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A Swiss supermarket version in two languages. There is the famous Qoqa Otter as a token.

There was a 1 in 10 chance of winning a bonus gift and a Polestar 2 electric car worth CHF 52,900

Mr. QoQa decided to add winning tickets to certain game boxes. In total it is more than CHF 110,000 of gifts that will be assigned, randomly by a bailiff, to a handful of buyers of the game.

In order to offer a chance to as many members of the community as possible, the offer was limited to 1 game per person with a one in 10 chance of receiving a winning ticket with their version.

In addition to a Polestar 2 SRSM, a multitude of other surprises lucky winners could win: Playstation 5, Xbox series X, Nintendo Switch OLED, Apple Airpods Max, 58" Panasonic TV, Dyson V11 Absolute Pro, Huawei Matebook Xpro and QoQa vouchers from CHF 20. up to CHF 100.

Contents: game board, 9 tokens including the exclusive otter figure, 28 ownership cards, 16 cards "Message to the Qommunity", 16 cards "Announcement from Mr. QoQa", 1 pack of Monopoly banknotes, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 dice and the rules of the game.

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Year: 2021 - Code: B66150400