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World edition 2008 .

version 2000

versie 2000


Edition: March 30, 2012
Number of countries: 29

Travel the World Together.

All 24 tokens of 6 continents-2008.Mr.Monopoly-2008.Parker/Hasbro started in 2005 to introduce "Here & Now" editions (in the Netherlands called "Van Dam tot Dom") worldwide, in which the properties were choosen from generally known, contemporary buildings and landmarks of the concerning country. In addition the price level had drastically been increased from "€ 200 over Start" to "€ 2 million over Start". In 2006 the Americans ("America Has Voted!") and Canadians, as the only two countries, had the opportunity to vote for the properties to come on the board of their edition.
Apparently this was the start to say goodbye from now on to the standard editions with the original streets that had been on the board for exactly 70 years.

And indeed the new coutry-editions began to appear from early 2008 in a number of European countries, like France, Switserland, the Scandinavian countries and Finland, in a square box, still with Mr. Monopoly (with a red bow tie) in his red car with license plate number Mr.70, but with the country's flag on the background. For the properties in these editions it always was "the people to vote". 
So it is very likely many countries will follow in getting this new version of their standard edition!

And as an umbrella variant of this new, voted by the people, country editions Parker/Hasbro invented this large scale started worldwide elections for this World Edition.

In February and March 2008 monopoly fans could during 6 weeks express their preference for cities to be choosen from a list composed by Hasbro of 68 towns from all over the world. London and New York were amongst these 68 cities. The best voted for 20 cities were granted a square on the game board. On top there were wild cards for the first two streets after Start. Everyone over the whole world could nominate any city for these spaces.... and that is how Gdynia (Poland) and Taipei (Taiwan) got their place on the board! 

For some unclear reason Hasbro decided to launch two versions of this World Edition at the introduction around August 26, 2008, viz.:

    Ref.Nr. 01611: a game with an additional "Deal Button" and banknotes.
    Ref.Nr. 01612: a more sophisticated game with an "Electronic Banking Unit" and credit 
instead of banknotes. In this unit the Deal Button" is incorporated as well.

    Soon followed by two special editions:   

    Ref.Nr. 01613: a "Collectors Edition" with all 24 standard 
                               tokens + 6 exclusive ones.
    Ref.Nr. 01693: a "Travel Edition" in a red plastic carry case.


Over 5.6 million votes have been registered, resulting in the following division of the English board, from GO onwards:

Gdynia (Poland) - Community Chest - Taipei (Taiwan) - Income Tax - Monopoly Rail - Tokyo(Japan) - Chance - Barcelona (Spain) - Athens (Greece) - In Jail - Istanbul (Turkey) - Solar Energy - Kyiv (Ukrane) - Toronto (Canada) - Monopoly Air - Rome (Italy) - Community Chest - Sjanghai (China) - Vancouver (Canada) - Free Parking - Sydney (Australia) - Chance - New York (USA) - London (England) - Monopoly Cruise - Beijing (China) - HongKong (China) - Wind energy - Jerusalem (Israel) - Go to Jail - Paris (France) - Belgrade (Servia) - Community Chest Cape Town (South Africa) - Monopoly Space - Chance - Riga (Latvia) - Super Tax and Montreal (Canada).                                                                              
Mr.Monopoly from 2008.

