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version 2000

versie 2000.



  Number of versions: 5

  Edition: May 8, 2005

With thanks to Jan den Braver - NL for passing these games on to me.

Macedonia map.


Up till today Parker Brothers/Hasbro has not (yet?) published their version of Monopoly in Macedonia. 
However various Monopoly versions are available in this country and not only of inland manufacture.







Monopol - Monopoly - Maslar.Edition:Monopol - Monopoly 
Publisher: Design by Maslar - ±2000
Dimensions of the box: 25 x 35 x 4. 5 cm
The game:
The soft game board (47 x 47 cm) is folded two times and has as many spaces as the well known Monopoly. Its presentation however, deviates considerably. So the midfield shows Monopoly two times: 1x in for us readable Latin alphabet and 1x in  Cyrilic.
The colored bars of the spaces are situated at the bottom, while the names are written "upside down".
The picture on the lid as well as on the board's midfield shows the world known buildings: N.Y.'s Liberty Statue and Empire State Building - London's Tower Bridge - Paris' Eifel Tower and Sydney's Opera House, to show this monopoly-like game to be internationally orientated.

All spaces are from CTAPT (start) onwards:

Toronto - Super Bingo - New York - Chance - Airline SAS - Moscow - Surprise - London - Paris - Jail - 
Dubrovnik - Tinex - Venetia - Ohrid - Airline Quantas - Athens - Chance - Rome - Cairo - Free Parking - Taiwan - Surprise - Malta - Cyprus - Airline MAT - Tokio - Peking - Vero Supermarket - Sydney - Go to Jail - Las Vegas - Monte Carlo - Chance - Casablanca - Airline Air France - Bitola - Chance - Tax and Skopje.

There are 16 Chance- and 16 Surprise cards (56x81 mm), the instructions on which differ from the Parker/Hasbro Monopoly, f.e.:

Study costs for education in Taiwan 10,000.
Restitution from the bank due to bankrupcy 15,000.
Won horseraces. You receive 15,000.
Gambled on Formula 1. You lost 10,000.

All components are free inside the innerbox. The bottom is unprinted.
There are but 5 banknotes (50x80 mm) of different denomination without any currency, each having its own symbol. They are one sided color printed on white paper: 500 (bike) - 1.000 (motorbike) - 10.000 (car) and 50.000 (racingcar).There are 32 kind of houses and 12 kind of translucent white hotels. The 5 tokens are pillar shaped color plastic pawns.
Both dice are white with black pips.
The Rules consist of 1 single sheet of A4 paper, one sided printed.



Oblong blue box, ±2000.Edition: Monopoly, blue box, without ref.number
Publisher:"Europlastic" - Skopje - ±2000
Dimensions of the box: 21.5 x 36.5 cm
       of the game board: 41.8 x 63.8 cm
The game:
Because of the fact that this issue from "Europlastic" has not yet a barcode ref. it must be at least slightly older than the square red box with bar code ending with 077035.

On the oblong game board are 12 spaces on the long side and only 8 on the short side, so 40 altogether, like in the Parker/Hasbro editions. It is folded twice with the playing side outwards.
The properties are Macedonian cities and cities from Macedonia enclosing countries, distributed over the game board in color groups of two, three and four. In about the middle of each side is a Fast Food instead of a railway station.
All spaces are from Ctapt (Start) onwards:
Tirana - ! - M. Prespa - Bingo - Fast Food - Beograd - ? - Vranje - Sophia - Radio - Lazaropole - Zoo -
Doyran - Atena - Fast Food - Sveti Naum - ! - Kustendil - P.Shapka - P(arking) - Solun - Kumanovo - ? - Mavrovo - Strumica - Fast Food - Veles - Stip - TV - Property Tax - Struga - Zatvor (Jail) - Bitola - ! - Ohrid - Fast Food - ? - Prilep and Skopje.

It is not clear what the meaning of those relaxation spaces (Bingo - Radio - TV) is. All cards are very poor and small: the property cards are 48x55 mm, the ! and ? cards 25x60 mm.
The 4 banknotes of unknown currency are one sided color printed on white paper and all differ in length: 100 (46x87 mm) - 1.000 (48x82 mm) - 10.000 (47x87 mm) and 50.000 (48x83 mm). They bear the notations "Europlastic Monopoly" and "Made in Macedonia". There are but 4 plastic pawns for tokens.
There are only 22 houses (?) in different colors (brown, red, blue, purple and green) as well as but 10 hotels (?), also in different colors (blue, yellow, green, red and brown). I suppose these different colors have nothing to do with the game and are only a question of careless production. 
One of the dice is blue green the other one dark green with red pips.
The Rules are printed on the bottom.



Monopoly published by Europlastic-Skopje, red box.Edition:Monopoly, small red box, bar code 077035
Publisher: "Europlastic" - Skopje - ±2000
Dimensions of the box: 22 x 22 cm
       of the game board: 40.8 x 40.8 cm
The game:
This edition is basically the same as the one in the blue box, but now with a square game board with 10 spaces per side. This brings the Fast Food
spaces on precisely the middle of each side. Still the design of the board 
has endured some other changes, like:

The third red property, Beograd, is the first in the light brown group now.
The last 2 spaces before Zoo are now situated after Zoo but at the same time exchanged. This also includes that property 
entered into  the yellow group, so becoming a 3-spaces group.
In the dark green group after P the Chance ? has put one space backwards as did the Fast Food so bringing Strumica into the blue group.  
The TV space has put one space backwards, Property Tax has been moved from space 30 to space 38. 
The city of Struga changed color and became dark blue in the same time this group making a group of 3 spaces.
The Jail-corner lost its name, as did the Start space.

