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version 2000

versie 2000.


Iraq flag

Number of versions: 2

Edition: March 13, 2004

With thanks to Mohamed Boukhalifa - NL for his translations of the Arabic.

As far as is known so far, and as to be expected, there has never been issued a Parker Brothers/Hasbro "authorized" edition in this country. It is anyhow astonishing that this originally American game is played in a country that is so obviously anti-America.

Lid and innerbox with attributes of Bagdad Game 1086..Edition: Baghdad Game - Monopoly, entry number 15880/5/12
Publisher: Doudabdulrahim Works - 1986        
Dimensions of the box: 51 x 27.5 cm
The game:
Randy and Yulia Liebermann from Virginia - USA are the proud owners of this interesting edition.
I guess everybody does recognize the little guy on a flying carpet and the oillamp from the fairy tale "Alladin and the lamp" on the left side of the lid as well as the Monopoly-like banknotes at the right. Less striking are those 2 dice showing 3 and 5, clearly copied from the standard editions of Parker Brothers and Hasbro since 1985.

The graphically good-looking box contains the solid, folding pressed paperboard game board whose green cloth backing is similar to the type of material used by a book binder. Although there are deviations from the standard "authorized" editions, like:

no game board spaces with railroad company names, instead the following 4 Baghdad hotels 
are listed: Ishtar Sheraton - Al-Mansour Mella - Babylon and Al Rasheed, each with its 
distinctive corporate logo at the top of the appropriate game board space.

the old man on the Jail corner, rather than a rascal behind bars.

new destinations for the "Income tax" - "Electric Company" - "Water works" and "Luxury tax" 
spaces, which are here resp.: Dharebet Emlek (= Property Tax)  - Djazira Bagdad Sijaha (= Bagad Tourist Island) - El Zjaniya  and Dharebet Daghel (= Income Tax).

Bagdad Game from 1986.there are many examples of Parker Brothers' identical presentations like:

the cards spaces are also next to corner 1 and 3.

the blue treasure chest (which is now Games Chest) and the red question mark (however with square dot) for Had (= Chance).

the red car with white tires on the Intidar Mazani (= Free Parking) corner.

the pointing policeman with wistle (however in black instead of blue).

Although most of the properties on the game board are streets indeed, there are some strange ones like, Ministry, Salesman and Customer. 
From Start onwards (where you collect 200 Dinar) the properties are respectively:

Hai Khahera (= Khahera street) - Hai Shar (= Public street)

Kanoun Raribetou (= Gerechtshof) - Beyaha (=Salesman) - Shareaa Senaha (= Industry street)

Bagdad Zsedida (= New Bagdad) - Zebounah (= Customer) - Medina Marmouk (= Marmouk Town)

Shareaa Philisten (= Palestine street) - Ouaziria (= Ministry) - Shareaa  Cefa (= Cefa street)

Aalaija - Shareaa Zeria (= Zeria street) - ?

? - Shareaa Goulafeh (= Goulafeh street) - Sahat Teherir (= Teherirs place)

Shareaa Aladoun (= Aladoun street) - Shareaa Al Rasheed (= Al Rasheed street) - Shareaa Abinazes (= Abinazes street)

Mansour - Alzahria.

The innerbox contains 16 slots to store: 

7 banknotes (60x102 mm), in the denominations: Dinar 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500

the 36 green plastic houses and 12 red hotels. 

the 16 pink-backed Chance (= Had) and 16 blue-backed Games Chest (= Sandok Aleuba) cards. 

the very small (8x8x8 mm) white dice with black markings except for the "one" dot on each die which is very large and red

the 28 circular, transparent plastic sheet over printed paper on metal "badges" (diam. 55 mm), which represent the property deeds. Six of these  are white in color with black printing, representing the 4 hotels and the 2 utilities, while 22 colored "badges" correspond with the rest of the properties.

the 6 tokens, smaller (diam. 36 mm) circular pieces in different solid color. They are made in the same fashion as the property deeds. 

The Had- and Sandok Aleuba cards do also have essentially the same texts as in the Parker design, like:

Advance to Start and collect 200 Dinar.

Advance to hotel Al-Mansour Mella. If you pass Start, collect 200 Dinar.

The Rules are in a nice booklet, illustrated with a picture of the lamp and the now laughing guy with a sack full of banknotes on his vagabond staff.

Bagdad Game of ▒1989..Edition: Baghdad Game - Monopoly, without ref.nr.
Publisher: Doudabdulrahim Works? - ▒1989        
Dimensions of the box: 51 x 27.5 cm
The game:
This set is owned by Clive Barnard - UK. It was bought in 1989 by a Daily Telegraph Middle East correspondent in Baghdad on one of his visits to Iraq.
(It is a pity the lid of the box is damaged by a light brown tape.)

The differences compared to the 1986 issue are:

  1. The front box cover picture of the little boy with the money falling out of the sack has a white background instead of green.

  2. The board's back is brown with many illustrations.

  3. The property cards are rectangular pieces of card rather than round discs.

  4. The color of the banknotes differ. The denominations are : Dinar 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500

  5. The Had- and Sandok Aleuba cards are both blue green.

  6. This edition has 2 sets of dice, one very small (white) and one larger ivory colored set.


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