It is striking that Riga, the capital of Latvia, a country where Hasbro sells its games since 2001, 
succeeded in coming so high on the board. 
It is a pity the "station spaces" haven't been utilized a more interesting way, e.g. referring to the 
first locomotive, balloon, ship and space capsule.
To pay attention nevertheless to the 48 cities that did not come on the board a 
gallery of pictures
of those cities have been put on top the property spaces. On an extra sheet 
going with the set a comment is given on these pictures and those on the properties. 
The same sheet also gives information on the pictures shown on the globe.
The editions of some countries not represented on the game board do supply one or more 
of the cities nominated by the country for the election. These can be put on any property 
wanted. Holland f.e. supplied such stickers for Amsterdam and Volendam, but Germany apparently 
didn't felt the need to add stickers for their nominated cities Frankfurt, München or Berlin.
In this new presentation Mr. Monopoly looks different as well. With his "change of name" around 
2000 he started to wear a red bow tie, but only 8 years later he is bearing a substantial silvery 
bow tie. In addition he has a green band around his top hat.
Up till now Rich Uncle Pennybag's cane had a pleasant round grip but since he has a new image the top of his cane is a sharp M.
The banknotes of the edition with Ref.Nr. 01611 are printed in black on colored paper in the nominations:10k (white) - 50k - 100k - 200k - 500k - 1M and 5M (Monopoly dollars, symbol: M with 2 hor.lines). Instead of 2x a house the notes now show 2x a globe.
(It looks like this currency will become standard for all countries since it is already applied in the German standard edition 00009 of 2008.)
The Banker's tray is a blue insert of soft plastic in the under section of the box. It has 5 trays, of which one is for the property deeds and one for the banknotes. 
New in this version is the "Deal Button". With this little instrument the banker has to reduce the dealing time of an auction of a property. This time is randomly between13 and 50 seconds.
The instructions on the Chance- and Community Chest cards can hardly be recognized. Except for substantial modifications in a number of cards, most of them are completely new and provided with a Did you know? - comment. It would be taking things to far to mention them all, but a few of them have to, like:
Your travel company really hits the big time! Collect M2m.
Did you know? The earliest British 'passport' was a note signed by the King or Queen, allowing the holder to travel freely.
Pay M1m to host Dublin's Saint Patrick's Day festival.
Host an exclusive karaoke club night in Tokyo, Japan. Collect M100k in ticket sales.
Did you know? Karaoke was invented in Japan in 1984. Today, it is Japan's fourth most popular form of entertainment, behind cinemas, restaurants and bars
Spend M500k at Munich's Christmas market.
Did you know? The roots of Munich's traditional Christmas market go back to the 14th century.
Each set includes 6 randomly selected tokens (one of each continent) of 24 designed; there are 4 models for each of the 6 continents. 
My own set has the following 6 tokens: Canadian Mounty - Inca Mask - London Cab - Safari Hat - Chinese Dragon and Kangaroo.
Because each token has a story it is interesting to report them all here: 
North America:
Canadian Mounty. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the Canadian national police service.
Cowboy Hat. Cowboy hats have been an American symbol for the western horseman since 1862.
Baseball Glove.Baseball as we know it today was developed in North America in the 18th century.
Nascar. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the largest sanctioning body of motorsports in the United States.
South America:
Inca Mask. The Inca population lived in the part of South America extending from the Equator to the Pacific coast of Chile.
Inca Statue. THe Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America.
Easter Island Moai. Easter Island is the remotest populated island in the world, famous for its moai statues.
Fooball. South American football is widely considered to be the most passionate game of football in the world!
London Cab. The Hackney Carriage or "Black Cab" is synonymous with the streets of London.
Pretzel. The pretzel, traditionally backed in a knot shape, is said to have originated in Germany as long ago as 1111 AD.
Matador. Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle in Spain.
Windmill. At the end of the Middle Ages, the Dutch started using wind power to drain their flood-prone land.
Safari Hat. A safari hat is essential when on safari in Africa.
Egyptian Head Mask. Masks were a very important aspect of Ancient Egyptian burials.
African Mask. African masks are usually carved in wood and were used in religious ceremonies.
Camel. There are two types of camel, the dromedary, which has one hump and is native to Africa and the Middle East and the rarer Bactrian camel, which has two humps and is native to the Gobi Desert.
Chinese Dragon. Chinese dragons are a symbol of good luck with dragon dances being held at festive celebrations, such as Chinese New Year.
Tuk-Tuk. Tuktuks are used as taxis in Thailand. They are a great way of getting about  in the traffic chaos of Bankok!
Russian Dolls. Russian dolls date from 1890 and are known as Matryoshka dolls or Babushka dolls.
Sumo Wrestler. Sumo wrestling originated as a performance to entertain the gods, and is now Japan's national sport.
Kangaroo. Kangeroes are the largest marsupials in Australia. They are the only large animals to use hopping as a form of movement.
Koala. Koalas are not related to the bear family at all, despite often being referred to as Koala bears!
Surfer. Surfing wasn't always just for fun - it originated as a sport for Hawaiian chiefs to demonstrate their authority!
Boomerang. There are two main types of boomerang; returning and non-returning.  Both have been used by Australian Aboriginals for thousands of years.
Much attention was also paid to the houses and hotels of this version. This means there are 6 different models of houses and 
all going with each edition, viz.:
Noorth America:
House: Inspired by New England houses. New England is famous for its colourful autumn leaves, which draw visitors from all around the world.
Hotel: Inspired by the American skyscrapers in New York and Chicago.
South America:
House: Inspired by Cuban housing, with their stone walls to combat the effects of the humid climate and inner patios to offer shade from the sun.
Hotel: Traditionally, Aztec sacrificial temples were never destryed, but had new ones built around them, resulting in layered temples, each layer becoming bigger and more extravagant.
House. Now known as winter ski residences, Swiss chalets were originally used only in summer, when cattle herders would bring their herds 
to graze in mountain pastures.
Hotel: European skyscrapers, such as those found in London's Canary Wharf, inspired this hotel.        
House: In rural African tradition, before marrying, the bridegroom is expected to build the marital home using locally gathered materials.
Hotel: The oldest of Egyptian pyramids was built in 2630 BC - more than 4600 years ago.
House: In Asia, pagodas are multi-storey buildings often built near Buddhist temples as places of worship.
Hotel: Inspired by Asian skyscrapers in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan.
House: Tin roofs, often tained by rust, are common in the Australian outback.
Hotel: Inspired by Australian skyscrapers and notable buildings, such as the Sydney Opera House.
Thee dice going with this edition are white with black pips.
Hasbro reports that this World Edition to be available in more than 50 countries and in 37 different languages.
Finally I wonder despairingly what is promissed at the very end on the bottom of the box with the remarks:

