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version 2000

versie 2000.


Flag of Zimbabwe.

  Number of versions: 2

   Edition: March 7, 2010

Map of Zimbabwe.

Since April 18, 1980 the former wealthy African country South Rhodesia is Zimbabwe, a country suffering under the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe. 
It is very unlikely many Monopoly or Monopoly-like games will have been made in this boisterous country, certainly not since the people of Zimbabwe have almost no means of subsistence. 
Therefore it is something special 2 Monopoly(-like) games have been found!






Box of TYCOON.Edition: Tycoon 
Publisher: Inland manufacturer "Darten" - ▒1967
Dimensions of the box:  48.9 x 26.0 x 3.5 cm
  of the unfolded board:  45.0 x 45.0 cm
The game:
This edition is from the collection of Ian Brown - UK

Although the presentation and name of this game is different, it is a common Monopoly edition in all details: 

almost all color bars are those from Waddington (because I assume the manufacturer has looked at the UK Monopoly edition).
the names of all spaces are mentioned twice, in mirror image.
the prices of the properties are the same and so your salary at Start: $ 200.-.
the corner spaces have the same names and functions as those of the well-known editions; only the images are different.

However, the stations show a simple semaphore instead of an engine,  the prison is empty, the go-to-prison corner only handcuffs, while the car park doesn't show any car.

Board of TYCOON.All properties are from the capital then Salisbury (now Harare) and are from Start onwards:

Rotten Row - Post Box - Victoria Street - P.A.Y.E. - Umtali station - Widdicombe Road - Pot Luck - Railway Avenue - Charter Road - Prison/Visiting - Salisbury Drive - Electricity Supply - Jameson Avenue - Coronation Avenue - Salisbury Station - Moffat Street - Post Box - North Avenue - Rhodes Avenue - Car Park - Mazoe Road - Pot Luck - Golden Stairs Road - Lomagundi Road - Gwelo Station - Cecil Square - King George Road - Water Reservoir - Kingsway - Go to Prison - Enterprise Road - Arcturus Road - Post Box - Borrowdale Road - Bulawayo Station - Pot Luck - Stanley Avenue - P.A.Y.E. and First Street.

The cards are called Post Box and Pot Luck and are 77x52 mm, while the slightly larger property deeds are 80x55 mm. Their Bond backs are white.
The neutral banknotes (sizes: 90x50 mm) are printed in black on colored paper and their nominations are: 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 (white) and 500.
Five of the seven tokens of the TYCOON edition.There ought to be 7 tokens with the game, but this set has only those shown on the image: buffalo - white poodle - pink pelican - black bear and a brown horse.

There are 32 cylindrical wooden houses and 12 more building shaped wooden hotels.
Both wooden dice are black with gold pips.



Round Rhodesia box and game board.Edition: Round Rhodesia
              "Play the Property Game in Rhodesia's 
               exciting tourist centres!"

Publisher: Inland manufacturer "Leisure Craft" - ▒1970
Dimensions of the box: ▒50x26 cm
The game:
I saw this edition offered on the auction site ebay in 2008, but have no idea who became the owner.

Box, game board and attributes.I situate this edition, an image of a period of abundance, because of that somewhere before 1980.
Although I found on the lid this edition being "a product of Leisure Craft" the yellow paper in the innerbox makes me hesitating a bit, because on top these Rules is in large black characters Tycoon. Another point is that both games apply in all respects the same banknotes. Conclusion: there must be a close relation between this and the other edition.
On the other hand the board looks much more like a Waddington one, although the colorbars are at different places on the board. The map of the country, in the board's centre, makes the game a nice souvenir of the country.
From Go onwards the 4 station spaces are the airports: Salesbury Airport - Victoria Falls Airport - Bulawayo Airport and Kariba Airport.
The other properties are all of Rhodesian hotels, like Mountain Lodge Hotel - Monomatapa Hotel - Rhodes Matapos Hotel and Victoria Falls Casino Hotel, to mention a few. The cards are Luck and Gamble.
The houses and hotels are of wood.
Both dice are white with black pips.



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