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version 2000

versie 2000.


Flag Tanzania

  Number of versions: 1

   Edition: May 25, 1997
   Rewritten: May 10, 2009

Map of Tanzania.

Originally gaining political independence in 1961 as the country of Tanganyika , it merged with the newly independent
in April 1964 to form the country of Tanzania .

It is the only country in the world today still operating a narrow gauge railway.  Known for wildlife and safari tourism 
in the Serengeti
, and as home of the highest point in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, it is seeking to build tourism as a new 
economic driver.

Since this inland made "Safari Monopoly" was discovered no other editions have ever been reported and definately no Parker 
or Hasbro sets.

Game board of the Safari Tanzania edition of 1988.Edition: Safari Tanzania 
Publisher: Moraf Ltd. - P.O.Box 2564 - Dar es Salaam - 1988
Dimensions of the box: 38.3 x 38.3 cm
        of the small board: 38 x 38 cm
The game:
This edition is owned by Th. Schermers - NL. He bought the game from the collection of a pilot. 
The game is bilingual: Tanzanian and English.
This is indeed one of the most special Monopoly games and so it is a valuable property for collectors

This game is manufactured in 1988 by Suhail Sheriff, an information given on the edge of the lid. It looks like a matrix printer printed text, while the colors on the lid of the box importantly differ from those of the game board, but just this may be the charm of the game. Besides it is clearly to see the green color to be composed of blue and yellow, because the color bars often come outside the paces defined.
The exclusivity of this design is of course the fact that Start is in the center of the board.
Point 1 of the Rules say: 
"This is a game of adventure, enterprise, planning and luck in a Tanzanian setting. The idea is to develop our towns and national parks by building houses, restaurants, shops and hotels. "

Tokens, houses, restaurants, shops, hotels and a banknote.The sole die is a piece of hardwood in which the numbers are burned.
Innerbox with cards.There are 32 properties in total, viz. 8 red (large cities), 8 blue (middle sized towns), 9 yellow (small towns) and 7 green ones (national parks).
These sites can only be build on with one of the following structures (plastic "hats"): house - restaurant - shop or hotel. In the national parks (like Kilimanjaro and Serengeti) only restaurants and hotels may be built.
The Chance/Bahati Nasibu cards are rood and the Development/Maendeleo cards are green
Among the well known texts like "Go to jail" and "Repair of houses" are striking:  
Your car hit a buffalo; pay 200.-
Your car has been stolen. Buy a donckey Pay 100.- 
(Gari yako imeibiwa. Nunua punda. 100/- Lipa)
You have been caught bribing; fine 1000.-
Government has nationalised your properties. You can keep one of your 
(Serikali imetaifisha mali yako. Unaweza ukabaki na nyumba moja.)

From Start players move clockwise on the board. At 2 corners of the board one has the option to move according to the arrows. Besides all corners are large citiess.

From Start/Anza onwards the spaces are subsequently, with the colors of the small game board:
The Kilimanjaro.
Mikumi - Development Maendeleo - Morogoro - Petrol - Dar es Salaam (corner) -  Zanzibar - Chance/Bahati Nasibu - Mafia - Lindi - Municipal Tax/Kodi ya Mji - Miwara - Songea - Mbeya (corner) - Iringa - Chance/Bahati Nasibu - Njombe - Tukuyu - Development Maendeleo - Shinyanga - Musoma - Mwanza (corner) - Gombe - Kigoma - Development Levi Kodi ya  Maendeleo - Bukoba - Serengeti - Development Maendeleo - Ngorongoro - Arusha (corner) - Moshi - Income Tax/Kodi ya mapato - Kilimanjaro - Lushoto - Development Maendeleo - Tanga - Bagamoyo.

The other 3 sides of the cross are, from Start/Anza onwards:

Simbawanga - Jail/Jela - Selous - Petrol
Tabora - Bingida - Chance/Bahati Nasibu - Petrol
Chance/Bahati Nasibu - Dodoma - L.Manyara - Petrol 


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