Play Time Doesn't End Here! EA     monopoly.ea.com
Get ready for all-new interactive ways to play your favourite toys and games
Coming Soon  From Electronic Arts Wherever You Play

MOBILE         iPod         ONLINE           POGO         VIDEOGAMES

With the introduction of this edition the price was € 34,95

1. Hasbro reports this edition to be available in 50 countries and 37 languages.
2. It turns out not all countries not appearing on the game board haven't got the opportunity to put a sticker of a city of their 
    own country on a space at choice. 
    The Belgian version for instance goes with an extra sticker for Brussels, but, although the Germans could vote for 3 
    German cities none of them came on the board of the German edition with card reader and there were no extra stickers 
    supplied neither. 


Some editions from over the world, shown in random order:

New Zealand (owned by Matthew Horton-UK):

W.E.2008 from New Zealand. 

                Name of edition: Here & Now : The World Edition, Ref.Nr. 01611/283

                The first few editions sold had a free extra Mr.Monopoly token.

                Unfortunately New Zealand is not represented on the game board. 




Germany (owned by Roland Klose-D):

   Name of edition: WORLD, Ref.Nr. 01612/

   The people could vote for Frankfurt, München and Berlin on the wild card 
   spaces,  but none of these cities came on the game board.
   Unfortunately, there are no stickers supplied with the set neighter to make it 
   possible to change streets into one or more of those 3 cities.
   What can be the reason Hasbro preferred to use the English word World instead 
   of the German Welt?

   See for the description in German Roland's site.



Germany Sammler-Edition (owned by Roland Klose-D):   

World Sammler-Edition.        Name of edition: WORLD Sammler-Edition, 
                                     Ref.Nr. 060801613/

        This square box has not only all 24 available tokens, but 6 exclusive ones  as well, all 
        stored ogether with the other assesssories in a smart silvery tin. All 24 tokens are 
        devided over 4 pouches, each with an own ref.nr.:
        Pouche A (Nr. 765016120001A): London Cab - Inca Mask - Canadian Mounty - 
                            Safari Hat - Chinese Dragon and Kangaroo.
        Pouche B (Nr. 765016120001B): Cowboy Hat - Football - Pretzel - Egyptian Head 
                            Mask - Tuk-Tuk and Koala. 
         Pouche C (Nr. 765016120001C): Baseball Glove - Inca Statue - Matador - African 
                            Mask - Russian Dolls and Surfer.
         Pouche D (Nr. 765016120001D): Nascar - Easter Island Moai - Windmill - Camel - 
                            Sumo Wrestler and Boomerang.
Those 6 exclusive tokens: Cactus - Crown - Elephant - KaratePenguin and Route 66.
The game board need to be foulded 6 times for this edition.     

The Netherlands:

W.E. 2008 from Holland.                 Name of edition: WERELDEDITIE, Ref.Nr. 01611/104
                 The people could vote for Amsterdam and Volendam on the wild card spaces,  but 
                 none of these cities came on the game board.
                 However, a little sheet of paper goes with the set, containing stickers of these cities 
                 to make it possible to change streets into one or both these cities.

