A box in the game that does not relate to any existing card and a photo that does not fit into the context. Barely released, the Monopoly Jura made several players react. Errors have indeed crept into the board game produced by the company Unique Gaming Partners, based in Liechtenstein. The latter notably had to remove the box concerning the Porrentruy distillery. According to official rules, Monopoly cannot promote alcohol, told us the marketing and sales manager for Romandie, Evelyne Gartenmann. The players therefore ended up with a Châtillon space, but with a distillery card that could not be removed in time. A photograph of La Chaux-de-Fonds was also found at the back of the Jura game box.

The Canton of Jura is the youngest canton in Switzerland, which entered Confederation in 1979. It is located in north-western Switzerland, in the Jura massif and on the border with France. Delémont, the capital of the canton, has preserved its old town and its medieval gates. Its castle, former residence of the prince-bishops of Basel, dates from 1721. In Porrentruy, the castle houses the Refous tower erected in the 13th century.

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