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version 2000

versie 2000.


Flag of the Philippines

  Number of versions: 3

   Edition: January 12, 2007

Map of the Philippines.

Before Parker Brothers/Hasbro entered the Philippine market in 1985 (or earlier perhaps?) there exsisted 
already inland made Monopoly games of which at least one proof was found.

The first editions made  under license from Parker Brothers were just copies of the American version, i.a. with the streets of Atlantic City
For a better insight the properties of the A.C. game board are mentioned here as well.
From Go onwards they are:

Mediterranean Avenue - Baltic Avenue - Reading Railroad - Oriental Avenue - Vermont Avenue - Connecticut Avenue - In Jail/Just visiting - St.Charles Place - Electric Company - States Avenue - Virginia Avenue - Pennsylvania Railroad - St.James Place - Tennessee Avenue - New York Avenue - Free Parking - Kentucky Avenue - Indiana Avenue - Illinois Avenue - B.& O. Railroad - Atlantic Avenue - Ventnor Avenue - Water Works - Marvin Gardens - Go to Jail - Pacific Avenue - North Carolina Avenue - Pennsylvania Avenue - Short Line - Park Place and Boardwalk.


All properties in more recent issues of  Parker Brothers are those of the capital city Manila
They are from Go onwards: 

Albano Avenue
- Community Chest - Siazon Road - Income Tax - Laoag Airport - Taft Avenue - Chance - Perez Boulevard - Bugallon Avenue - Jail - Lopez Boulevard - Electric Company - Magsaysay Boulevard - Mabini Street - Davao Airport - Bangkal Street - Community ChestInsular Avenue - Salcedo Street - Free Parking - Mines View Road - Chance - Pacdal Avenue - Green Valley Road - Cebu Airport - Lapu-Lapu Avenue - Magallanes Boulevard - Water WorksMango Avenue - Go To Jail - Marcos Highway - Sumulong Highway - Community Chest - Roxas Boulevard - Manila Domestic Airport - Rizal Avenue - Sales Tax and Quezon Avenue.



Red box of Manila Millionaire.Edition: Manila Millionaire
              "Monopoly game"
Publisher: Unknown inland manufacturer - ▒1950
Dimensions of the box: about 26 x 51 cm
The game:
This set was offered on the auction site ebay December 2005.

Like in other Asian countries imitation Monopoly games are often called Millionaire and/or Jutaria.
From a study of the pictures that went with the auction offer we learn that the manufacturer has looked at Game board of Manila Millionaire.both the Waddingtons and Parker Brothers design, since:

The centre of the game board shows a free interpretation of the Waddingtons "engines illustration", with a train and 
a bus instead of 2 trains and a cottage instead of  two houses.
This "engines illustration" was used on the European editions till about 1961, reason perhaps to estimate 
this game to be issued in about 1950
All 4 corner spaces are used for the same purpose, however the pictures are different.
Instead of color bars at the properties here each group is marked by various designs.
The property cards are of poor quality paper and printed in blue green. They are illustrated the place where 
normally the rent prices are mentioned. Since the game board shows such a table it may be possible the rents 
to be the same for all proporties
The blue Community Chest and red (?) Chance cards have funny illustrations like on the American cards. Their 
stacks are situated on the same places as on the "official" game board.
The money consists of simple banknotes, printed in black on colored paper.
The houses and hotels are of dull wood.

The set was sold for over US$ 300.-.



Standard long box 1985.Edition: Standard - Atlantic City - long box, without ref.nr.   
Publisher: Parker Bros./Kenner/Challenger Toys & Games - 1985
Dimensions of the game board: 25.6 x 51.0 x 3.2 cm
The game:
The lid of this edition shows the dark blue streets and Go on top the red bar with Monopoly in white characters. Notice that the white dice show 3 and 5
On the midfield of the blue green game board is the word Monopoly in closed black characters parallel to side 1 and 3. It's back is light blue
The rent of the unbuilt property Marvin street is $ 120. This may be of no importance but untill this time the rent of this third street used to be the same as for the other yellow properties in all editions over the world. This mistake was caused by the so-called inventor of the game Charles B.Darrow.
The white innerbox contains a white plastic tray with 7 holes to be used as banker's tray. The other part of the innerbox is filled up by a blue cardboard insert, showing nice illustrations of Uncle Pennybags, next to the 13 F.A.Q.s.  

The small cards (45x76 mm) are those with the nice illustrations with Rich Uncle Pennybags as from the American editions. The Community Chest cards are yellow, the Chance cards are orange.
The 7 banknotes are printed in color on white paper. The denominations are in $: 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500. They have no "pat.app. for" number or the like written in the circle on the notes.
The 8 tokens are hollow, colored plastic pawns.
The dark green houses and red hotels are hollow and have roof edges and a central chimney. 
Both small, white dice (sides of 13 mm) have black pips.

This set was "Made in the Philippines under license".

The price of this set amounted to Pesos 184.80 August 1988 in Manila.



Philippine standard edition of 2005.Edition: Standard, ref.nr. 00009/762  
Publisher: Parker Brothers/Hasbro - 2005
Dimensions of the box: 40.2 x 26.9 x 5.2 cm
of the double folded board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm
The game:
This set is from the collection of Steve Amato - N.Y.C.

1996 Hasbro introduced new sizes for all their Standard games. 
Since the year 2000 Rich Uncle Pennybags is re-named into Mr. Monopoly wearing a red bow tie, but for some reason not yet in this edition.
Typical for this standard issue is the picture on the lid, showing Mr.Monopoly running with a sack of money in his arm, surrounded by "houses and hotels". Under him is a red line showing in white characters this is a Philippine Edition.

Unfortunately the newly designed white plastic banker's tray with 10 holes for the banknotes and title deeds has no prepared space for the double folded square board like in the corresponding European boxes with ref.nr.14535. That is why the double folded board doesn't lay tight in its box. 
The bottom of the box shows a color picture of the game board with all its attibutes.

The light green game board has a light blue back. In contrast to earlier issues the "copyright rule" is printed along side 3 rather than under the red Monopoly bar standing sloping over the board.
The small Community Chest cards are yellowish and the Chance cards are red.

The money consists of 7 banknotes printed in black on colored paper, in the denominations: 100 - 500 - 1,000 - 2,000 - 5,000 - 10,000 and 50,000.
The tokens are those 10 well-known metal ones: ship - car - wheel-barrow - hat - thimble - canon - shoe - iron - dog and rider-on-rearing-horse.
The plastic houses and hotels are hollow and do have roof edges as well as a centric chimney.
The dice are white with black pips.

This set was "Made in China".


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