(United Kingdom)

Take a trip back to the heart of Walford in this special Eastenders edition of MONOPOLY.

The long-running soap opera has captured the hearts of millions of viewers over the years, and now you can own a piece of television history with this officially-licensed board game.

Buy up your favourite characters, like Dot Cotton, Michelle Fowler and Den and Angie Watts, as you race around the board and attempt to bankrupt other players. Fortify your empire with market stalls and Queen Vic pubs to squeeze extra dosh out of your opponents, then buy key locations like The Arches and Kathy’s Cafe.

With classic and current characters, this game is sure to please Eastenders fans of all ages, and it features custom tokens like the Queen Vic’s bust, and Willie the dog.

Includes: Game board, 6 bespoke tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 chance cards, 16 community chest cards, 1 pack of monopoly money, 32 market stalls, 12 Queen Vic pubs, 2 dice and the instructions.

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Year: 2019 - Code: Z03771020