, the 20$ and 50$ have been swapped.

The 8 metal tokens are the usual ones, viz.:  car - wheelbarrow - dog - iron - hat - boat - shoe and thimble.

The hollow plastic houses and hotels are the American ones and have a chimney and an overhanging roof.

The Rules are in a booklet of 12 pages. There is a number on the back. It is 767LA0173000. 

The double folded game board lies unfixed on both inserts of the innerbox and so can move freely.

The game is made in the U.S.



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