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version 2000

versie 2000

Flag of Gibraltar.

 Number of versions: 1

  Edition:  June 24, 2010

Map of Gibraltar.


Gibraltar is a "British Overseas Territory" since 1713, so with no doubt the British Waddingtons Monopoly editions will have been played in Gibraltar from the very start in 1936. 
In 1996 a company Discover Publications (Gibraltar, later International) Ltd. established in Gibraltar and published its first edition Rockopoly. During the following 8 years it published at least another 13 opoly-editions, see GB, and in February 2004 it was dissolved.
Since then Hasbro, nor Winning Moves, seem to have discovered this town yet.

Note: Because of its strategic position Gibraltar was an important port for Allied submarines during  WW II.




Edition: Rockopoly
              "Gibraltar's Own Board Game"
Rockopoly, 1996.Publisher: Discover Publications (Gibraltar) Ltd. - Gibraltar - 1996
Dimensions of the box: 24.0 x 46.0 cm
The game:
Pizza Hut starting point.
This opoly-edition is from Steve Amato's collection.

These opoly-editions are based on company names of sponsors rather than streets in cities. 
The property (Business) prices are the same as those of the game board with the streets of London, so the cheapest Business costs £ 60 and the most expensive one is £ 400. Also the color of their groups are about the same as of the regular Monopoly board.


Features of this edition are:

The lid does not only show an overprint of the game board, but also the cities most known landmark: its rock and a pirate ship.

There is no bankers tray or slots for any of the pieces. Just an empty box.

The midfield of the game board shows a color image of the port and the name Rockopoly on top of it.

The backside of the board is black.

You do not collect 200 when you land on or pass the Pizza Hut/Border Queue space but rather the Speedgear space, 2 spaces past the Border Queue space. 

When you land on the Pizza Hut/Border Queue space you roll only one die and move ahead. 

The mid space of each side is a Star (*) Property, sponsored by a local Business. If you own all 4 the profit is the highest.

When you are sent to the Moorish Castle you have 2 options: To either immediately pay 50 pounds or use a "Get Out of Moorish Castle free" card OR elect to stay in the Moorish Castle and serve your sentence. If you elect to stay in the Moorish Castle you roll the dice on your next 2 turns (rolling doubles you get released and move ahead the number on the dice. On your third turn you must roll the dice and get out but do not pay any money to get out

There are no houses nor hotels. Instead there are 32 shops (12 mm high cylinders) and 12 superstores (look like hotels with a chimney). Both are made of plastic.
You can only buy them at the beginning of your turn.

The 6 tokens are plastic "cylinders with ball on top".

The money is sponsored by the Dutch bank ABN-AMRO, the currency is Rockopoly Pounds. The banknotes are one-sided printed in black on colored paper. 
The denominations are printed in a rhombic space: £ 1 - £ 5 - £ 10 - £ 20 - £ 50 (white) - £ 100 and £ 500.

The use of Loan Cards: Each player is given a Loan Card. You may at anytime borrow 500 pounds from the back and turn your Loan Card face down. When the loan is in effect, you must pay 50 pounds interest each time you land on or pass the Border Queue space until the loan is paid back to the bank.

Each individual space of a group can be mortgaged, only without building. However, the owner may claim the rent, where the amount is that of an unmortgaged space. On the other hand the owner has to pay interest on that property each time he passes Border Queue. The amount is mentioned on the property deed. 

If you have mortgaged properties you must pay rent on them each time you land on or pass the Border Queue space.
There are 2 stacks of 21 cards each situated along side 1 of the game board, underneath the picture. Cards "Pay and Take" are red and the "Take a Gamble" cards (from the Stakis International Casino Club) are blue green.

Both dice are white with black pips.

Gibraltar £20 note.All properties are from Pizza Hut/Border Queue onwards:

Film Team 1 Hour Photo - Speedgear (Collect 200 Each Time You Pass) - Film Team Photographic and Video Specialists - Have a Fun Weekend at the Caleta Palace (Pay 200) - The Cruise Club - Hire-U-Shop - Pay and Take - J.M. Martinez Shop - Bunters Resturant and Cocktail bar -Moorish Castle - Ophir Insurance Services - Gibraltar NYNEX Communications - Hallmark Speciality Cards - Hot Gossip Ladies Fashions - The Cable Car - Burger King -Take a Gamble - Motor Sports -Thomas Cook Worldwide Network -Survival Zone/Free Parking - Gib Sun Club Travel Agency - Pay and Take - Cohen and massias (Gibraltars Leading Jewellers and Watchmakers) - Image Graphics (Xerox) - Calypso Tours - Whatley and Fosdike (Building Contractors Ltd.) - Whatley and Fosdike (24 Hour Emergency Service) -  J. Balban Electric Company Ltd. - Norwich and Peterborough Building Society - Go Directly To Moorish Castle - InterBuild Builders Merchants - - Take a Gamble - Newall (Holdings) Ltd. - Shipping and Stevedoring - Pay and Take - Tagore - You Have Won a Shopping Spree at BH's International Commercial Center (Collect 75) and Saccone and Speed (Gibraltar) Ltd.



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