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version 2000

versie 2000

  Number of versions: 11

   Edition: July 30, 2007

   Changed: December 8, 2010


Carpet at SPIEL1995 in Essen-Germany.Subject: Monopoly carpet
Dimensions: about 2 x 2 m - ±1985

In september 2000 this carpet was offered on the ebay auction site with the comment "I searched and searched for this item, because the company discontinued making them when they lost their license from Hasbro to manufacture them".

On the International Games Fair "Spiel 1995" in Essen-Germany Monopoly was played on a Monopoly carpet. It shows there are 2 different carpets. Although both carpets show the spaces of the American edition, so the streets of Atlantic City, there are 3 remarkable differences that may point at 2 different manufacturers:

Both carpets show the Monopoly-bar sloping over the game board's midfield in black, closed characters in a black frame as it was use in the years 1982/85. The ebay offered carpet shows "Parker Brothers Real Estate Trading Game" below the bar, which is not so on the Spiel1995 carpet.

At the ebay offered carpet Uncle Pennybags comes out the middle O of Monopoly, which is not so on the Spiel1995 carpet.

The ebay offered carpet shows the usual fields for the Chance  and Community Chest cards, which is not so on the Spiel1995 carpet.


MonopolyIn The Park since July 2002.Subject: Monopoly In The Park in San Jose - U.S.A.

The MITP (= Monopoly In The Park) project is a project based in Downtown San Jose - California - USA by a local non-profit group called Friends of San Jose Beautiful, which is an independant organization that provides assistance with city beautification projects.
The project got it's start around 1992. There was a floral and garden show in San Fransisco, and at that show, one of the vendors had chosen Monopoly as their theme and arranged a contract with Parker Brothers and a local enterprise to create a huge, granite Monopoly board measuring over 9 x 9 m, as well as large tokens. The spaces were created out of solid granite and etched, painted, carved, and colored to look almost exactly like a current American game board. The tokens that were used were recycled after the show was over. Each rectangular property square weighs about 65 kg each and the four square corners weigh in at around 100 kg each.
After the floral and garden show the owner of the board called around to see who would be interested in buying the board from him. Finally the Friends of San Jose Beautiful received a grant from the Metro A Foundation to purchase the board.

Mitchell Freeman (Monopolist) became a member of the working committee for MITP and, as he writes, he "got to be part of one of the most important projects a Monopoly collector could ever hope to be a part of!"

Monopoly in the Park finally reports that on July 19, 2002 "the only permanent outdoor Monopoly board in the world with a surface of 84 m²" came into use. The picture was specially taken for this Catalogue by Laura Schaub of San Jose Beautiful.


The monopologist's fruit machine.Subject: Fruit machine with Dutch Monopoly game board
Manufacturer: Maygay Machines Ltd. -Wolverhampton - UK -1993
Website: http://www.maygay.co.uk
Overall dimensions: 62 x 65 x 168 cm
Weight: 110 kg

Since march 2001 I'm the lucky owner of the fruit machine alongside. This is really a very special item in my collection. It still is fully commercially employable (however with old coins, because I haven't got it converted into Euro's) but all visitors can play for free.

It is a variant of regular fruit machines in which the points of the basic game can be increased by playing the sequel game. In this case the sequel game is the Dutch Monopoly game. It is not known how many of these machines have been made by the English manufacturer, however he at least made machines with the English- and German game board as well.
Doubtless such fruit machines will have been manufactured in the USA as well, but unfortunately not to my knowledge..

The rules of course differ importantly from the regular board game, because it can only been played by one person. In this game it is not possible to collect more than one group, because the matching points are automatically brought to the Monopoly counter and the game will restart. On Electric Company and Water Works a "mystery price" is presented of at least 12 and 100 points at most. No houses nor hotels have to be built and the price of a property is only 4 points in all cases.

A German variant is shown at: http://www.fbas.tv/mediawiki/index.php/Monopoly_Unterhaltungsautoma


Tafelmonopoly van Duits fabrikaat.Subject: Monopoly table - Germany
Manufacturer: Bally Wulff - Berlin - 1995

This table was made in 1995 by the company Bally Wulff  (http://www.ballywulff.de) because of Monopoly's 60th anniversary. It was for the first time shown on the important International Games Show "Spiel 1995" in Essen - Germany.

A leaflet suggests 2 models can be delivered, viz. a Cocktail-Tisch and a Bistroversion. Unfortunately the manufacturer was not willing to tell me if there was ever made more than one table.

