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version 2000

versie 2000


  Number of versions: 8

   Edition: February 25, 1998
   Revised: December 19, 2010


Map of Tunisia and vicinity.

December 2010 I found Mr. Chadli Grati founded the Ranim Jeux company in Tunis in 1963. He presumably started his site http://www.ranimjeux.com/ not until early 2008. 
He classifies his Monopoly editions under his group "Educational Games".

Tunisia is one of the few countries where the streets on the game board are not those of a (capital) city, nor of a number of cities of the country, but very general occurring streets.
The design of the board is that of Parker Brothers, so with the black engines on the station spaces, the blue treasury on the Community Chest spaces and the gold ring with diamond on the "Luxury Tax" space.

Place Mohammed Ali.
In French they are from Départ onwards:

Rue 9 avril 1938
- Rue Amilar - Gare de Tunis - Rue d'Antar - Rue d'Annabar - Ave. de la République - En prison/Simple visite - Ave. Mohammed V - Société Tunisienne de l'Ëlectricité et du Gaz ( STEG) - Ave. Hdi Chaker - Rue Ebin Khaldoun - Gare de Sousse - Rue Achmed Tlili - Ave. Ali Belhoune - Pace de l'Afrique - Parc gratuit - Place Yugurtha - Ave. Carthage - Ave. Farhat Haced - Gare de Sfax - Boulevard Bab Bnet - Place Mohammed Ali - Societé Nationale d' Exploitation et de Distribution des Eaux (SONEDE) - Rue Bab Souika - Allez en prison - Ave. de la Liberté - Rue de Palestine - Boulevard du 20 Mars - Gare de Gabes - Ave. Khareddine Pacha and Ave. Habib Bourguiba.

The stations are those of the large cities along the long railway line to Libia, viz.: Tunis, Sousse, Sfax and Gabes.

Place Mohammed Ali (Image from 
"Travelers in the Middle East Archive", 1878


Standard, long box of ±1990.Version: Standard - long box, ref. 500
Publisher: Ranim Jeux - Tunis - ±1990
Dimensions of the box: 50 x 26 cm
The game:
Because of the fact that in 1985 (after 50 years) the Parker Brothers patent was expired everybody can accurately copy Monopoly. And that is what what Mr. Chadi Grati in Tunesia has done.
The board has the well-known appearance of the Parker Brothers issues, so with the black engine at the station spaces pointing to the left, apart from the language which is of course only Arabic. Under the Arabic characters for Monopoly is no reference whatsoever to any patent.

The gameboard is solid and shows a " wallpaper pattern" at the back. Of course the most expansive street is named after the (beloved) first president of the country: Habib Bourguiba.
The innerbox contains 2 identical blue inserts of soft plastic each having 5 trays.
The property cards are plasticized like the blue Chance- and darkred Community Chest cards. The banknotes are also in accordance with Parker Brothers, so with 4 small spaces with resp. a house, an engine and twice the amount. In the mid space is Monopoly (in Arabic) with the amount under.
The tokens are of poor plastic and in 8 different colours. The design is the knight of chess! The 2 grey dice with black pips are very coarse and hand made.
The red (!) houses and green (!) hotels are of poor plastic as well. They have no chimneys.

A white sticker on the outside of the box that this is the plasticized version of the game. Further is striking the most expensive blue street on the lid is called Farhat Haced (instead of Bourguiba) at the price of DT 14,000 (instead of DT 40,000). The less exspensive blue street is called Mohammed V on the cover (instead of Khareddine Pacha) at the price of DT 24,000 (instead of DT 35,000). 
Furthermore the first street after Départ is shown as a red street on the cover at far too high a price.

The price of this set amounted to DT 16,130 (~ US$ 17.-) in April 1995.


Edition: Standard - long box, ref. ?
Publisher: Ranim Jeux - Tunis - ±1990
Dimensions of the box: 50 x 26 cm
The game:
The sole difference with ref. 500 is the soft gameboard of this set. A gold sticker on the outside says this is a cheaper issue.


Small box, ref.50.Edition: Standard - small box, ref. 50
Publisher: Ranim Jeux - Tunis - ±1990 
Dimensions of the box: 25.4 x 25.4 cm
The game:
The gameboard is of soft carton, but for the rest all parts are equal to those of the standard set. Very special however is Uncle Pennybags in relief on the cover !

The price of this set amounted to DT 14,500 (~ US$ 15.-) in April 1995.


Edition: Standard - long box, without ref. nr.
Publisher: Ranim Jeux - Tunis - ±1996
Dimensions of the box: 50 x 26 cm
The game:
In the first instance this set resembles very much the edition ref. 500 because a part of side foStandard long box edition ±1996.ur of the board with Départ is shown, with the red bar with Monopoly (in Arabic) under.
However, there are a great number of differences, viz.:

On both the lid and the gameboard the color of the play field is dark bluegreen.
Both the 2 darkblue streets on the lid as well as on the board are the same and the prices do not differ neither.
The lid shows a car on Ave. Bourguiba, while this edition is also supplied with 4 plastic knights of chess and 2 small pawns.
The Arabic word Monopoly is on the midfield of the board in open characters.
The back of the solid board has a green-pink square-pattern with MONOPOLY in one corner and the same picture in Arabic 
in the opposite corner.
The box does not have an insert - the component parts are loose in the box.
The coarse dice are of red wood into which the pips have been drilled.
The banknotes are the same as those of the set with ref.500, like the property cards, the plasticized Chance- and 
Community Chest
Als here the plastic houses are red and the hotels green.

These games are also exported to other countries. This set was bought in Casablanca - Morocco!

The price of this set amounted to DH 179.50 (~ US$ 20.-) October 1998  in Morocco.



On the site of Ranim Jeux I found December 2010 the following images without much explanation. 
Because they are shown on the site from 2008 I take it they were published that year:


De Luxe edtion French, 2008.
   Edition: Monopoly De Luxe - French, without ref.nr.
Publisher: Ranim Jeux - Tunis - 2008





De Luxe edtion Arab, 2008.  

   Edition: Monopoly De Luxe - Arab, without ref.nr.
Publisher: Ranim Jeux - Tunis - 2008





Standard French edition 2008.


   Edition: Monopoly Standard - French, without ref.nr.
Publisher: Ranim Jeux - Tunis - 2008







Standard Arab edition 2008.


   Edition: Monopoly Standard - Arab, without ref.nr.
Publisher: Ranim Jeux - Tunis - 2008









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