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3rd November 2022

New versions coming!

Here are known versions I can tell you about.

Name Number
Beetlejuice Mid/Late 2023
Ed Sheeran Mid/Late 2023
Iron Maiden Mid/Late 2023
Jimi Hendrix September 2023
Schitt’s Creek December 2022

1st November 2022

World Record Holder Collects More

Neil, the World Record Holder, has now reached 3554 editions as of 31st October 2022

The full up to date list can be seen on the World Record Page next to his world record list.

4th August 2022

Official Editions Available

World of Monopoly is coming up to it's 20th anniversary next year and should still be around but slightly different.

As mentioned last month, there is now a new section which contains spreadsheets of all known official editions of Monopoly.

These are versions of Monopoly that are played as the game, not variations like jigsaws, diecast vehicles, etc.

The list is not complete and will probably never be (as impossible) but it will be updated regularly and quicker than the rest of the website.

This will be the first thing you will see on the website no matter what device you are using. Please go there before asking any questions.

Your help in keeping this list updated and any information can be sent to my e-mail.

The website costs will still be covered by me but if more and more people visit it for information then more of my costs will be covered.

This is probably the only place available with such a list and the rest of the website will be updated as and when.

31st May 2022

45th Monopoly Language announced

Albanian will be the 45th official language in Monopoly.

The first Albanian version will be out soon. Keep an eye on this page here.

17th November 2022
Out Now

Southland - New Zealand

A special community edition from New Zealand.

17th November 2022
Coming Soon

Squishmallows - United States of America

Out before Christmas.

17th November 2022
Out Now

Sacramento - United States of America

The last of the the community versions USA for 2022.

16th November 2022
Out Now

Bendigo - Australia

Another community edition for Christmas for the Australian market.

15th November 2022
Out Now

Lunar New Year - United States of America

An updated version for the 2023 Lunar New Year (Guimao Rabbit 2023).

15th November 2022
Out Now

Royal Borough of Greenwich - United Kingdom

The final community edition for 2022 in the U.K.

5th November 2022
Out Now

Law & Order - United States of America

Available at Calendars.com.

4th November 2022
Coming Soon

Northern Sydney Innovation - Australia

This version can be pre-ordered now.

25th October 2022
Coming Soon

Britney Spears - United States of America

Delayed until January 2023 but more images available.

Number of Official Editions Available

This is the only place where you can find official editions of Monopoly available worldwide and kept updating.

Note: This is just a list, some may not be on the website in detail.

Note: Some of the official ones on Albert's old website have not been added but will be added when moved across.

Section Number
Africa 24
Asia 81
Australasia 37
Europe 1141
North America 184
South America 30
0 - 9 15
A - D 357
E - H 379
I - M 220
N - Q 120
R - U 352
V - Z 68
Sport 335
Junior 127
Jigsaw 2
Total 3471

Number of Official Editions Available in Detail on here

Everytime I add a new official detail edition (that you can play as a game of Monopoly) to the website, I will add it to this table.

Note: Only versions where you can play a "proper" game of Monopoly, not items like jigsaws, etc.

Note: Those official ones on Albert's old website have not been added but will be added when moved across.

Section Number
Africa 11
Asia 3
Australasia 91
Europe 358
North America 213
South America 12
0 - 9 4
A - D 318
E - H 244
I - M 177
N - Q 94
R - U 319
V - Z 53
Sport 2534
Junior 15
Total 2166

You Can Help!

World of Monopoly is continuely growing trying to make it the most comprehensive list of Monopoly games ever produced.

Help to expand!I need help to accomplish this with photographs and informations about each version.

Click here to see how you can help please.

Historical Versions
Albert Veldhuis in 2005.

The comprehensive history of Monopoly (up until approx. 2012) by Albert Veldhuis is still available in its original state and will be totally integrated into World of Monopoly.

Visit his work here.

Latest Updates

November 2022

2022 - Del Mar Shagreen (USA)

2022 - Prism (USA)

2022 - Southland (NZ)

2022 - Squishmallows (USA)

2022 - Sacramento (USA)

2022 - Bendigo (AUS)

2022 - Lunar New Year (USA)

2022 - Royal Borough of Greenwich (UK)

2022 - Law & Order (USA)

2022 - Northern Sydney Innovation (AUS)

2022 - Napa Valley (USA)

1997 - Napa Valley (USA)

2022 - Pittsburgh (USA)

October 2022

2022 - High Wycombe (UK)

2022 - Kansas City (USA)

2022 - Britney Spears (USA)

2022 - Warrington (UK)

2022 - Women's European Football Champions (UK)

2022 - Hallmark Channel (USA)

2022 - Dogs (AUS/UK)

2005 - Dog Lovers (USA)

2003 - Dog Artlist Collection (USA)

2022 - Young Living (AUS)

2022 - Paris Society (FRA)

2022 - Corpus Christi, TX (USA)

2022 - Main Line, PA (USA)

2022 - Townsville (AUS)

2022 - Peanuts (UK)

2010 - Peanuts (USA)

2008 - Peanuts (USA)

2002 - Peanuts (USA)

2005 - Snoopy It's a Dog Life (USA)

2022 - Stranger Things (POL)

2022 - Secret Vault (UY)

2022 - Secret Vault (UK)

2022 - Hervey Bay (AUS)

2022 - Mandai Wildlife Reserve (SGP)

2022 - Skoki Narciarskie (POL)

2022 - SF Express (CHI)

2022 - Wetland Seasons Bay (HK)

2022 - Hereford (UK)

2022 - Locarno (CH)

2022 - Lugano (CH)

2022 - Basel (CH)

2022 - Glossau SG (CH)

2022 - Melbourne Demons (AUS)

2022 - La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)

2022 - Toronto (CAN)

World Record Certificate

The current official world record stands at 2249 editions and is still counting.

You can see the list exclusively on the World Record Page here.

Vintage Monopoly Game Collectors 1933 - 1955

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