All property, ! and ? cards, as well as the banknotes, 4 tokens and both dice are exactly the same as those of the blue box. And so are the houses and hotels, i.e. they are both in various colors but their numbers differ. There are 23 houses in this edition and 13 hotels, what makes me saying that the manufacturer is somewhat careless in the finishing of his games.
The Rules are printed on the bottom.



Chinees falcification, ref. 21118.Edition: Chin.-Arab. falcification, Item No.21118
Publisher:Biser Import - Ohrid - ±2000
Dimensions of the box: 24.0 x 48.4 cm
The game:
It is not clear to me why this poor Chinese - Arab falcification is imported into Macedonia by Biser. 
The box at a first glance gives the impression of being an official Parker/Hasbro edition in the Arab language, because of the red Monopoly bar with the translation into Arab on top of it.

But what a disappointment at a closer look! This Chinese product is a pure mixing up of many Waddingtons and Parker designs of Monopoly:

The square picture used for the double picture on the lid is stolen from the bottom of the European editions with 
ref.nr.14535 from 1996/1997.
The board sides 2 and 4 alongside the pictures suggest to be from the American game board, since the property names 
of that board are mentioned, but the illustrations used are not correct.
All 4 rims of the lid show the red Monopoly bar with the green players/ages bar as Waddingtons used to use.
Both long rims of the lid also show a kind of what I call "a collection of attributes" picture,  the illustration used on the lid of the editions with ref. nr. 06951 from the early 1990th.
The soft glossy paper game board with a white back and a green play-side has the London properties, according to the Waddingtons design, i.e. the green locomotives on the station fields.

Remarkable points of the design of this game board are:

The light brown streets just  before Free Parking are as yellow as the official yellow streets.
There is of course no mention at all of any copyright underneath the word Monopoly in open characters in de middle of the board.
Both stack places for the Chance and Community Chest cards are illustrated with Micky Mouse, as we have seen before.
The red car of the Free Parking corner has red tires instead of white ones.

All property cards are supplied with the game in two A4 sheets, one with 16 cards with brown mortgaged backs and the other one with 16 blue mortgaged backs. They also contain 2 Joker cards and 2 spare Title deed cards. The frames used for the cards on both sheets differ. All cards are randomly numbered.
The rent for the unimproved Piccadilly is £ 24, being £ 2 higher than of the other 2 streets of this group.
The Chance cards are on one purple A4 sheet, the Community Chest cards on a yellow one.
The money consists of 7 copied Monopoly banknotes printed in black on one sided colored paper. The denominations are: 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500.
There are 6 chess pawns for tokens. There are but 29 houses and 14 hotels.
Both dice are of course those white Chinese ones with the red dot for one.

There are no Rules supplied with the set.

This set was "Made in China".



Monopolly, ±2000.Edition: Monopolly - Monopoli
Publisher: Unknown inland manufacturer - ±2000
Dimensions of the box: 22 x 32 cm
The game:
This inland made edition differs importantly from the above described mainly in that all spaces on the game board are bilingual: Macedonian and English. Unfortunately all other texts on the property deeds, cards and Rules are in Macedonian only.
The properties represents cities and landmarks from all over the world.

From Start onwards all spaces are:

Istanbul - Chance - Jerusalem - Penalty - Subway South Station - Casablanca - Surprise - Dubai - Bankok - Prison - Cabul - Bingo - Bombay - Beijing - Subway West Station - Hong Kong - Chance - Taipei - Seoul - P(arking) - Cairo - Bomb - Luxor - Assuan - Subway North Station - Kenia - Nepal - Surprise - Korab - Lion head - Lazaropole - Pataya - Chance - Canary Islands - Subway East Station - Surprise - Moscow - Control and Tokyo.

In the structure of the spaces of this edition are some remarkable points:

Rather than color bars for the property groups the whole spaces are colored.
The Jail space shows two bound hands instead of a man behind bars.
"Water Works" is Bomb here and changed place with the Surprise space of this 3rd side.
The "Go to Jail"corner shows a Lion Head on top a red tie.
The Chance (represented by a safe) stack on the midfield is not near Start but next to the P(arking) corner.
The centre of all spaces have a different colored circle per side of the board.

The small (50x60 mm) property deeds as well as the tiny (30x55 cm) Chance and Surprise cards have one white side and an unprocessed back.
The banknotes are only 4 in number and are one sided printed in the same color blue green. Only a line pattern differ for each denomination. These are: 100 - 1.000 - 10.000 and 50.000 denar.
There are only 4 chess pawn shaped tokens of colored plastic.
The 20 blue houses and 10 mahogany hotels must have been moulded in the same press because they are of the same size.
There is but 1 white die with red pips with this edition.
The Rules are printed at the bottom.

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