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29th Jan. 2015

Website Reworking (2)
World of Monopoly

With lots of new versions being uploaded onto the website, why not follow World of Monopoly on all the usual Social Media sites. The links to the World of Monopoly Social Media sites are always available at the bottom of each page, but why not use these links below and follow now to not miss any news. Facebook Google+ Twitter Pinterest

12th Jan. 2015

Gdańsk 2014 Edition Updated
Gdansk 2014

I have updated this page with a full list of properties as well as some more images. See it here.
Gdańsk Facebook Page

22nd Dec. 2014

V8 Supercars Australia 2007 & 2014
V8 Supercars Australia 2007 V8 Supercars Australia 2014

Another two more Australian versions have been added to the website, one from Hasbro (2007) and the newest one from Winning Moves Australia (2014).
The Hasbro version is here.
The brand new Winning Moves Australia version is here.

19th Dec. 2014

Rotary Club of Mount Isa South West 2014
Rotary Club of Mount Isa South West 2014

A new custom game for Australia with only 1000 copies made to raise money for The Rotary Club of Mount Isa South West.
Available for AU$99 here.
See more about it here.

8th Dec. 2014

Revolution 2010 Added
Revolution 2010

I have added another version from Albert's website this evening... Revolution from 2010 which celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the game.
Revolution 2010 Page

29th Nov. 2014

Bottrop Released
Bottrop 2014

Monopoly Bottrop was released today and is available here.
World of Monopoly Bottrop Page
Bottrop Facebook Page

20th Nov. 2014

Scotland (2nd Edition)
Scotland 2014

Release this week was a new version for Scotland from Winning Moves again.
The original version was released way back in 2001 and has become a collector's item (especially if sealed) as there were limited numbers made and it is a slightly thicker box than a normal Winning Moves UK box.
Information is available here.

16th Nov. 2014

City 2008 Uploaded
City 2008

I have uploaded another page from Albert's website which is the Worldwide Release City version which you can see here.

13th Nov. 2014

Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy
Hobbit 2014

The full list of details and properties for the upcoming third version of The Hobbit Monopoly is now available here.

12th Nov. 2014

Coming Soon - Zwickau
Zwickau Tokens 2014

Zwickau - Winning Moves Germany - 2014
Prototypes of the tokens for this version have been released.

26th Jan. 2015

Firefly 2015
Pokemon Kanto 2014

The first new Monopoly for 2015 from USAopoly is Firefly which is based on a T.V. Series in America. This is of course now in a European style box.
More information on this version can be seen here and will be updated once released.

6th Jan. 2015

World of Warcraft - HELP NEEDED
World of Warcraft 1 World of Warcraft 2 World of Warcraft 3 World of Warcraft 4 World of Warcraft 5

There is more than one version of World of Warcraft available?
Please can you help with this if you have a copy by posting photos of yours (front and back of box) and the copyright date and code to me. Your help is appreciated, and as for the ones above (I don't know the codes of any of these versions) they are as follows...
1. USAopoly 2012 - old American long box, No Mr. Monopoly
2. USAopoly 2014 - new European style box, No Mr. Monopoly
3. Winning Moves UK 2012 - European box, Mr. Monopoly on top
4. Winning Moves UK 2012 - European box, No Mr. Monopoly
5. Winning Moves Germany (no date known) - European box, Mr. Monopoly on top.
Many thanks again.

21st Dec. 2014

Australian Football League 1999
Australian Football League 1999

After yesterday evening's update to this website about the new Winning Moves Australia version of the Australian Football League, I have uploaded as much information I have on the origiinal version.
This version was published by Parker Bros. / Hasbro.
See more about it here.

14th Dec. 2014

Pokemon Kanto 2014
Pokemon Kanto 2014

Another Nintendo Pokemon edition was released a couple of months ago. It is made just for the American market by USAopoly.
More information on this version can be seen here.

7th Dec. 2014

DC Comics
DC Comics 2014

There have been various editions of Monopoly based on DC Comics especially in America and now there is a DC Comics version made by Winning Moves UK availbale for Europe and Australia.
More information on this version can be seen here.

26th Nov. 2014

La France Viticole
La France Viticole 2014

La France Viticole (French Wine) has just been launched and is available here.
This version is available in French and English in the same box.
See more about it here.

20th Nov. 2014

Cornwell Tools 95th
Cornwell Tools 2014

Spotted by a friend today is a new custom version from USAopoly for the 95th Anniversary of Cornwell Tools.
Limited information available here.

16th Nov. 2014

Albert Veldhuis

Today I received an e-mail from Barbara, Albert's daughter and I copy some below.
First, my father is still alive. In a bad shape, every few weeks he gets some kind of attack and he is getting worse every time. He doesn't speak normal words, only a few, most of the time he says "orf dorf", that's not dutch :-)
I really have no Idea why his website is offline, but I contacted somebody who will look in to it. But I am happy you have made a back up!

