Knokke-Heist, fashionable resort and undoubtedly the most versatile municipality on the Belgian coast. Sea and beach is supplemented by art, culture and a vibrant atmosphere.

Monopoly Knokke-Heist is the ideal way to (re) discover the municipality in a different way. Visit the City Hall, go for a walk in the Zwin Nature Park, build a hotel on the Lippenslaan, play in the Casino or develop a real estate project on the Maes and Boereboomplein!

This Monopoly edition takes you to all the beautiful things that Knokke-Heist has to offer.

With the upcoming Hero Towers, the Community House and the yellow lifeguard post, a lot of new architecture from Knokke-Heist is also displayed in the game. Of course there is also attention for the beach. For example, the classic utility companies have been adapted to beach bars. It has become a special edition, completely in white. “This game should reflect the lightness and finesse of summer and the beach”, says Pieter De Wulf, manager of the publisher of this game Group 24. “The drawings were all made by Lectrr and the idea for the white graphic design with four central images came from our internal graphic artist Pieterjan Decoster. It is a special and unique release, as most other games usually have a winter and nighttime look and feel. ”

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