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version 2000

versie 2000.


Luxemburg flag.

  Number of versions: 1

   Edition: August 19, 2002

The Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg has its own Monopoly game since 2000. However, it is a new design from Parker/Hasbro. The streets are from 22 cities of this small country, in addition to which these cities are named in Luxemburgian.

From Start onwards the spaces are resp.:

Op der Maartplaatz/Iechternach - Gemeinschaftsfeld (= Community Chest) - Grand-rue/Wolz - Akommessteier (= Income Tax) - Luxembourgeois (CFL)  (= Station) - Route d'Arlon - Ereegnesfeld (= Chance) - Rue du Village/Jonglënster - Tréiererstrooss/Nidderaanven - Am Prisong/Nëmmen op Besuch (= In Jail/Just Visiting) - Esplanade/Dikrech - Elektrizitéitswierk - Route d'Esch/Monnerech - Lëtzebuergerstrooss/Nidderkäerjeng - Westgare  - Rue du Nord/Walfer - Gemeinschaftsfeld - Rue du Marché/Mamer - Place de l'Eglise/Miersch - Fräi Parken (= Free Parking) - Friddenplatz käl/Téiteng - Ereegnesfeld - Avenue des Alliés/Ettelbréck - Rue Basse/Schëffleng - Nordgare - Route de Mondorf/Beetebuerg - Rue de la Montagne/Hesper - Wasserwierk (= Water Works) - Rue du Chteau/Suessem - Gitt an de prisong (= Go to Jail) - Rue de l'hôtel de ville/Péiteng - Rue du Commerce/Diddeleng - Gemeinschaftsfeld - Avenue de la Liberté/Déifferdéng - Ostgare - Ereegnesfeld - Uelzechtsstrooss/Esch-Uelzecht - Zousazsteier (= Super Tax) and Boulevard Royal/Lëtzebuerg.


The first Luxemburg Monopoly edition-2000.Edition: Editioun Lëtzebuerg, ref. 100014534618
Publisher: Parker/Hasbro Inc. - S.A.Hasbro N.V. - 2000
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.2 x 6.5 cm
      of the folded board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm
The game:
Great  care was bestowed on the design of this first Luxemburgian 
Monopoly edition by T.F.L.Games in Deventer - The Netherlands. (see http://www.tfl.nl) Although it reminds in the first instance of the Winning Moves city games as they are issued in a number of European countries there are however big differences like:

The overall presentation in refined blue is much more luxurious than the always cheap looking WM boxes in  hard 
dark blue-
with-red-frame and a nasty white bottom.
The red Monopoly bar with the nice shadow effect and Mr.Monopoly with red bow tie (until 2000 he was called Rich Uncle 
Pennybags) is already as it is applied on all standard Parker/Hasbro editions as from 2001.
The WM editions have 6 tokens on the lid's left bottom corner, whereas this box shows only 5. The boat fails.
The beautiful composition of the lid comes back on the game board's midfield.
The back of the board is black.
The banker's tray consists of a one-piece dark blue plastic tray, instead of one red and one green part.
Like with the WM editions the bottom of this box shows the whole game board, however on a nice background picture and with the red Monopoly bar.
This edition is made in Ireland ("An Irland gemaach"). 

On the game board the Ereegnesfeld cards with nice red back are as usual near the Start corner while the Gemeinschaftsfeld cards with their nice blue back are near the Free Parking corner.
The money consists of 48 plastic € 1 coins and reduced copies of the real Euro-banknotes (48x92 mm). However, they are unilateraly printed and are all provided with the mention "Draft banknote design © European Monetary Institute, 1997/European Central Bank, 1998". The only 6 denominations are resp.:  5 -10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500.
The 10 tokens are of light metal and are the well-known: hat - shoe - car - boat - dog - wheelbarrow - rider-on-a-horse - thimble - iron and canon. 
The green houses and red hotels are of non-transparant plastic and have all an overhanging roof with an excentric chimney.
Both dice are white with black pips. 

The price of this very special edition amounted to € 56,- in March 2002 in Luxemburg city.


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