The table shown was sold for DM 505,- (= € 230,-) on the auction site ebay  December 2000.



The Maquet & Macom office-1998.Subject: Monopoly floor in Moordrecht - Holland

Maquet & Macom
, a market communication office at Moordrecht - Holland, has a maxi-monopoly game board of the Dutch version in its office garden.
In spring 1998 both directors and Monopoly freaks, Edwin den Ouden and Rob Oostvogel, made this floor of marmoleum lay out. The play spaces were shaped at Forbo - Krommenie (manufacturer of marmoleum), provided with illustrations, texts and colors. Because of the accuracy of colors, illustrations and precise sizes a special computer-controlled water laser technique was used. All components of each space were individually packed in a crate and transported to Moordrecht. There the "jigsaw" was put together.

The sizes of the floor are 16 x 16 m and those of each space are 130 x 160 cm. Considering these sizes a few concessions had to be made as to the sequence of the spaces, but that remained within the demands of Hasbro, who sanctioned this project. (An other example of deviations in the order of the fields is the travel edition in the so-called red case.)

This floor was entered at the Guinness Book of Records but before it can be recorded all property cards, banknotes, houses and hotels have to be made on the same scale …. so that will take some time.


Special stamps issue with Monopoly stamp.Subject: Celebrate the Century 1930s, number 4, (item no. 5542) with a.o. Monopoly stamp
Publisher: United States Postal Service -1998

The accompanying story with these stamps say:

"Depression, Dust Bowl, and a New Deal
By 1933 the average wage was 60 percent less than in 1929 and unemployment had skyrocketed to 25 percent. Dust storms forced many farmers to give up their land.
Americans escaped harsh realities by playing Monopoly, reading the adventures of "Buck Rogers" and "Flash Gordon", and listening  to Hoagy Carmichael's "Stardust". Popular films included King Kong and It Happened One Night. For the first time, African-American athletes  became national idols: Joe Louis in boxing and Jesse Owens in track and field.
Prohibition  was repealed in 1933. President Franklin Roosevelt fought the Great Depression with his New Deal programs. The "Star-Sprangled Banner" was chosen as the national anthem. The Empire State Building rose above the Manhattan skyline and the Golden  Gate Bridge spanned the San Francisco Bay. Back on the ground, the parking meter made its first appearance in 1935.
As the decade  closed, many Americans were anxious about the growing war in Europe.
New words: all-star, oops, pizza, racism."

The price of this special issue was at the time of issue $ 4.80.


American Monopoly pin ball machine.Subject: Monopoly table top pinball machine - USA
Manufacturer: Funrise Toy Corp. - Woodland Hills, CA - 2000
Dimensions, without legs: 78.7 x 43.2 x 58.4 cm

This is a small table top pinball machine that however can also be operated on legs.
Of course there is no talk of collecting streets or buying houses or hotels and not at all cards a player can draw. The only things related to Monopoly are the pictures, like running Mr. Monopoly (until 2000 called Rich Uncle Pennybags) on the upstanding part of the machine and the Go to Jail and Luxury Tax spaces inside the cabinet. According to the manufacturer (see: http://www.funrise.com/arcade.html) this pinball machine is also available in the versions Monopoly Deluxe and Monopoly Junior.

The price of this set was $ 99,99 March 2001.


Commercial pinball machine-2001.Subject: Monopoly commercial pinball machine - USA
Manufacturer: Stern Comp. - Chicago - 2001
Dimensions: 198 x 137 x 71 cm
Weight: 113 kg

It is to be expected there will be beautiful commercial machines as well next to domestic games and indeed, the Stern Company recently introduced their machine shown on the picture.
This is also an electronic instrument rather than a mechanical one and that can cause great difference in appreciations by pinball fanatics. 
The machine is richly provided with nice Monopoly illustrations, including of course Mr.Monopoly  with his red bow tie (until 2000 called Rich Uncle Pennybags) not only on the exterior but inside the main part as well. 
The design is of Pat Lawlor a well know name in the pinball world. 

The price of this instrument amounted to $ 3,500 at its introduction September 2001.


