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25th Jul. 2015

New Custom Version
Gdansk 2014

Merlin Entertainment has had a version of Monopoly for Alton Towers for a couple of years and a couple of versions as well, so now it has had a new version released for one of their other Parks.
The latest version is for a Heide Park Resort near Soltau in Germany. I have very little information about it at the moment and will, of course, update when I have more. See more about this version here.

22nd Jun. 2015

Vogtland version

Another new version for Germany coming this year.
Vogtland (a region in Germany) will be out in time for Christmas.
See some launch photos of this version here.

17th Jun. 2015

Game of Thrones Australia
Game of Thrones Australia Game of Thrones Australia

Game of Thrones Monopoly is coming to Australia in August 2015.
Exclusive to Australia, this version will be in a square box.

13th Jun. 2015

New Rotterdam Edition

Rotterdam Monopoly is to be updated this year.
Identity Games are wanting people/companies to sponsor a property and it can be seen to be promoted throughout Rotterdam. This includes the vinylwrapping of a whole tram.
See photos of this tram here as well some other promotional photos.

5th Jun. 2015

NASPL version

A very special edition made by Hasbro, not USAopoly for North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) and New Jersey Lottery.
Find more about this version here.

25th May. 2015

Unit 4 version
Unit 4

This version was made for Unit4 Business Software in the Netherlands.
See more about this version here.

9th May 2015

Gromit Unleashed Monopoly Offer
Gromit Unleashed

Gromit Unleashed Monopoly, which was made for charity has an offer for the month of May only.
Buy the Monopoly game here, and get free chocolates.

29th Apr. 2015

Caribbean Islands - Curacao

Launched this last year was the first edition from the Caribbean, the Dutch island, Curacao.
This page has more information about it.

3rd Apr. 2015

Serbia / Srbija Is Launched

Serbia / Srbija Monopoly from Winning Moves U.K. was launched with fanfare this week.
This version will be released in English and Serbian.
A page for it has been created here and will be expanded when more information becomes available.
See their facebook page here.

31st Mar. 2015

Zwickau Is Launched

Zwickau Monopoly was launched today.
For more information, see here.
Buy it here.

17th July 2015

Hasbro To Stop Making Monopoly!
U.K. History

Hasbro will no longer make any more games including Monopoly from the third quarter of this year.
Fear not, Monopoly is not finishing, but Hasbro has sold it's last two manufacturing plants in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, in the USA and Waterford in Ireland, which together employ 510 people, to Cartamundi, the playing card manufacturer based in Turnhout, Antwerp province. They will continue to manufacture games on behalf of Hasbro, and I would gather Winning Moves (Europe) and USAopoly (USA).
Read more about it here.
A few years ago, I had the chance to go to the East Longmeadow plant and seeing a custom version being manufactured for USAopoly. Also there was an extensive collection of Monopoly games from past including some very old versions.

22nd Jun. 2015

Exclusive Pokemon for Gamestop

A new Pokemon Kanto version has been released exclusively for Gamestop in the USA and Canada.
This page has more information about it.

15th Jun. 2015

Second Polish Edition

Following on from Gdansk last year, the second Polish edition is due later this year and will be coming from Krokow.

7th Jun. 2015

Apeldoorn / Arnhem / Deventer / Dutch Section
Apeldoorn Arnhem Deventer

I have been doing more work on the menu system so took the opportunity to update the Netherlands / Holland / Dutch section and menu with an update to the new Apeldoorn version and the announcement of Arnhem and Deventer which will be released by Christmas.
If you want the Apeldoorn version, I would order one ASAP as they have only made 2000, and over 1500 have been pre-ordered.
See Apeldoorn here.
See Arnhem here.
See Deventer here.

4th Jun. 2015

More Images
Dr. Who Villains

More information about the new Dr. Who Villains edition from USAopoly has been uploaded here.
I have also moved all the Dr. Who editions to the same section under Media with the ongoing change to the menu system.

26th May. 2015

Papenburg version

Launched today is the Papenburg edition (Germany) which will be out in November in time for Christmas.
There is an official page for this version where you can suggest properties and this can be found here.
See some launch photos of this version here.

25th May. 2015

Meralco version

This custom version comes from the Philippines and may be the first of many more custom versions from The Philippines.
See more about this version here.

23rd May 2015

Offshore Engineer 40th Anniversary
Offshore Engineer

Earlier this month Offshore Engineer released a version of Monopoly where a portion of the sale of each board benefits the Oilfield Helping Hands charity.
You can currently purchase this version here.
Before you purchase this version, why not take a closer look here.