                 In Belgium the Dutch edition is distributed, but in the electronic version, Ref.Nr. 
. Because Belgium is not on the game board a sticker for Brussels as 
                 property is supplied with the game.                            



China/Hong Kong (found on www.ebay.com):

World Edition HONG KONG. 

             Name of edition: Big Rich Old Man : New Age Electronics World Edition
                                          Ref.Nr. 01612/

             Except for Canada China is the only country represented on the board by 3 cities
             viz.: ShanghaiBeijing and Hong Kong. This may be the sole bi-lingual edition?

             Although not mentioned this edition being a limited edition, the sets are all numbered 
             and even a certificate is supplied.
             It is remarkable that in contrast with the other issues where the Parker-logo is shown,  viz. 
                                                                                           at the lower right on the lid  as well on the board, near the Go-corner,  now is the Hasbro-logo.
                                                                                           The set goes with with a bilingual Rules booklet: Chinese and English.

(found on www.ebay.com):

W.E. 2008 from Australia.    

                 Name of edition: Here & Now: The World Edition, Ref.Nr. 01611

                 Australia is represented on the board by its well-known city of Sydney.




(owned by Matthew Horton-UK):

World Edition, UK version.

                 Name of edition: Here & Now : The World Edition, Ref.Nr. 01612/102

                 England thought it sufficient to get its capital London on the game board.





France (found on www.hasbro.fr):

    Name of edition: Monde, Ref.Nr. 01612/Monde, Ref.Nr. 01612/101

    Like Germany, France simply call its version World, however in French.

    France apparently thought it sufficient to get its world-known capital Paris  
    on the game board.

    In Belgium, instead of a bi-lingual version, this French editie is distributed 
    and because Belgium is not on the board a sticker for Brussels as property 
    is supplied with the set.


Promotion edition of Le Monde-Paris.             Backside of the Le Monde wrapper around World Edition.

 Name of edition:
Le Monde, Ref.Nr. 01612/101
                           quotidien * magazine * internet

 The world known French daily Le Monde  
 makes cleverly use of the fact that its name 
 is in Monopoly Monde to use this edition for 
 a business present.
 The set may have been launched in December? 


(found on www.hasbro.es):

                 Name of edition: Electrónico : Edición mundial, Ref.Nr. 01612/105 or 118?

                 This Spanish version underlines the game has to be played with the "Electronic 
                 Banking Unit" and credit cards, rather then with banknotes.

                 Spain succeeded in getting one space on the game board with Barcelona.






Taiwan (Taiwan Journal, Aug.28, 2008):

How the World Edition was announced in Taiwan. Taiwan Chinese edition.Name of edition: Land Property Rich Man : World Next Generation Electronics Edition
                               Here & Now : The World Edition, Ref.Nr.01612/???

 In his article "Nation's image set for a boost with Taipei's 
 Monopoly listing
" in the "Taiwan Journal" of Aug.28, 2008 
 Eric Chao wrote. a.o.: 
 "Hasbro Taiwan, the local branch of the international toy 
  maker, announced that Taipei City has been selected as 
  one of 22 cities included in the first international edition 
  of the famous board game Monopoly that will be locally 
  released Sept. 1.
  ....According to Judy Chen, Hasbro Taiwan's marketing manager, the decision to list the capital of Taiwan will boost the Republic of China's international image, as the game will be released worldwide. 
Chen explained that earlier this year, the company decided to produce the "Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition," and conducted an Internet poll to determine which cities would be included.
.....We are thrilled that the first-ever global board game includes an eclectic mix of cities that showcase their dynamic 
cultures, sights and history of the planet," said Helen Martin, vice president of global marketing for the Monopoly brand. 
Janice Chen, product manager for Hasbro Taiwan, explained that the new edition of the game aims to emphasize the multicultural aspect of today's globalized world. "This is why we decided to replace street names with cities," she said. "Furthermore, players can become familiar with features and characteristics of those cities and are encouraged to learn more about the particular countries on their own." Chen added that the National Palace Museum was selected as Taipei's representative image because of its magnificent architectural style and rich cultural aspects.
Rose Chao, deputy executive of Taipei City Tourism Committee, said the inclusion of Taipei and the NPM in the game will catapult Taiwan onto the international stage. 
"The island will receive increased exposure and visibility, and this will promote our tourism industry," she said.
Wayne Liu, director of International Affairs Division at the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, agreed with Chao and pointed out that according to the bureau's statistics, places of historic interest are the main attractions for foreign visitors in Taipei. "Therefore, the National Palace Museum as the symbol of Taipei will enhance the city's international reputation and attract more foreign tourists from abroad," he said.


