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version 2000

versie 2000.


Flag Yemen

  Number of versions: 1

   Edition: February 25, 1999

Edition: Standard, art.nr.7405 (1)
Publisher: Inland make - 1994 ?
Dimensions of the box: 25 x 49 cm
The game:
(The art.nr. is only mentioned on the right short side of the lid).

This game of inland manufacture is a careless copy of the bilingual original Waddingtons game with ref.nr. 46021. As a former British crown colony it is not so strange that this game with the streets of London was copied, but its quality is even worse than 
that of the set of neighbouring country Oman (see there):

Poor plastic tokens.

The game board is of soft carton. Its back is red. The fold is parallel to 
the 1st and 3rd side. The word Monopoly has open characters. There 
is no mention of any copyright year and there is no Uncle Pennybags
coming out the O.
In the inner box are but a few carton stripes to shape trays for the equipment.
The banknotes are made of translucent paper. Their front is in accordance with Parker Brothers (with an engine, a house 
and 3 times a value statement), their back is like Waddingtons. However in the centre of the engine-pattern the £-sign has 
been swapped
while Uncle Pennybags fails.
The green houses and redbrown hotels are made of plastic and have no roof-edge, but do have a chimney.
The 6 tokens are the well-known car - hat - boat - shoe - iron and dog, but of poor moulded grey plastic.
There are 2 dark blue dice with black pips who can hardly be read out.
The yellow through Chance and pink Community Chest cards have rounded corners and are numbered.
Both instructions are printed on thin paper without mention of "Registered Trade Mark" as on the sets of Oman.

Of the three different editions (so far known) under the same ref. nr. 7405 this issue is the very poorest in quality, because not only the box do not have a decent tray to 
store the equipment but in addition the £-sign on the back of the banknotes has been swapped and the dice are ugly and hard to read out (see also with India).

The price amounted to YRial 800.- (US$ 5.-) June 1995.


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