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version 2000

versie 2000.


Number of versions: 2

Edition: June 17, 2010

Map of Panama.

So far I haven't met any inland made Monopoly(-like) edition of Panama but it is very likely there exist.

However, the company Industrias Ronda Ltda - Bogotá - Colombia has finally developed to the Parker/Hasbro supplier in Panama.  That company was founded in June 1972 out of a small printing company. From then on their board games and puzzles activities steadily grow, reason why the company moved in 1984 to a new works, also situated in Bogotá. In that time the company got licenced by Walt Disney, Parker Brothers and Borrás, the Spanish licensee of Parker Brothers. 
In 1986 the games part of the company changed name into Ronda S.A. and was it manufacturing games for Latin-American countries like Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. In 2000 an agreement was entered into with Hasbro for the distribution of their products in 12 Latin-American countries.



International Spanish language edition of 1985.Edition: International Spanish language ed., Ref.8009
              "Juego de Intercambio de Finca Raíz de Parker 
              Brothers" (Game of exchange of properties, originally P.B.)
Publisher: Parker Brothers, Inc. - Beverly - 1985
Dimensions of the box: 25.6 x 51.0 cm
The game:
This set has been issued by Parker Brothers in all North-, Middle- and South American countries where Spanish is spoken, so most probably in Panama as well.
It concerns the well-known American standard edition in the white box with the streets of Atlantic City, but in the Spanish language. 

From Go (¡Adelante!) on all properties of the International Spanish language edition are:

Avenida Mediterráneo - Arca Comunal (Community Chest) - Avenida Báltica - Impuesto sobre Ingresos (Income Tax) - Ferrocarril Reading - Avenida Oriental - Casualidad (Chance) - Avenida Vermont - Avenida Connecticut - En la .../De visita no más - Plaza San Carlos - Compañía de Electricidad - Avenida de los Estados - Avenida Virginia - Ferrocarril de Pensilvania - Plaza Santiago - Arca Comunal - Avenida Tennessee - Avenida Nueva York - Parada Libre (Free Parking) - Avenida Kentucky - Casualidad - Avenida Indiana - Avenida Illinóis - Ferrocarril B. & O. - Avenida Atlántico - Avenida Ventnor Obras de agua potable (Drinking-water Works) - Jardines Marvin - !Váyase a la Cárcel! (Go to Jail) - Avenida Pacífico - Avenida Carolina del Norte - Arca Comunal - Avenida Pensilvania - Ferrocarril Short Line - Casualidad - Plaza del Parque - Impuesto sobre posesiones de lujo (Luxury Tax) and  Paseo Tablado.

The lid of this "long box" shows the last part of the 4th side and Go. On top is the red bar with Rich Uncle Pennybags in the middle O. The dice show numbers 3 and 5. The bottom of the box is un-printed.
The back of the solid game board is blue. The word Monopoly goes in closed characters in a black frame sloping over the board. The innerbox contains except for a small plastic insert with 7 holes for the banknotes also a filling up piece of blue cardboard on which the "13 frequently asked questions" are printed in Spanish.
The game is entirely in the Spanish language but the money is in dollars. It are the well-known banknotes with the mention "Copyright 1935 by Parker Brothers Inc." in the centre circle. The  Casualidad (Chance) cards are red and the Arca Comunal (Community Chest) cards are yellow, both illustrated with funny pictures of Rich Uncle Pennybags identical to those of the original American issue.
There are 10 metal tokens "made in Hong Kong", viz.: car - hat - thimble - dog - boat - iron - canon - rider-on-horse - shoe and wheelbarrow.
The houses and hotels with overhanging roofs are made of plastic and do have a centrally placed chimney. 
Both dice are white with black pips.

This edition was "Fabricado en los EE.UU". (Made in the USA)



Monopoly PanamÁ, ref.00009 from 2004.Edition: Monopoly PanamÁ, ref. 00009
              "Juego de Compraventa de Inmuebles, de Parker Brothers"   (Property trading game, of Parker Brothers
Publisher: Parker Brothers/Hasbro/Ronda S.A.-Colombia - 2004
Dimensions: 27.0 x 40.3 x 6.7 cm
The game:
This edition is owned by Steve Amato-N.Y..

The image on the lid of this edition shows, except for two of the countries most important landmarks (the Cathedral Tower of Panama Viejo and the El Carmen Church of Panama City) also some national flora and fauna alongside the Panama canal.

The properties on the Panama game board are various places of the country, incl. the isle's in the Gulf of Panama and Isla Coiba in the North Pacific Ocean. However, the two most exspensive streets are of the capital city Panamá. 

The properties from Go (¡Adelante!) are: 

Parque Camino De Cruces
- Cornucopia - Parque De Sarigua - Impuesto Sobre La Renta (Income Tax) - Aeropuerto Marcos A. Gelabert - Volcan Baru,- Chance - India Dormida Cerro Ancon - Carcel (Jail) - Playa Santa Catalina - Puente De Las Americas (Bridge of the Americas) - Playa Palenque - Playe Las Lajas - Aeropuerto Enrique Malek - Isla De Coiba - Cornucopia - Archipiélago De Kuna -Yala - Archipiélago De Las Perlas - Parada Libre (Free Parking) - Boquete - Chance - Guarare - El Valle , Aeropuerto France Field - Nata De Los Caballeros - Portobelo  - Panamericana - Panama Viejo,- Vayase A La Carcel (Go To Jail) -Plaza Herrera Paseo De Las Bovedas - Cornucopia - Plaza De La Catedral - Aeropuerto De La Palma -Miraflores - Impuesto Sobre Posesiones De Lujo (Luxury Tax) and Calzada De Amador.

The game board has a light blue back and is folded twice. The red Monopoly bar is diagonal in the middle of the playfield. 
A banknote and Mr. Vasco Núñez. The green Chance cards show 2 sevens and the light brown Cornucopia cards a horn of plenty.
The 7 banknotes, showing a plane and a house in both small rectangulars, Monopoly-Panama in the centre circle and in very small "2004 Hasbro Inc" in the lower right corner of the bill. They consist of black printed colored paper in the denominations: 1- 5 -10 - 20 - 50 -100 and 500. The currency is Balboa (PAB). The balboa is called after the explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa.   
The houses and hotels are made of hollow plastic and have centric placed chimneys. 
There are 11 tokens in this edition, viz.: Dog - Iron - Thimble - Horse and Rider - Wheelbarrow - Car - Top Hat - Ship - Cannon - Shoe and Moneybag.
Both plastic dice are white with black pips.



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