29th Jan. 2015

New Edition announced
Game of Thrones

Announced at the London Toy Fair, coming out later in the year is a version based on the hit T. V. Show, Game of Thrones.
Follow the website and the relevant Social Media sites over the coming months to learn more.

25th Jan. 2015

80th Anniversary
80th Anniversary

In 2015, Monopoly is 80 years old and a special edition was released at the end of 2014 celebrating the anniversary.
With Hasbro not willing to give me the information, the "Various Editions" page will be updated as and when I get the information so any help is appreciated.
Find out more about this version and the special tokens here.

29th Dec. 2014

Mansons TCLM 2014
Mansons TCLM 2014

From Winning Moves Australia comes a custom game for Mansons TCLM in New Zealand.
Find out more about it here.

20th Dec. 2014

Australian Football League 2014
Australian Football League 2014

Released to coincide with this year’s Toyota AFL Grand Final, it features all 18 AFL clubs with the property order reflective of 2013 Club Membership sales.
Published by Winning Moves Australia, this version compliments the previous version published by Hasbro and the various team editions.
See more about it here.

10th Dec. 2014

Horrible Histories
Horrible Histories 2014

Mentioned on World of Monopoly earlier in the year, Horrible Histories Monopoly made by Winning Moves UK has been released.
There is not much information about it around but you cane see what I have found about it here.

3rd Dec. 2014

ABBA - The Phenomenon Edition

Coming 12th December
Photos, information and list of properties are on the this Page.
It is in two languages, English and Sweden
It will be available worldwide including The ABBA Museum, ABBA Fan Club, Ginza and Universal Music Direct.

25th Nov. 2014

Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Clearwater Marine Aquarium 2014

Clearwater Marine Aquarium has just been launched to raise money and is available here.
Though USAopoly are moving towards "European shaped" boxes, this is in the normal "USA" size.
See more about it here.

19th Nov. 2014

Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed 2014

Assassin's Creed Monopoly was announced by USAopoly earlier this year, but it is not available there yet. USAopoly are considering whether to launch it.
But, it is avaiable in Europe and is on its way to Australia.
See more about it here.

15th Nov. 2014

Gromit Unleashed Edition for Charity.
Gromit Unleashed 2014

A new custom version for a good cause is now available.
All the profits from Gromit Unleashed Monopoly is to support Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal - Bristol's Children's Hospital Charity. I am sure this will be a collector's item and will run out quickly and they do post internationally.
Help this great appeal by buying this version at the Gromit Unleashed Shop.
For more information of this charity please visit the official page and "like" their Facebook page.

12th Nov. 2014

Granada Edition Released
Granada 2014

Monopoly Granada Facebook Page
Buy here
Released November 2014.

29th Jan. 2015

Marvel Avengers 2014
Avengers 2014

The last release for 2014 from Hasbro was Marvel Avengers. This is in the usual European size box but it seems to have a round board. See more about it here.

18th Jan. 2015

Website Reworking
World of Monopoly

Due the website expanding with more versions and a lot more due to be uploaded, as well as incorporating Albert's website, I am having to move files around to accomodate it all. This means that some links may not work for a while and if you see one, please let me know.
Whilst moving the Winning Moves "Custom" editions around, and with information from dedicated collector's I have found out that The Mary Rose edition has had a reprint.
This is the first reprint to bed added to the website (Sydney has also been added this evening) and any straight reprints will just be added to the original year. I can only find out this information from collector's, like yourself, and please let me know.

29th Dec. 2014

Trip Advisor 2014
Trip Advisor 2014 Trip Advisor 2014

Given to the employees of Trip Advisor at Christmas 2014, this is the latest custom edition from Winning Moves.
It is thought this may be limited to only 100 but as Winning Moves U.K. minimum run is 1000, that is more likely to be correct.
As it is so new, there is not much information about it around but bookmark this page and I will put more information up when mine arrives.

19th Dec. 2014

Millionaire Swarovski
Millionaire Swarovski 2012

I have added a very limited edition of Monopoly to the website.
Millionaire Swarovski is like the German version but is limited to 100 editions finished with Swarovski jewels.
See it here.

10th Dec. 2014

A new Custom version
The View From The Shard 2014

Currently on the 69th Floor at The Shard (The tallest building in Europe is a large Monopoly board celebratin the launch of The View From The Shard edition.
Limited to 1000 copies, this version will be a sell out and to see more information about it visit this page.

21st Nov. 2014

A new Custom version
Gloockler 2014

Announced earlier this week is a new custom version from Germany, Gloockler. Based around a self-made nillionaire it is only available at his shop or on
See information about it here.

28th Oct. 2014

Released Today - Adelaide
Adelaide 2014

Adelaide - Winning Moves Australia- 2014
Released today.

21st Sept. 2014

Release Date Confirmed
Milton Keynes

The new Milton Keynes version of Monopoly from Winning Moves U.K. has a confirmed release date of Friday 24th October.
If you want to be at the release, more information is at the link below.

13th Sept. 2014

Recently Released - University of Kent
University of Kent

World of Monopoly Page
University of Kent - Winning Moves U.K.
Facebook Page