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version 2000

versie 2000.


Flag Turkey

  Number of versions: 4

   Edition: October 4, 2004

Most probably the Monopoly (like) board games have relatively late been introduced in this country, of at least the official Parker Brothers/Hasbro editions, which to my knowledge was not before 1993. The 8 color groups are districts from Istanbul (with a population of between 11 and 15 million people, while the capital city Ankara only have a population of 3.6 million people).

From Başlangiç onwards the properties of the Parker/Hasbro editions are:

Kasimpaşa - Dolapdere - Haydarpaşa tren istasyonu TCDD - Sultanahmet - Karaköy - Sirkeci -  Kodes ziyaretçi - Beyoğlu - Elektrik idaresi - Beşiktaş - Taksim - Kadiköy Vapur Iskelesi Deniz Yollari - Harbiye - Şişli - Mecidyeköy – Ücretsiz otopark - Bostanci - Erenköy - Caddebostan - Kabataş Vapur Iskelesi Deniz Yollari - Nişantaşi - Teşvikiye -Sular idaresi - Maçka – Kodes'e gir - Levent - Etiler - Bebek - Sirkeci Tren istasyonu TCDD - Tarabya and Yeniköy.


Borsa edition, ca.1965.Edition: Borsa - small box 
Publisher: Inland manufacturer Melis Oyuncaklari - ±1965
Dimensions of the box: 26 x 26 cm
The game:
This edition is from the collection of Roland Klose, Dötlingen-D. 
Roland bought it on a flea market because he immediately saw the great resemblance with the silver colored German "small box", Nr.102/2 from 1961. Except for this silvery lid of the square box he later found more matches, like: 

the name of the game is printed in blue on the lid

underneath the name is "the Waddingtons engines illustration", typical of  European Monopoly editions in the 
fifthies till mid-sixties of last century.

the station spaces show the black Parker engine.

the playfield has a red border, giving the impression its back side to be red as well, which is not the case.

the prices of all properties are in the same amounts as in the German edition except for the currency TR (Turkish Lira) instead of M (Mark)

as the mistake, made at the start in the American Atlantic City version of Monopoly, taken over in all other countries, the rent of all unbuilt yellow streets was the same (440.- in Germany) untill about 1963.
Funny to discover that the rent of all unbuilt yellow streets in Borsa is TL 440.

All properties are streets from Istanbul.

From Başlan giç onwards they are:

Ankara Caddesi - Şans Kutusu - Büyükdere Cad. - Ortaya koy 4000 T.L. - Hayda paşa istasyonu - Canakkale Cad. - Olaylara Şaşma - Bozkurt Caddesi - Izmir Caddesi - Kodes - Istikâl Caddesi - Elektrik idaresi - Atatür bulvari - Hasim iscan gecidi - Sir keci istasyonu - Bankalar Cad.Şans Kutusu - Vatan CaddesiNamik Kemal CaddesiOrtaya konan parayi alacaksiniz - Nispetiye Cad.-Olaylara Şaşma - Rumeli Caddesi - Kurtulus Cad. - Pendik istasyonu - Moda Caddesi - Bahariye Caddesi - Su idaresi - Sira Selviler Caddesi - Kodes gidiniz - Mustafa Kemal Caddesi - Bağdat Caddesi - Şans Kutusu - Fevzi Paşa Cad. - Bakir köy istasyonu - Olaylara Şaşma - Silahsör Casd. - Lüks Vergisi and Vali Konagi Cad..

The Chance cards are here Olaylara Şaşma cards, while the Community Chest with the well-known blue treasure chest is Şans Kutusu here.
The 7 banknotes are color printed on white paper, the denominations being: 10 - 20 - 100 - 200 - 400 - 1.000 - 2.000 and 10.000. The design is that of Parker Brothers.
The 6 tokens are hollow colored plastic pawns. The blue green plastic houses and red hotels have overhanging roofs. Only the hotels have chimneys.


Aile Zeka Oyunu-±1980Edition: Monopoly Aile Zeka Oyunu
Publisher: Unknown inland maker (Melis?) - ±1980
Dimensions of the box: 22 x 44 cm
The game:
This edition is owned by Paul Norton - UK.
Here obviously is talk of clear plagiary, because:

the black engine on 2 of the stations is the Parker one.

the pink and blue engines on the other stations are copied from the Parker Junior editions.

the Jail scoundrel, treasure chest, gold ring, lamp and tap are according to the Parker design.

the Uncle Pennybags illustrations (4 times on the game board and on all cards) are also stolen from Parker Bros.

the "Short Rules" (also illustrated with Rich Uncle Pennybags) are also in accordance with the Parker Bros. idea.

Clear deviations from the Parker Bros. design are: 

the familiar color groups are situated at different sides of the board.

the Şans space on the board is next to "Free Parking" and the treasure chest can be found next to Başla.

the "Free Parking" corner shows a funny car with a P-road sign on top.

the third corner shows a new policeman with handcuffs.

