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version 2000

versie 2000.


  Number of versions: 2

   Edition: June 6, 2000

Before Parker introduced the Monopoly game in this country monopoly-like games of inland make were already manufactured by Kocka, based in the capital city of Ljubljana. As Parker composed his edition he as usual took of course the streets of Ljubljana. From VZEMI on they are:

SOBEC - FIESA - Zelezniska Postaja Jesennice - LJUTOMERSKE GORICE - HALOZE - GORISKA BRDA - Samo na Obisku - BOGENSPERK - Javna Razsvetljava - MOKRICE - OTOCEC - Glavni Kolodvor - VOGEL - ROGLA - KRANJSKA GORA - Brezplacno Parkiranje - TERME CATEZ - RADENCI - MORAVSKE TOPLICE - Zelezniska Postaja Zidani Most - LOGARSKA DOLINA - TRENTA - Mestni Vodovod - LIPICA - Pojdi v zapor - CERKNISKO POLJE - BLED - BOHINJ - Zelezniski Terminal Koper - PIRAN - Davek na premozenje placaj and PORTOROZ.


Edition: Monopoli
Publisher: Kocka d.o.o. - Ljubljana - 1996?
Dimensions of the box: 50.7 x 34.3 x 5.4 cm
            of the board: 47 x 47 cm
The game:
This game of inland make can of course not so easily been read by a non-Slovene. However it will become clear that the (oval!) spaces of the game board built groups of cities, small states, countries and even islands, like:

Purple: Lichtenstein - Andorre and San Marion.
Brown: Monte Carlo - Cannes and St. Tropez.
Red: Simbabwe - Sambia and Nigeria.
Yellow: Bahami - Haïti and Jamaica.
Green: Kaprun - Schladming and Kittsbühl.

The stations became airports, like: Heathrow - Sydney Airport and Orly.
The corner fields of the game board are resp.:

  1. START
  2. A Magicians hat with handkerchief, playing card, two dice and a wand.
  3. An illustration of Charlie Chaplin and the text "Disco Club" with an amount of 40.000.
  4. An illustration of a roulette table, the word "Casino" and an amount of 4.400.

The playing side of the game board is yellow. The fold is parallel to side 1 and is such that that the playing side is outwards.
The lid of the box is blue, with an illustration of a clown in the centre with the text Dobrodsli v Svetu igrac Unika. The Rules are at the bottom side of the box! The inner box contains a plastic insert for the attributes and the money of the banker.
The property cards are only printed at the front side and they have rounded corners.
The 7 denomonations of the banknotes are resp.: 20 - 100 - 500 - 1.000 - 2.000 - 5.000 and 10.000.
The yellow houses and red hotels are made of wood.

The price of this set amounted to US$ 22.- in August 1998.


Version: Standard, ref. 14535268
Publisher: Parker/Tonka Corp./SPECTRA Int. - 1996
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.3 x 5.3 cm
                  of the board: 25.2 x 252 cm
The game:
During the second half of the nineties Parker has with great energy introduced this capitalist game in the former "East bloc" countries. Also in the states who formerly were part of Yugoslavia. Slovenia was the first to become independant.

In this for the rest of Europe so well-known "standard" box is naturally the red plastic "banker's tray" with holes for the 7 banknotes and property deeds still present with the banker.
The game board is folded in four and fits, when stored, precisely on the banker's tray. The back of the board is as usual red, the playside is blue green. This edition is "Izdelano v RepublikiIrski" and therefore it shows the picture of the "laughing family" at the bottom of the box.
On the game board the PRILOZNOST cards with nice red back are as usual near the Start corner while the DRZAVNA BLAGAJNA cards with their nice blue back are near the Free Parking corner.
The banknotes are of the one side printed new model, i.e. with a black MONOPOLY ribbon and Uncle Pennybags in the upper part of the circle and, almost invisible, the remark "1996 Tonka Corporation". The currency is SIT and the denominations are resp.: 100 (purple) - 500 (dark pink) - 1.000 (yellow) - 2.000 (green) - 5.000 (blue) - 10.000 (beige) en 100 (light red).
The 10 tokens are of light metal and are the well-known: hat - shoe - car - boat - dog - wheelbarrow - rider-on-a-horse - thimble - iron and canon. The green houses and red hotels are of not transparant plastic and have all an overhanging roof with an excentric chimney.
Both dice are white with black pips.

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