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version 2000

versie 2000


 Number of versions: 1

  Edition: July 8, 2012

Map of Monaco.



The Principality of Monaco borders on France and the Mediterranean. The tiny principality has an area of 1.96 square kilometers and has 32 ​​796 (2008) inhabitants. Thus, it is the most populous country in the world. Monaco was born on 8 January 1297. 
Although Monaco sandwiched by the European Union, the country is not a member of the EU.





Box and game board of the Monaco edition.Edition: Monopoly - Monaco - rectangular box, ref.210981010
Publisher: Winning Moves - Parker Brothers/Hasbro - 2009
Dimensions of the box: 27.0 x 40.0 x 5.5 cm
The game:
Steve Amato from N.Y. found another first edition of a country namely the one of this tiny city-state Monaco

All Winning Moves editions use to show pictures of the concerning city on the cover of the box as well as on the center of the game board. Besides they publish a short historical description of the place on the bottom of the box.

About Monaco it says: 

"The prosperity of Monaco is going forth from François Blanc, the wizard of Monte-Carlo, who got a consession for 50 years on the playhouse, the famous Societé des Bains de Mer. Right from the start the various institutions of S.B.M. (hotels, casino, theater) attract a crowd of tourists. Later, the economic boom of the principality was accompanied by sumptuous urbanic changes around the casino, an area which became known as Monte Carlo. Today, Monaco is still dreaming: the magnificent decor of the Rock, the Belle Epoque villas, its Californian architecture, its beautiful gardens and of course the destiny of the unique princely family.
Since the accession to the throne of Prince Rainier III in 1949, the Ruler is attached to the development of industry, tourism, scientific research, sports and culture. Monaco so becomes a business center with high-tech industry, arts and culture, far surpassing the traditional image of upscale tourism resort and paradise of the game.
At the death of Prince Rainier III in April 2005, his son Prince Albert ascended the throne.
Throughout the world, he embodies the environmental cause, and sustainable development assuring the international influence of his small country."    

The first Winning Moves city games were issued in Great Britain, later followed by many other countries.
The prices of the streets and other properties are always the same as those of the standard Hasbro editions.

All editions are made according to the same pattern, the features of this edition being:

Mr. Monopoly (who was Rich Uncle Pennybags until 2000) with his red bow tie comes no longer out the middle O of Monopoly in the red bar. 
He now wears his silvery M logo instead of the red bow tie and reaches you his hand leaning on the red bar. 

The back of the solid game board is black.

The Banker's tray is a square tray of red plastic on top of which the double folded game board is placed.

A second, slightly higher tray of green plastic has 7 slots to store the banknotes during the play.

The white dice on the lid of the box show 6 and 3.

The back side of the Caisse de Communauté (Community Chest) cards is blue and show the treasure chest; the Chance cards have a red back 
with the question mark in 3 different colors on the spaces of the board.

The money consists of banknotes of 7 neutral Monopoly notes, packed in a set of "generic money". The currency is Monopoly dollars, symbol: 
M with 2 hor.lines. The notes are printed in black on colored paper in the nominations:10k (white) - 50k - 100k - 200k - 500k - 1M and 5M

The 10 tokens are car - boat - thimble - canon - wheelbarrow - rider-on-horse - dog - hat - shoe and iron.

The set is supplied with a socalled property pouch. According to Winning Moves it is to store the houses and hotels.
However, I think the small, transparant case, also going with the set is better suitable to store them.

The well finished, hollow green plastic houses and red plastic hotels have overhanging roofs and a chimney.

The dice are white and have black pips.

All properties are from Départ onwards:

Boulevard Charles lll - Caisse de Communauté - Rue Plati - Impot Sur Le Revenu - Heliport de Monaco - Boulevard D'Italie,- Chance - Rue Princesse Caroline - Square Theodore Gastaud - Prison - Boulevard Princesse Charlotte - Compagnie de Distribution d'Électricité - Place D' Armes - Rue Grimaldi - Port Hercule - Quai Antoine 1er - Caisse de Communauté - Boulevard Rainier lll - Boulevard du Jardin Exotique - Parc Gratuit - Rue du Colonel Bellando de Castro - Chance - Avenue d'Ostende - Boulevard Albert 1er - Port du Fontvieille - Boulevard de Suisse - Place Du Casino - Compagnie de Distribution des Eaux -  Avenue des Ligures - Allez en Prison - Allees des Boulingrins - Boulevard des Moulins - Caisse de Communauté - Avenue des Beaux Arts - Gare de Monaco - Chance - Avenue Princesse Grace - Taxe De Luxe and Place du Palais

The game is made in Ireland.



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