Canada (Kris Abel's blog, Aug.20, 2008)American English edition also sold in Canada.

The large game board in Toronto.    Name of edition: Here & Now : The World Edition, Ref.Nr. 01612/000                                  
Ref.Nr. 01671/092

    In his article "Hasbro Celebrates Adding Montreal, 
    Vancouver, And Toronto To Latest Monopoly 
" Kris Abel, reporter of CTV.ca, says a.o.:

    Canadian French edition, made in America."......Which city received the most votes online? Montreal and it has been given the 
    coveted Park Place slot. To celebrate, Hasbro held launch 
    events today in
VancouverMontreal and here in Toronto  
    where I attended the festivities at Ontario Place. They had a 
giant-sized version of the board on display, surrounded by small tents representing various cities from the board along with performers to match. 
There was a living statue at the Athens tent, dancers performing for Beijing, a mime to represent Paris, a yoga instructor for Vancouver, and the Queen herself to hold court at the London tent. Kids were treated to free board pieces and a chance to meet Mr. Monopoly himself."
                                                                             Differences between the Canadian French and French French Monde editions are:



Reference Nr. 01671/092 01612/101
Parker Brothers logo Blue  Black  
circle on the lid only once twice
On top the green space Little mapleleaf + C01671 nothing
Text with the card reader 
(on the lid)
Avec guichet électronique Avec une banque électronique
Text in green space 
(on the lid)
Famille Jeux de réflexion
Text conc. batteries
(on the lid)
Piles requises Fonctionne avec des piles


Turkey (owned by Roland Klose - D):

Turkish version of the World Edition.          Name of edition: Dünya Şehirleri, Ref.Nr. 01611/131

          The exact translation of the title is: World Cities.

          After a frantic fight during the elections Istanbul dropped 
          from initially a high place on the list to finally the purple streets next to Jail.

          Note: In this edition of most of the countries the "station spaces" show "Monopoly",
                    however, this is not the case in this Turkish version.

          See for the description in German Roland's site.

(found on www.hasbro.fi):

Finnish version of the World Edition.

                Name of edition: Tässä ja nyt : Maailmaversio, Ref.Nr. 01612/109

               The exact translation of the title is: Here & Now : World Version.

                Also Finland  did not succeed in acquiring a space on the game board.






Latvian version of the World edition.

        Name of edition: Šeit un tagat: Pausales izdevums, Ref.Nr. 01612/632

        The exact translation of the title is:  Here and Now: World edition.

        It is very striking and remarkable such a small country like Latvia, a country where 
        Hasbro is only selling its Monopoly editions since 2001, is that interested in this 
        game that it got a great deal of "the people" mobilized to collect that many votes 
        that Riga (its capital city) came on the last but one of the most expensive streets!


Hungarianversion of the World Edition.  Back side of the Hungarian Edition box.

     Name of edition:
Itt és most: Világ kiadás, Ref.Nr. 01612/165

     The exact translation of the title is: Here and Now: World edition.

     Unfortunately Hungary is not represented on the game board. 



USA (owned by Roland Klose-D): 

World EDition, USA standard version.   Name of edition:  Here & Now : The World Edition, Ref.Nr. 01612/000
  The copyright rule of the USA edition.                
This is the American edition, recognizable                 
   by the blue Parker Brothers logo at the 
   lower right bottom of the lid, whereas 
   that logo is only "Parker + the swirl" in 
   black on the UK edition.
   It appears this American box (as well as 
   the board) to be 5 mm longer than that 
   of f.e. the European issues. 
It seems the wording on the bottoms' right corner side of the box  to be incompleet. 
It should read: "Manufactured in the US and distributed in Canada by Habro Canada
The game is made in the Hasbro factory in East Longmeadow,MA, for both the US market and the Canadian market."

USA is represented on the board by New York city only! 



USA (Collector's edition):

USA Collector's edition tin.Bottom of the Collector's edition.

  Name of edition:  Here & Now : The World Edition, Ref.Nr. 01613
                                Collector's edition

  This edition is from the collection of Roland Klose - D.
The fact this is an American issue is again shown by 
  the blue Parker logo in the lower right corner of the lid.
  This square box has not only all 24 available tokens
  but 6 exclusive ones  as well, all stored together with 
  the other assesssories in a smart silvery tin.
  Those 6 exclusive tokens are: Cactus - Crown
  ElephantKaratePenguin and Route 66


USA (Traveller edition)

Travel edition of the US World Edition.     
Name of edition:  Here & Now : The World Edition, Ref.Nr. 01612
                                     The Traveller's edition

       It is a full-sized portable Monopoly edition in a red plastic case.

