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version 2000

versie 2000.


Flag of Urugay.   Number of versions: 1

   Edition: March 13, 2007

Map of Uruguay.

Like in the surrounding countries Uruguay has its own kind of Monopoly-like edition, manufactured by an inland game maker.

While Argentina has its Estanciero (Ranger), Brasil its Banco Imobiliário (Real Estate Bank) and Colombia and Venezuela their Metropolio, Uruguay has at least its El Banquero (The Banker).

However, it is to be expected that the standard Spanish edition of the American Atlantic City version, from Parker Brothers/Hasbro, will also be available in this country.





Inland made El Banquero.Edition: El Banquero (The Banker), without ref.nr.
              "El juego del Monopolio"
Publisher: Inland manufacturer Toaly (?) - ±1950
Dimensions of the box: 51 x 27 x 5 cm
The game:
This edition is from the collection of Steve Amato - N.Y.C.
It says on the lid: "Un juego para que chicos y grandes apprendan a hacerse ricos" (A game for kids and adults to learn how to become rich). 

Unfortunately this old and probably often used set has been visibly restored, which appears from:

1. The green plaid tape along the edge of the yellow lid, as well as the edges of the innerbox, that cannot be original.
2. The design of the innerbox that cannot be original, because the empty square shown in the centre has no fuction. Any former owner
    must have home-made the cardboard trays stapled to the edges, to create a kind of banker's tray.

However, this is clearly an inland made Uruguyan game because the streets on the game board are all from districts of the countries 
capital Montevideo

Canadian Mini Box-1946.Although the publisher has tried to create many differences with regard to Parker Brothers' design, he obviously was strongly influenced by it. The most typical of this is the clear copy of the picture, with the precursor of "Uncle Pennybags" and the $-sign under it, from the "Mini boxes" as they were used till about the early sixties in America and Canada. That is why I estimate this edition to be of around 1950.

Striking differences with regard to the Parker design are a.o.:

The 4 properties in the mid of each side are various transport companies rather than railways.
Both red Suerte (Chance) and blue Destino (Destiny) cards show a question mark. There are 12 Suerte and 14 Destino cards. The Suerte cards stack is not next to the starting corner.
The value of the properties do not increase over the board, but differ per district as well as in each district.
This game goes with a beaker to shake the dice.
The Rules being printed inside the lid. This should have been done more often, because in this way they cannot been lost.

Trolley-buses.The properties are from Salida onwards:

Villa Muñoz:  Arenal Grande ($150) - Blandengues ($100)  - Compania 
                        De Trolley-Buses
($250) -
Aguada: Avenida Agraciada 
                        ($200) - Destino (destiny) - Sierra ($150) - Lima ($100)
En la prison/De visita no mas

Centro: Sarandi ($250) - Compania De Telefonos U.T.E. ($300) - Avenida
               Uruguay ($200) - San Jose ($250) - Compania De Autobuses
Pocitos: Benito Blanco ($200) - Suerte (Chance) - Avenida Brasil ($250) -
                Rambla R. Del Peru ($300) 
Parada Libre (Free Parking

Cordon: Magallanes ($100) - Destino - Eduardo Acevedo ($150) -
                Constituyente ($200) - Compania De Ferro-Carriles ($350)
Reducto: San Martin ($250) - Millan ($100) - Compania De Petroleo ANCAP ($300) - Burgues ($150) 
Vayase A La Prision (Go To Jail

8 De Octubre ($250) - Comercio ($200) - Destino - Felipe Sanguinetti ($200) - Compania 
             De Aviacion PLUNA
Colon + Sayago: Avenido Garzon ($150) - Suerte and Camino Ariel ($100).

The game board is of solid cardboard and it's back is a "marbled" greyish green. There is also a name sticker put on one part of the board.
The tokens are small, colored disks. The money consists of 7 "El Banquero"- banknotes. They are printed in brown on colored, thin paper and their nominations are $1 - $5 - $10 - $50 - $100 - $500 and $1000, where the $-sign stands for Pesos. 
There are 32 houses and 12 skyscrapers instead of hotels.
Both different sized, white dice in this set cannot be the original ones.


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