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version 2000

versie 2000.


Flag of Taiwan

  Number of versions: 3

   Edition: February 16, 2007

Taiwan map.


From 1895 till after WW II (1945) Taiwan was under Japanese rule, after which a Chinese administration came into power.

This means there has never been a British influence on this island, reason why it is not to be expected Waddingtons having introduced their Monopoly editions in this country. 

And obviously the first Parker designed editions have been distributed from nearby Hong Kong on the continent.




Thick, Rich Man.Edition: Thick, Rich Man - A25
Publisher: unknown - ±1990
Dimensions of the box: 29.0 x 20.6 x 3.5 cm
of the unfolded board: 51.3 x 51.3 cm
The game:
The little solid box is very heavy, mainly caused by a transparent box with 32 white/blue counters with red and black Chinese characters, the thin paper game board of which being folded at the bottom.

Furthermore there are 6 board game sheets of various sizes, with 10 games in total. From these I recognize only "Snakes and Ladders" and "Aggravation". Besides the little hollow, colored plastic aggravation/chess pawns there are 6 larger ones as tokens for the monopoly game.

It can be seen the properties to be divided in 7 color groups, consisting at least of 3 streets and at a maximum of 5. There are  no railway stations, nor a Jail or Free Parking or Go-back-to-Jail, since these corners show a (railway)bridge, an airplane and a ship. The streets of groups near corners all round them.  
All attributes fit in the 4 holes of the red plastic tray of the innerbox.
The property deeds are simple pieces of white paper (53 x 86 mm) printed in the color of the property and red at the mortgage side. One set of the cards (53 x 86 mm) is pink and the other one is yellow.
There are 8 small (53 x 86 mm) banknotes, printed in color on white paper, in the denominations of: $10 - 50 - 100 - 200 - 500 - 1000 -2000 and 5000.
There are only 10 hollow, green plastic houses and 8 red hotels, all with tiles on the roof and excentric chimney.
Both dice are light blue with white pips.

This set was bought in Taipei March 1992 at the price of TW$ 150 ( € 3.50), as shown on the lid as well! 



First "official" Taiwan Monopoly edition?Edition: Standard - ref.nr. 06951-TW
Publisher: Parker./Hasbro Hong Kong Ltd.-Taiwan Branche - 1995
Dimensions of the box: 26.2 x 51.0 cm
The game:
This edition is from the collection of Steve Amato - N.Y.C.

This edition in a long box is bilingual: Chinese and English and there are 2 Rules sheets as well. The lid shows the fourth side of the game board with "a bundle of banknotes and other attributes" on top. The dice show a 3 and 6. In the lower left corner is a yellow strip telling this set to be a Taiwan Edition.

All  properties (likely) are from the capital city Taipei and are from Go onwards: 

Keelung Temple
- Community Chest - Sung Shan Night Market - Income Tax - Taipei Train Station - Hsi Men Tin - Chance - Chung Hsiao East Road - Yang Ming Shan - Jail - Li Shan - Electric Company - Chung Kang Road - Wen Shin Road - Taichung Train Station - Pa Kwa Shan - Community Chest - Sun Moon Lake - A Li Shan - Car Park - Kwun Tzu Lin - Chance - An Pin Castle - Fo Kwun Shan - Kaoshung Train Station - Wu Fu Road - Chiu Lu Road - Water Company - Cheng Chin Lake - Police Station - Heng Tsun - Ken Ding - Community Chest - Chih Pen Hot Spring - Hwa Lien Train Station- Chance - Tai Lu Ge - Entertainment Tax andChiao Hsi

The solid game board has a red back. Since the game is bilingual it has 2 sets of property deeds, as well as Chance and Community Chest cards. 
The mortgage side of the property deeds is white, but red printed. The prices of the properties are meanwhile multiplied by 100, viz. starting with $6,000 for Keelung Temple and ending with $40,000 for the most expensive street. You collect $20,000 over Go.The white Community Chest cards have the treasure chest printed in blue on the back. The white Chance cards have a question mark printed in red on the  back. Their sizes are 55x84 mm. The rent of the unbuilt Cheng Chin (= most expensive yellow street) is still the same as of both other streets, only $ 2,200. This error originates from the very first American editions and was not corrected until 1982!
The thin but solid plastic insert of the innerbox is red and contains 12 holes for the attributes. Its bottom shows a black/white picture of the board and its attributes.
The money consists of 7 banknotes, printed in black on colored paper, the white circle in the centre of the note showing "Monopoly ® - © 1995 Hasbro International Inc., All rights reserved.". The denominations are: 100 - 500 - 1000 - 2000 -5000 - 10000 and 50000.
The 10 metal tokens ("Made in China") are: ship - car - wheel-barrow - hat - thimble - canon - shoe - iron - dog and rider-on-rearing-horse. 
The 32 houses and 12 hotels are hollow and made of plastic. All roofs have tiles, the houses have an excentric chimney, while the hotels have a centric one and roofedges. 
Both dice (sides of 15 mm) are red with white pips.

This edition was "Made in New Zealand", like same version of Malaysia.



Taiwanese cartoon edition.Edition: Cartoon edition
Publisher: Unknown manufacturer - ±2005
Dimensions of the box: unknown
The game:
I know almost nothing of this shown Taiwanese monopoly-like cartoon edition, but it looks so nice that I found it worth to show it in my Lexicon.

If an owner of this issue is willing to provide me with more information, please send me an e-mail!

Money of cartoon edition.Although the game board is but a 3 times folded paper, it is well designed and printed, like the purple "Chance" and  yellow "Community Chest" cards or what they may be called in this edition.

The money consists of 8 well designed colored banknotes and the dice seems to be bicolored.





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