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version 2000

versie 2000.


Slowakian flag.

  Number of versions: 1

   Edition: August 21, 2002

Eight years after the Czech Republic the first Slovakian Monopoly game was issued. Oddly enough only Waddingtons Games - UK is mentioned as distributor in the UK an no inland company is called. The streets are those of the capital Bratislava.

From Startom onwards the spaces are:

Zochova ulica - Pokladńa (= Community Chest) - Panská ulica - Dań z príjmov (= Income Tax) - Zeleznice SR Vinohrady (= Station) - Dunajská ulica - Sanca (= Chance) - Karadzicova ulica - Záhradnícka ulica - Vo väzení/Len na návsteve (= In Jail/Just visiting) - Spitálska ulica - Energetické závody - Rázusovo nábrezie - Vajanského nábrezie - Zeleznice SR Hlavná stanica  - Dostojevského rad - Pokladńa - Stúrova ulica - Stefánikova ulica - Bezplatné parkovanie (= Free Parking) - Sancová ulica - Sanca - Vajnorská ulica - Palisády - Zeleznice SR Nové Mesto - Racianska ulica - Kosická ulica - Vodárne (= Water Works) - Floriánske námestie - Chod do väzenia (= Go to Jail) - Americké námestie - Mlynské nivy - Pokladńa - Einsteinova ulica - Zeleznice SR Petrzalka - Sanca - Obchodná ulica - Jednorázová dań zaplatte (= Super Tax) and Hlavné námestie.


The first Slowakian Monopoly edition-2001.Edition: Standard, ref. 090100009634
Publisher: Parker/Hasbro Inc. - 2001
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.3 x 5.3 cm
      of the game board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm
The game:
This set is direct in the latest Parker/Hasbro design at its first presentation in Slowakia, i.e.:

The illustration on the lid shows a somewhat cheap red rim.
Only 4 spaces of the fourth side of the game board are shown in perspective with 1 house, 1 hotel, still the hat and
the racecar as well as both dice, however now with 4 and 3 (instead of 3 and 5).
The perspective red Monopoly bar with the nice shadow and Mr.Monopoly with the red bow tie (until 2000 he was 
Rich Uncle Pennybags), that appears on the lid, the board game's midfield and all 4 rims of the innerbox.
The bottom side of the box no longer shows "the laughing family" but almost the whole game board with all its attrubutes. 

The "banker's tray" of this "standard" box is red again and has holes for the 7 banknotes as well as for the property deeds who are still present with the banker. The game board is folded in four and fits, when stored, precisely on the banker's tray. The back of the board is as usual red, the playside is blue green
On the board the Sanca cards with red back in a lines pattern are as usual next to the Startom corner and the Pokladńa cards with blue back in a lines pattern next to the Free Parking corner. The cards (56x87 mm) have round corners.
The property cards (56x87 mm) also have round corners.
The banknotes (52x100 mm) are printed on one side only. On top of the circle on the note is a black ribbon showing "MONOPOLY with Mr.Monopoly". At the bottom of this circle is in small characters "©2001 Hasbro Inc.".  The currency is korún and the denominations are resp.: 100 - 500 -1.000 - 2.000 - 5.000 - 10.000 and 50.000, (ref.100 00009 00A0).
The 10 tokens are of light metal and are the well-known: hat - shoe - car - boat - dog - wheelbarrow - rider-on-a-horse - thimble - iron and canon. 
The green houses and red hotels are of non-transparant plastic and have all an overhanging roof with an excentric chimney.
Both dice are white with black pips. 

Although this edition is also manufactured in Ireland it is not mentioned on the box. 


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