      The case is stickered with labels from around the world: London - Cairo - 
      Tai Mahal - Rome and New York.

      This edition is only available at Toys 'R' Us in America.



Greece (owned by David Miller-UK): 

World edition of Greece.

           Name of edition:  PAGKOSMIA EKDOSH, Ref.Nr. 01612/

           The exact translation of the title is: International Edition.
            In the yellow spot it says: All the world has voted!

            Greece is represented on the board by its capital city Athens.  



Russia (found on igroved.ru): Calculator, pic. of the Russian edition.

Russian edition, 01612/121.

     Name of edition: Здесь и Сейчас: 
                                  Всемирная версия, Ref.Nr. 01612/

     Russia is not represented with any city on the board.





Russia (Collector's edition):Box of Russian Collector's tin.

Russian Collector's edition.    Name of edition:  Здесь и Сейчас: 
                                  Всемирная версия, Ref.Nr. 01613/
   This square box has not only all 24 
   available tokens
, but 6 exclusive ones  
   as well, all stored together with the other 
   assesssories in a smart silvery tin.
   Those 6 exclusive tokens are: Cactus
- Elephant - KaratePenguin and Route 66





          Name of edition: モノポリーワールドエディション    JAN (Japan Art.Nr.) 4904810334545

         American version of Japanese WORLD edition.The exact translation of the title is: Monopoly World Edition.

         Japan succeeded in getting one space on the game board with Tokyo.

         The Japanese distributor Takara  Tomy also offers 
         an English version of this set, perhaps the Australian one?




Brazilian World edition.                                                                    

  Name of edition: Edição Mundial, Ref.Nr. 01611

The exact translation of tthe title is: Monopoly World Edition.

                 Brazil is not represented on the board. I have, however, no 
                 idea if the Brazilian people have ever tried to come on.



Sweden (owned by Nico Schipper - S):

Zweedse Wereldeditie.          

Name of edition:
Här och Nu: Världsutgåvan, Ref.Nr.01612/106
The exact translation of the title is: Here and Now: World edition.

           The Swedish people got the opportunity to vote, however they did not 
           succeed in getting a Swedish city on the game board.



(owned by Roland Klose-D)
Italian version of the World edition.

                    Name of edition:  World Edition, Ref.Nr. 01612

                    In the yellow spot it says: Il mondo ha deciso! 

                    Italy is represented on the board by its capital city Rome.

This edition was not published until May 2010.

                    See for the description in German: Roland's site.



Israel (property of Roland Klose-D):

Israelian version of the WORLD edition.                         

                         Name of edition:    ??, Ref.Nr. 01612/256

                         In the yellow spot it says:              Who can tell me? 

                         Israel is represented on the board by Jerusalem .

                         See for the description in German: Roland's site.


Poland (found on www.hasbro.pl):

Polish version of World.                 

                  Name of edition: Świat, Ref.Nr. 01611/

                  The real translation of Świat is World.

                  Poland also succeeded in getting a city on the game board, 
                  being the first street of the board: Gdynia.




Poland (Collector's edition):

Poolse verzamelaars editie.        


Name of the edition: Świat, zagŁosowaŁ! , Ref.Nr. 01613/120     

This square box has not only all 24 available tokens, but 6 exclusive ones  
                        as well, all stored together with the other assesssories in a smart silvery tin.
                        Those 6 exclusive tokens are: Cactus - Crown - Elephant - KaratePenguin and Route 66




South Korea (
owned by Do-hun Lee - Seoul):

South Korean World edition.   Name of the edition: Here & Now The World Edition , Ref.Nr. 01612/7??  
                                       To the larger world, Monopoly WorldTour!
South Korea is not represented with any city on the board. Because of that a
   special property sticker of Seoul is supplied with the set so each owner 
   of this edition can change one property on his board into Seoul, should 
   he/she wish so! 

   This edition was not published until 2009.

   Each set includes 6 randomly selected tokens (one of each continent) of 
   24 designed; there are 4 models for each of the 6 continents. Those present 
   in Do-hun Lee's set are

 See for the description in Korean, Dohun's site:



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