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version 2000

versie 2000.


Number of versions: 2 

Edition: February 8, 2009

Map of Malta.

Malta is the largest island of a group of 7 in the Mediterranean Sea,  together forming the Republic of Malta. The other 2 large islands are Gozo and Comino.
Around the year 870 Malta was taken in possession by islamic Arabs and in 1091 by the Vikings. 
As from 1565 the meanwhile more christian island came in possession of the Maltese Knights. They built large settlements in amongst others Valletta, Mdina and Rabat on Gozo. From 1800 till 1964 Malta was a British colony and in 1974 it became a republic. In 2004 the country joined the European Union and on Januaru1,2008 the Euro was introduced. 

During W.W. II Malta was heavilly bombed and shooted by the German Luftwaffe, particularly during the Siege of Malta.The British King awarded the island a high decoration for bravery, the George Cross. This George Cross also appears in the upper hoist corner of the flag and in the Coat of arms.




Version: Monopoly Malta - Country Edition, Art.Nr. 41375 
Publisher: Hasbro/Winning Moves/gamebox Ltd. - dec.2008
Dimensions of the box:  27.0 x 40.2 x 5.0 cm
The game:

This is the first Monopoly edition ever published on Malta. It has the special mention "Country Edition", however in the centre of the game board only. 
The Maltese people got the opportunity to choose the best out of three pictures for the box cover. 
It was Rene Rossignaud who was commissioned by gamebox ltd to take all the photography of the Maltese Islands for a selection to be featured.
The three final options (from the selection of photos) for the front cover were shortlisted by a panel of judges and consisted of: Valletta waterfront on lid?


Valletta Waterfront (by night) 
This image was shortlisted due to the historical value of the waterfront together with a modern touch, as well as the fact that a very large 
portion of  tourists land at the waterfront through cruise liners. The waterfront is also part of Malta’s historical capital city whilst showing 
the sea as part of Malta’s assets.

L-Imnajdra Temples on lid?L-Imnajdra Temples
They one of the oldest structures in the world, older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge. In 1992, L-Mnajdra, together with Hagar Qim, 
Ta’Hagrat, Ta’Skorba and Tarxien Temples were declared by UNESCO as world heritage sites joining Ggantija in Malta’s prestigious 
list which was listed in 1980. L-Imnajdra therefore presents an impeccable representation of the Maltese historical value.

The Malta Cross on a flag 
Malta Cross on sail on lid? Again, the Maltese Cross was chosen due to it’s historical value to Malta. Inherited by the Maltese in the 15th Century from the Sovereign 
Military Order of Malta also known as the Knights of St.John, the cross represents Loyalty, Piety, Frankness, Bravery, Glory and Honour, 
Contempt of Death, Helpfulness towards the poor and sick and Respect for the church; a symbol which the Maltese ancestors have earned 
during the Great Siege in 1565.

Sabrina Mulligan, Director of gamebox Ltd., reports: "The result was overwhelming, over with 80% of votes in favor of L-Imnajdra Temples. The public has spoken! This front cover will be there for the next 25 years, by when the producers will have the opportunity to change this image, should circumstances be different then."
Michel Matschoss, Managing Director of Winning Moves - D remarks: "Monopoly Malta is surely one of our most exciting projects this season." 

Malta edition, Art.Nr. 41375The back side of the box tells following story:

"Monopoly now finds its home in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with the idyllic Malthese Islands. Malta is one of the 27 European Union member states, having joined in 2004 and adopting the Euro in 2008. You can now enjoy playing the classic game buying and selling the Maltese and Gozitan Localities that give the Maltese Islands their unique and positively mythic character. The genuine friendliness the Maltese are known for welcomes you to a country with exquisite historical wealth dating back 7000 years, blended with a modern lifestyle, superbly sunny weather, expansive beaches and a thriving nightlife. The narrow meandering streets of their towns and villages are crowded with Renaissance cathedrals and Baroque palaces and as the countryside is dotted with the oldest known human structures in the world, including UNESCO World Heritage sites and grand palaces, the Islands have rightly been described as an open-air museum. The long relationship between the Islanders and the various nationalities that have occupied Malta over the centuries has created a marriage of styles and traditions, giving the Islands a facinating eclectic culture."

The first Winning Moves city games were issued in Great Britain, later followed by many other countries.
They are all socalled "Authorized Opoly Games", i.a. they are issued under the approval of and in cooperation with Hasbro. 
The prices of the streets and other properties are always the same as those of the standard Hasbro editions.

All editions are made according to the same pattern an the features of this edition are:

The colorfull lid shows under the Monopoly bar an impressive picture of L-Imnajdra Temples, with in perspective mid-under the first and last spaces at the left and the right of IBDA.

In the lower right corner are 6 of 10 standard tokens shown, i.e. car - boat - thimble - canon - wheelbarrow and rider-on-horse. The other tokens of the set are dog - hat - shoe and iron.

