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version 2000

versie 2000


Flag of Guatemala

Number of versions: 3

  Edition: July 25, 2012

Map of Guatemala.




It does not look like Monopoly has a long history here in Guatemala. I haven't got any indication Parker Brothers' Spanish edition (from 1985) of the American standard Monopoly game (so with the streets of Atlantic City) has ever been published in this country. 
On the other hand it was not until 1980 the inland company Metta started to make and distribute their own Monopoly-like board games Bancopoly in 3 versions:






Bancopoly, editión Aniversario - 2004Edition: Bancopoly, editión Aniversario - Codigo. 0079            
Publisher: Metta Internacional, S.A.- Guatemala - 2004
Dimensions of the box: 58 x 42 cm
The game:
Again a very special edition, discovered by Steve Amato, N.Y. in his search for the first Monopoly games of countries.

The GO corner.The game board is rectangular. It has 8 spaces along the short sides and 12 on the long sides. It folds in three, the sides fold into the middle.
You start at Entrada which is on the left side of the board (where the Jail space is) not on the right side like in Monopoly. And you go up to where the Free Parking is on the regular Monopoly board. 

All properties are from Entrada onwards: 

El Progreso Q70 - Impuestos Sat (Income Tax) Q200 or 10% -  AviaGuat (Guatemala The richly illustrated Rules booklet. Airlines) Q210 -  Huehuetenango Q130 - Saque Cupon (Remove coupon) - Quetzaltenango Q100  - Alta Verapaz Q90 - Carcel (Jail) - Quiché Q150 - INDE (Instituto Nacional De Electrificacion) (Electric Company) Q175 - Izabal Q140 - Chimaltenango Q150 - Fegua (Ferrocarilles de Guatemala) (Guatemalan Railways) Q190 -Retalhuleu Q200 - Bolsa (bag) -Sololá Q170- Escuintla Q190 - San Marcos Q230   Saque Cupon - ¡Descanso Gratis! (Free Rest - Chiquimula Q200 - Baja Verapaz Q250 - Flomerca (Flota Mercante Centroamericana) (Central Merchant Fleet) Q210 - Zacapa Q270 - Totonicapán Q280 - Empagua (Empresa Municipal De Agua) (Water Works) Q175 - Guatemala Q250 - ¡Váyase a la Carcel! (Go to Jail) - Santa Rosa Q310-- SacatepéQuez Q310  - BolsaSuchitepéQuez Q300 - Extra (Transporte Extraurbano) (Suburban transport) Q190 - Cupon - Jalapa Q390 - Impuestos Sat (Income Tax) Q80 - Jutiapa Q390 - Petén Q50 and Bolsa.

An example of a title deed.Other features of this game are: 
The currency of the money in this game is the same as the official Guatemala 
one, viz. the Quetzal = Q.
The banknotes are 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500 white.
The names of the properties are those of the departments of the country, 
shown in a column on the board as well as on the map next to the column. 
The map is on the axes of the degree of latitude and longitude.
The houses and hotels are green and red and made of wood.
The tokens are thick, round, wooden discs of various colors. There are 6: 
, blue, red, green, brown and black.
The Chance and Community Chest cards are replaced by Bolsa (17 each) 
and Cupon (18 each) cards. 
There is a Rules booklet that comes with the game. But the Rules are also |
printed on the back of the box
The dice are large and made of wood with gold pips.



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