This Monopoly edition takes you to all the beauty that Belgian discotheques have to offer. They are omnipresent and spread all over the country and have been an important part of the nightlife for decades.

Via Monopoly Discotheques you will discover the largest open air disco in the world with Tomorrowland and you will get to know the iconic dance temples of the past and the present.

Just think of legendary nights in the Zillion, Cherry Moon, Versuz or the Fuse. Confetti cannons, moving dance floors, dazzling light shows,… It's all part of it! Visit the Charlatan, treat your friends in the Carré or buy a VIP ticket for The Villa.

This unique edition is the must-have for every (former) disco visitor! Have fun and see each other on the dance floor!

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Year: 2022 - Code: C61890520