Mega Editions (Germany)

In the 2000s, Monopoly: The Mega Edition was released. You can own more squares, build more property and handle more cash. If you already know how to play Monopoly, there's just a few new rules to learn. Within minutes you were ready to play a new version of Monopoly.


The huge gameboard has 12 extra spaces an 9 new streets, each added to a colour group.


Once you have bought three properties in a colour group, you can build houses and hotels, but in Monopoly: The Mega Edition you can keep on developing! Build a train depot and double a station's value, or build a skyscraper and charge "sky-high" rents!


Roll three dice on your turn; two regular, and the special "speed die". The new die might give you the chance to move to (and buy) the next unowned property..or it could send you to the next square that you owe rent on! During the game, collect Bus Tickets that allow you to travel around the board at high speeds, targeting the properties you need and avoiding those that you owe rent on. Even with thesenew rules, Monopoly: The Mega Edition is a quick and easy game to play, close to the classic but with new opportunities and new risks.

8 new streets to own, build skyscrapers and train depots, new €1000 note, new "speed die" and new Bus Tickets.


Monopoly Mega Black

Code: ???

Manufacturer: Winning Moves Germany

This is no ordinary Monopoly, because it is not only huge, but also black - a real eye-catcher for everyone who loves simple design or cannot get enough of black! But as dark as the playing field may be, the brighter the winner will shine if he manages to become richer than his comrades-in-arms and master of the mega monopoly in the Black Edition.