Eén van de Monopoly cheques.Subject: Monopoly Bank checks
Printer: John Harland Company - Atlanta - Ga. - 2001

Obviously it is very popular in the United States but I was rather surprised as a German games collector showed me a Monopoly check he received from an American business aquaintance for a payment. . 
As a result of some research on Internet it appeared the Harland Company (see:http://www.harland.net/PPandS_Site/PPs/PPhome_frmset.html) to be a leading company of printed products and software to the financial institution market. If you go to the site mentioned something immediately strikes you: With the shown picture of a number of different scenes of ckecks there also is a picture of  3 laughing persons, which strongly reminds to the laughing family on the bottom of the Parker/Hasbro Monopoly edition with ref.nr.14535 of the period from 1996 to 2001. But I guess this is sheer chance .....

It was found that Harland offers checks with different Monopoly designs, like:

Uncle Pennybags (so with white bow tie) rising out a treasure chest (see picture)

Uncle Pennybags having his arms alongside his body with Vermont Ave. at his left and the Jail space at his right. (probably out of production)

Uncle Pennybags in convict suit with the Jail space at the background.

Racecar on the Free Parking space.

Money-bag token on the Go-field.

Of course there is also an appropriate checkebook wallet with Monopoly symbols.

Americans can make their choice from the Harland designs and ask their bank to order his checks there.

Monopoly submarine on flatcar.Subject: Monopoly Water Works Submarine on flatcar  
Manufacturer: Custom-made - 2001
Dimensions: "0 gauge" 
I was pointed to an offer of this nice Submarine by the trainavids Bobby Striklin & Lee Garrett - USA  in  December 2006.

They recommended this item as follows: 

"Rich Uncle Pennybags takes a dive! 
(This demonstrates these sellers to be trainavids rather than Monopoholics, because since 2000 Rich Uncle is Mr. Monopoly
Seems there’s been trouble with the water pipes in Monopolyville and that Ole Penny Bags with mustache, top hat and cane is off to inspect. What better way to view the pipes where they cross under the Monopoly River, then in his Monopoly Water Works Submarine."

About this car and submarine: The car is custom production made using a classic Sub on flatcar. Produced by today’s leading custom car painter. 
Train cars were purchased in the secondary market, stripped down and redecorated. 
The flatcar
: The graphics are pad printed. Flat is painted in super cool seagreen. The flatcar has sprung metal trucks.
The submarine
: artwork is professionally applied. The sea foam color of the sub is cool. The sub has a rubber band wind up nose that makes the propeller spin when you push the release pin. You can adjust the trim and direction of the rudder and trim fins. If you want, take the sub off the flatcar and run it in the bathtub!

Very limited edition: Fewer than 100 of these cars were made. Shown at USA's York TCA (Train Collectors Association) during Spring 2000. All sold out on pre-order. "

This sub on flatcar was offered on ebay for US$ 119.-, Dec. 2006.



Coffee Table, cherry finishSubject: Monopoly tables
Manufacturer: Game Table.Com - Albany -N.Y. - USA - 2002
Website: http://www.game-table.com

These licensed Monopoly® tables became available April 2002. There are 5 different types of tables in popular styles with rich colors and grains. The wooden tables are made of hardwoods, veneer and strong composite materials.  Each table has at least the boards and all accessories of Monopoly, Scrabble and Backgammon and sometimes more.  
The delivery programme was somewhat changed and expanded  
August 2004.

The models one can choose from are:

  1. Large tables: Dimensions: 78.7 x 78.7 x 76.2 cm. 
    Designs: Georgetown Game Table, Oak Finish
                     Manchester Game Table, Cherry Finish

  2. End tables: Dimensions: 51.4 x 51.4 x 66.0 cm
    Designs: 6 in 1 End Table, Oak Finish
                     Glass Monopoly® Table
                     6 in 1 Accent Table, Cherry Finish (41.9 x 41.9 x 52.7 cm)

  3. Coffee Tables: Dimensions: 55.2 x 106.7 x 45.7 cm
    Designs: 6 in 1 Coffee Table, Cherry Finish (see the picture)
                     6 in 1 Coffee Table, Oak Finish

  4. Pub Game Tables: Dimensions: 91.4 x 91.4 x 106.7 cm
    Designs: Gloucester, Oak Finish 
                     Hamilton, Cherry Finish
                     Newburyport, Oak Finish (Round Pub Table)
                     Magnolia, Cherry Finish (Round Pub Table)

  5. Game Chests: Dimensions: 43.8 x 43.8 x 57.2 cm
    Designs: Boxford Game Chest, Oak Finish
                     Wenham Game Chest, Cherry Finish
                     Rockport Game Chest, Weathered White Finish

The price of the Coffee Table from the picture amounted to US$ 290 September 2004.


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