MONOPOLY, the world-famous game about property and real estate, takes you to the salty-sweet place called Glitternacht with this Pummel & Friends issue!

Be careful, because down there in the southwest of the glittering world it's going to be adventurous! Captain Octobart and his pirate crew have left Raven Black and are on the prowl! Use the bison train to travel quickly from place to place so that you can reach the treasure chests in front of them!

Drop anchor at the ports of Darkshore and Raven Black and set up cozy crumble booths and biscuit rooms! Some residents will accompany you on your adventure.

The gates of the castle on the Kürbisberg are always open to you and you can count on the support of the friendly Zonbi Teddy and his little ghost friend Boo.

But as an ordinary seaman, you should avoid other creatures from Glitternacht: An encounter with the grumpy grumpy unicorn on the Wubbelteich would probably spoil your good mood quickly and Captain Octobart is after your doubloons!

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Year: 2020 - Code: Z05481000