A special edition of the most popular board game in the world - Monopoly Folk Prepared from the beginning by Folkstar to celebrate Folkstar's 10th birthday.

Monopoly Folk is a journey through the most interesting regions of Poland.

Buy workshops, museums and open-air museums, earn, spend - have fun better than at harvest festivals :) Visit the cutouts studio in Lowicz, put pots at the potter in Bolimów, dance at the highlander festival in Zakopane. Build huts, inns, buy water mills and fire stations - become the richest host.

Monopoly Folk is not only great fun, but also a lesson in Polish folklore. The folk version of this popular board game is an educational tour of Polish regions famous for their folk art and handicrafts. You will learn who the purse maker is, who the woodcarver is, where there are horn and sitar workshops. Because cutouts and embroidery you know it. Travel with Folkstar all over Poland, learn, have fun and get to know her most joyful face.

Monopoly FOLK - limited edition is:

  • Educational and entertainment at the same time
  • The only such game in Poland
  • The game presents folklore from the regions of: Łowicz, Podhale, Kujaw, Biłgoraj region, Kashubia, Lesser Poland, Podlasie and Kurpie.

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Year: 2019 - Code: Z03531200