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version 2000

versie 2000.


 Number of versions: 1

  Edition: December 4, 2006

Map of Nigeria.

In 1901 Nigeria was made a British protectorate and remained under the control of Britain until its independence in 1960.
It is therefore imaginable that Waddingtons editions, with the board of London, have been circulating in this country.
Most probably the under described Nigerpoly game is the first and only one ever issued Monopoly in this African country. 
Parker Brothers/Hasbro may follow many years later.



Nigerpoly-1987.Edition: Nigerpoly
              Registered Trade Mark
Publisher: Shadsey Nigeria Ltd. - 1987
Dimensions of the box: 31.2 x 18.5 x 2.6 cm
                  of the board: 30.3 x 30.5 cm
The game:
This edition is from the collection of Harry Hardonk - NL.

On the game board the Shadsey company explicitly states "The design of the game board, pieces and the name Nigerpoly, are the trade marks of Shadsey Nig. Ltd."
This statement therefore asks to compare this interesting game with the well-known Parker design.

Similarities to the Parker design:

The number of spaces as well as their distribution over the game board is the same.
Although you do receive 200 Naira over Go and the (petrol) stations cost 200 Naira the prices of other properties differ.
The properties can have 4 houses or one hotel and can be mortgaged.
The number of cards is the same: 16. 
The number of dice is 2. They are black with white pips.

Differences to the Parker design:

The sizes of the box and the board, as well as all attributes, are much smaller.
The railway stations are replaced by, it wouldn't surprise you, petrol stations.
There is a Jail (= kirikiri) but with a young boy behind the 8 bars, a Free Parking corner showing an ad of Nigeria Airways and in the third corner a Judge rather than a Policeman.
The board's centre doesn't show the red Monopoly bar but the Nigerian flag with the map of Nigeria instead.
Opposite the Go corner is the space for the very small (75 x 25 mm) Opportunity cards, while the Risk cards are opposite the Free Parking corner. The instructions sometimes slightly differ, like f.e.:
Receive interest on Grandpas estate - Collect 30.00 Naira.
Go back 5 spaces.
Dangerous driving fine 20.00 Naira.
The number of banknotes (55 x 78 mm) is 8. The denominations are printed in black on colored paper: 1 (on white paper) - 5 - 10 (on white paper) - 20 - 50 (on white paper) - 100 - 500 and 1000 Naira.
There are 35 tiny, tent-shaped red wouden houses and 12 green wooden hotels.
The only 5 colored tokens are plastic beads.

There is one simple Rules paper, folded in such a way that each side of the paper has 5 colums, in green printed, text.
The small game board is of solid cardboard. Its playside is white and the back is red.

From Go onwards all properties are cities of Nigeria:
Owerri - Uyo - Mobil Petrol Station - Minna - Makurdi - Maiduguri - Visiting Kirikiri/In Kirikiri - Yola - Telephone - Bauchi - Abeokuta - National Petrol Station - Katsina - Calabar - Ilorin - Free Parking/Nigeria Airways - Sokoto - Benin - Akure - AP Petrol Station - Jos - Port Harcourt - Water Works - Kaduna - Move to Kirikiri - Enugu - Ibadan - Kano - Total Petrol Station - Lagos and Abuja.


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