Neil Scallan's World Record List of Official Monopoly Items


July 2016

At Three Bridges, West Sussex, United Kingdom, Neil Scallan creates a new Guinness World Record with the most number of Official Monopoly board game versions in the world at 1677 different versions.

Update: July 2017

At Three Bridges, West Sussex, United Kingdom, Neil Scallan reoounts his Official Monopoly collection as it is nearing 2000.

Update: May 2018

Guinness World Records have officially announced that Neil Scallan has beaten his previous world record for the number of official Monopoly versions.

It now officially stands at 1999 (July 2017) and is still growing!

Up to date!

World of Monopoly is proud to present exclusively, Neil's full collection up to the date shown below as he continues to buy more and more different versions.

The official 1999 list and a current up to date list are both presented below in alphabetical order.

His total now stands at


(31st August 2018)

See more games he has collected on his Facebook page

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Here is the official counted list to 1999 as well as a current up to date list alphabetically

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World Record

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