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GAME FOR TARGET SUPER FANS: In the Monopoly: Target Edition game, players browse for Items instead of buying properties. It's about how much one can save in this Target-themed family board game.

TARGET-THEMED TOKENS: Players get to explore their happy place with a Target-themed Monopoly token. Choose Target's mascot Bullseye Dog, a shopping bag, a coffee cup, or a shopping cart.

BUY ITEMS THAT SPARK JOY: When a player lands on an Item space, they put that Item in their adorable red Target basket. Then they'll buy their items later at Checkout -- the Go or Free Parking spaces.

COLLECT TARGET CIRCLE TOKENS: In this family game, when players pick up an Item, they might also pick up Target Circle Tokens. These double or even triple a player's Savings when they check out.

SAVE TO WIN!: Who doesn't love a deal? Compete for the coveted RedCard to double the Savings at Checkout. The player with the most Savings wins

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