26th Jul. 2015

Coming Sept 4th
Star Wars 2015

Spotted in the new Argos catalogue here in the UK by a fellow collector, a new version of Monopoly Star Wars on September 4th.
I have no more information about this version and whether it will be available in other countries.

6th Jul. 2015

Here & Now USA 2015
Here & Now 2015

The Here & Now World Edition is due out soon, but just released is the Here & Now USA version.

For images and information about this version, please visit this page.

22nd Jun. 2015

Albert Veldhuis / Muurkrant Website
Albert 2015

World of Monopoly is already proud to be adding all of Albert's hard work on Monopoly exclusively to the website, but this takes lots of time.
So, World of Monopoly is proud to announce that we are exclusively hosting the last version of Albert's website as it was until all the information is transferred and integrated into the main website when it will shut down.
As well as a link from the menu system, you can go directly to this section of the website at
The website has not been altered at all so if any links do not work or causes problems, World of Monopoly takes no blame, but please contact me here with the subject line "Albert's website" and I will try to sort the problem out.

13th Jun. 2015

Assassin's Creed Victory 2015
Assassins Creed 2015

Apparantly due at the end of August is a new Assassin's Creed Monopoly.... Assassin's Creed Victory.

5th Jun. 2015

Thunderbirds 2015
County Galway

Coming in August is a new Thunderbirds version based on the original TV series.
I have only seen this advertised on Australian websites, but it may be a worldwide release.

2nd Jun. 2015

New Sonic version due

Looks like there wil be a new Sonic The Hedgehog version later this year. See more here.

26th May. 2015

County Galway
County Galway

Coming later this year a new one for Ireland. County Galway Edition.

25th May. 2015

AMEV version

This version was given to AMEV employees.
See more about this version here.

20th May 2015

Unite Students Edition
United Students 2015

A new custom game from Winning Moves UK was released last week commissioned by Unite Students Properties and was not produced for retail - sale to the public
Until my edition arrives, I know no more except the code is B49941020.

29th Apr. 2015

Jurassic World
Jurassic World

Images for the new Monopoly Jurassic World have been released.
This version will be released about the same time the film comes out in Summer 2015.
For more informaton on this version visit here.

25th Jul. 2015


We've all seen the clever 3D artwork drawn on pavements (sidewalks) by "Artists".
Well, here is one based on a Monopoly board. I have no idea where it was drawn.

4th Jul. 2015

Apeldoorn Launched

Apeldoorn was officially launched today.
If you want the Apeldoorn version, I would order one ASAP as they have only made 2000, and over 1500 have been pre-ordered.
See more about the Apeldoorn version here.

22nd Jun. 2015

Back To The Future 2015
Back To The Future

Is this the final design for the box front and board for the upcoming Back To The Future edition?
It looks like the delivery date for the USA version will be closer to Christmas according to one source, but you can see more about it on this website here.

17th Jun. 2015

Unite Students Updated
Unite Students

Spot The Difference! Yes, it is easy to see when you put the images together, but the one above is from USAopoly in 2014 and the one below is from Winning Moves UK this year
See the USAopoly 2014 version here.
See the Winning Moves UK 2015 version here.

13th Jun. 2015

Spot The Difference
Big Bang USA Big Bang UK

Spot The Difference! Yes, it is easy to see when you put the images together, but the one above is from USAopoly in 2014 and the one below is from Winning Moves UK this year
See the USAopoly 2014 version here.
See the Winning Moves UK 2015 version here.

5th Jun. 2015

Cape Town 2015
Cape Town 2015

The first regional city edition for South Africa has been announced today. Cape Town Monopoly will be launched in November in time for Christmas and they are currently wanting people to name places. You can suggest your place to
Launch photos from this version are located here.

2nd Jun. 2015

UK & Ireland Championships
UK Champs

Do you follow World of Monopoly (@wofm) on Twitter? If so, you will see that the UK & Ireland Monopoly Championship has started in Ireland.
See more photos from the championship by following World of Monopoly on Twitter here.

26th May. 2015

University of York
University of York

The latest educationally version for the United Kingdom is the University of York edition which comes next month.
Information about this version will be here and you can pre-order your copy here.

25th May. 2015

First U.K. Custom version
Planning Consultancy

This version is thought to be the first U.K. custom version!
See more about this very rare version here.