Mr. Monopoly (who was Rich Uncle Pennybags until 2000) with his red bow tie is in the middle O of Monopoly in the red bar.

The back of the solid game board is red.

The Banker's tray is a square tray of red plastic on top of which the double folded game board is placed. 

A second, slightly higher tray of green plastic has 7 slots to store the banknotes during the play.

The back side of the Is-Senduq (Community Chest) cards is blue and show the treasure chest; the Ix-Xorti (Chance) cards have a red back with a red question mark. 
Both the instructions on the cards as well as the text on the spaces for these cards are bilingual (Maltese and English).

The property cards are in Maltese only but that will bring no troubles because it are only the figures that count.

The money consists of banknotes of 7 neutral Monopoly notes, packed in a set of "generic money" with ref.nr. 100645350021.
For this edition the currency of the notes is Euro ().

The set is supplied with a socalled property pouch. According to Winning Moves it is to store the houses and hotels. 
However, I think the small, transparant case, also going with the set is better suitable to store them.

The well finished, hollow green plastic houses and red plastic hotels have overhanging roofs and a chimney.

The dice are white and have black pips.

There are 2 Rules booklets of 15 pages, one for each language. In the English version page 14 serves as a quick translated reference tool for the property deeds, while it is unused in the Maltese version. The back side of both booklets show all properties in a row and the name of the publisher in large characters.

A few of the Ix-Xorti and Is-Senduq cards say:

Xtrajt rigal tat-tieġ lill-kuġina. Ħalles €20. =  Buy your cousin's wedding gift. Pay €20.

Mur In-Nadur. Jekk Tgħaddi minn fuq "IBDA" ħu €200. = Advance to 'In-Nadur'. If you pass "Go" collect €200.

Tat-taxxa jagħtuk lura €50 bħala benefattur tal-YMCA. = Receive a tax refund of €50 as a YMCA benefactor.

Ħallas €100 biex terfa' L-vara Tal-Festa. = Pay €100 to carry the 'Festa' statue.

The properties of this Malta edition are from IBDA/Go onwards:

L-Imsida - Is-Senduq/Community Chest - Ħaż-żabbar - IL-Port Tal-Imġarr - Marsaskala - Ix-Xorti/Chance - Ħal Qormi - Marsaxlokk - Il-Ħabbs/In Jail - Il-Mosta - Tad-Dawl/Electric Company - Birkirkala - In-Naxxar - Ix-Xatt Tal-Belt - Victoria - Is-Senduq/Community Chest - Ħaż-żebbuġ - IL-Birgu - Free Parking/Tipparkja B'xejn - IL-Mellieħa - Ix-Xorti/Chance - Ħal Għargħur - In-Nadur - Ix-Xatt Tal-Kottonera - San Ġiljan - Tas-Sliema - Tal-Ilma/Water Works - Ħal Balzan - Go to Jail/Mur-IL-Ħabs - Portomaso - Tigné - Is-Senduq/Community Chest - IL-Wardija - IL-Port IL-Kbir - Ix-Xorti/Chance - Valletta and L-Imdina.  

The first edition of 5,000 copies published in December 2008 was immediately sold out so time for a new order!
The price of this set was € 60 at the introduction.



Mini Junior edition of McDonald's - 2009.Edition: McDonald's Promotion Junior edition M happy meal, no ref.nr.
Publisher: Hasbro/McDonald's/IPLPerseco GmbH-D - Jan. 2009
Dimensions of the box: 13.0 x 13.0 x 2.6 cm
      of the paper board:  29.6 x  41.9 cm
The game:
For a promotion activity McDonald's gave a Mini Junior Monopoly set away in many European countries and probably on Malta as well.

Because of the very small box the paper game board has to be folded 4 times. The game is somewhat simplified compared to the regular Junior editions, in such a way that:

The long sides of the board have 8 spaces instead of 10; the short sides have the same number, so 6 spaces.
The properties have no names; there is even no wording on the Start space.
Instead of stations in the middle of the sides these spaces are a kind of Chance field where Mr.Monopoly shows a -2 or +2 banknote.
The "Café corner" now is Restaurant Lounge, to which you are sent from the McDonald's corner, for what you must pay 3 pieces of Monopoly Money to the "Mr. Monopoly's Money Corner" (= Fortune corner).
There is no question of "ticket booths", but houses of the same color as your token. Such a house on your property shows it is yours. Players that land on your property have to pay you the same amount for rent as you'd paid for the purchase!
The 4 tokens have to be pressed out a small cardboard; there is even no wording on the Start space card and represent: a car - shoe - dog and hat, instead of 4 plastic cars of these 4 colors.
There are only banknotes of one "Monopoly Money", instead of 5 ranging from 1 to 5.
The die is replaced by a spinner.

The moment a player runs out of money the game has ended. All other players total their money and the player with the most money wins.

This set was "Made in China."




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