All properties are streets in Istanbul, but others than those of  the Borsa game and in case of same streets they are differently situated.

From Başla onwards all spaces are:

Vatan Caddesi - Yardim Sandiğ - Tarlabasi Caddesi - Gelir Vergisi - Roket Demir Yollari - Siraselviler Caddesi- Şans - Kurtuluş Caddesi - Topağaci Caddesi - Sadece Ziyaret - Ulus Meydani – Elektrik Şirketi - Ankara Caddesi - Büyükdere Caddesi - Şimşek Demir Yollari - Taksim Meydani - Yardim Sandiği - Istiklâl Caddesi - Emlak Caddesi - Ücretsiz park yeri - Yüksek Kaldirim - Şans - Leveny Caddesi - Nispetiye Caddesi - Füze Demir Yollari - Halaskârgazi Caddesi - Rumeli Caddesi - Su işleri - Gençlik parki - Hapise gir - Cumhuriyet Caddesi - Aksaray Bulvari - Yardim Sandiği - Bağdat Caddesi - Yildirim Demir Yollari - Şans - Park - Lüks Vergisi and Barbaros Bulvari.

The inner box has two inserts: one formed like a tray, the larger one serving as a filling piece. Its bottom is unprinted.
The Yardim Sandiği and Şans cards (40x70 mm) are one sided printed on grey paper. The property deeds (55x71 mm) are also printed on grey paper. The 7 banknotes (41x80 mm) according to the Parker Bros. design are one sided color printed on grey paper in the denominations: 10 - 50 - 100 - 200 - 500 - 1000 and 5000. Under the figure in the circle it says "Kategori 50 20 120" the meaning of it being obscure.
There are 6 colored plastic pawns as tokens.
The blue green plastic houses and red hotels have overhanging roofs. Only the hotels have chimneys.
Both dice are small (7 mm) white Chinese ones, so with a large red dot for the 1.  



Standard edition ref.0695.Edition: Standard, ref.0695TU131
Publisher: Parker Bros./Tonka/Hasbro/Intertoy -1995
Dimensions of the box: 26 x 51 cm
The game:
The version of this Turkish game is the same as of all European editions of that era. That means it has been made in the Irish works of Parker Bros./Tonka.
The lid of the box not only shows the fourth side of the game board but a compilation of the attributes of the game as well. The bottom side shows the color picture of a laughing Monopoly playing family, however on a German game board.

It is striking there are ferry boats on two of the station spaces. (Although there are bridges connecting both parts of the town there are a number of ferries crossing the water as well.) On the other two are stations from Istanbul. The back side of the solid game board is red.
The inner box has a red insert with 12 holes for the accessories.
The back side of the white Şans cards is red printed showing the question mark. The back of the Kamu Fonu cards is printed in blue showing the treasue chest.
From this version of the Monopoly games on  the rent of the unbuilt third yellow street is higher than that of the other two, now being 2.400.000 TL (see what is said about this subject earlier). Your salary at Başlangiç is 2.000.000 TL.
The package of 7 banknotes have the ref.nr."1006951GKR-Greek" meaning this game has the same notes as the corresponding Greek issue. The respective notes are printed in black on colored paper: 100.000 - 500.000 - 1.000.000 - 2.000.000 - 10.000.000 and 50.000.000.
The 10 metal tokens ("made in China") are resp.: car - boat - hat - iron - shoe - thimble - dog - canon - wheelbarrow and rider-on-horse.
All green plastic houses and red hotels have overhanging roofs, only the houses also have a chimney.
Both dice are red with white pips.

The price of this set amounted to TL 990,000 (US$ 28.-) June 1995.



The new sized 14535 edition.Edition: Standard, ref. 14535131
Publisher: Parker/Tonka/Hasbro - 1996
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.3 x 5.3 cm
of the double folded board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm
The game:
This edition is a sample of the "new look" of the games who are manufactured in the Irish works.

Striking are the new dimensions of the box. Hasbro told this is because of standardization of the sizes of all of their games. So herewith the long box we called standard so far disappears.
This new box contains a red plastic tray insert with newly shaped slots for the banknotes and title cards of the banker. 
The board is folded in four like in the so-called "small box". The back side is red and the play side is blue green. The set is manufactured in Ireland and so it has again a picture of a  laughing family at the back of the box. 
On the board are the nice Şans- en Kamu Fonu cards of this game. The banknotes are of the new model, i.e. with a black "Monopoly ribbon and Uncle Pennybags" in the upper part of the circle and at the bottom, almost unvisible, the remark "1996 Tonka Corporation".
The 10 tokens are of pewter and likely no longer manufactured in China. The green, plastic houses do have a chimney, the red hotels don't.


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