International Euro Edition


Publisher: Hasbro

Dimensions of the board: 32 cm x 32 cm

Code: 0299 40789 180

This edition is different to the other European version. It uses a much smaller gameboard at 32cm x 32cm.

The values of the properties are shown in Euros, plus it uses a plastic 1 Euro coin instead of notes. The other notes are similar to real Euros.

The Gameboard squares are made up of Capital Cities, the order is based on when the countries joined the EU. The stations are the busiest airports in Europe. The Utilities are now the European Court of Justice and the European Parliament.

As this is an International version, there is almost no words - "Free Parking", "Just Visiting", "Go", "Go to Jail" have all been removed, just leaving the image.

This applies to the deed cards, no words are shown. The Chance & Community Chest cards have words, but are shown in four languages (English, French, German, Spanish).